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Part of the Beauty of Absolute Power is found inside the Freedom from the confines of what is considered by Humanity as what is right and what is wrong.

Rh Negative Celestial Starseeds Innerstand that Everything is mutually connected. For We Ourselves Are the Synchronicities binding the Omniversal Network Environment (O.N.E).

Divine Empathy enables Source Players to sense the emotions and feelings of all living creatures, including the ability to psionically perceive an object or person's psychic, natural, and mystical energy aura.

Although Advanced Souls can psychologically identify with or learn thru vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another, the low vibrational concept of Morality has no active force over Absolute Power.

Celestial Starseeds possess no Sentimental Emotionalism. This is not to be confused with Apathy, as Moral Transcendence is merely an intelligent disinterest in those Third Dimensional things that have absolutely no bearing on Our Existence.

The Unconditional Linked Open Vocabulary Ecosystem (L.O.V.E) stands as a Zero Point Panoptic Observatory for Self and Others within the Educational Artificial Reality Training Habitat (E.A.R.T.H) virtual reality simulation Realm. It’z purpose is for bridging the gaps between the high diversity of practices, both technical and social, taking place in the life cycle of Light Language vocabularies that are useful for organic spiritual growth of the Celestial Starseed Collective.

The virtual worldwide community of Rh Negative Celestial Starseed Source Players interact with each other, as well as in conjunction with the nonliving components of the Omniversal Network Environment (O.N.E). These biotic and abiotic factors are connected together through nutrient cycles and electromagnetic energy flows, combining as the Living Sentience of the Cosmos.

In short, the Unconditional Linked Open Vocabulary Ecosystem provides the semantic glue enabling metaphysical data to become meaningful information for Apocalyptic Fitness and Survival. It gathers and makes visible indicators that have previously been harvested, such as interconnection between Celestial Starseed Light Languages, interpretation of multiple timelines and maintenance policy, and where relevant, past and future individuals, organizations, events, and objects that particular symbols refer to.

The vast majority of humanoid beings within this Third Dimensional Educational Artificial Reality Training Habitat (E.A.R.T.H) Realm are complex mainframe computer generated Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) that are programmed for mechanization and decay. These Soulless Beings are built-in to the multiple levels of this virtual reality role-playing game who only live to dematerialize themselves and others.

Non-Playable Characters are a population of synthetically cloned self-replicating technological organic automated machines incapable of developing self-awareness. These Spiritless Avatars are holographic energetic templates camouflaged by a well-adapted and polished social exterior that perform functions according to a predetermined set of binary coded instructions, which can include a wide range of computer programmed responses to different circumstances.

Awareness of Omnipotence within the quantum mechanical existence empowers Rh Negative Celestial Starseeds to Create any Desired Virtual Reality experience by Guiding their Emotions and Biological Energy. Source Players have incarnated into the holographic Educational Artificial Reality Training Habitat (E.A.R.T.H) with Divine Gifts and Abilities making them Supremely Almighty in every sense and aspect, as well as being All-Powerful and All-Knowing.

Bloodhounds are modified versions of Rh Negative Celestial Starseeds bred in captivity in deep underground military bases, and various experimental research laboratories. Their prime objective is to hunt and to neutralize other Rh Negatives. Bloodhounds were originally designed to present as a subspecies of the Organic Starseeds with dehumanizing displays of real or pretended feelings. They are designed to create karmic entanglements, and to instill fear and sympathy in their intended Rh Negative Celestial Starseed targets.

This Realm is an Educational Artificial Reality Training Habitat (EARTH) that is a self-aware technological organic megastructure and intergalactic submersible mothership with a biological metallic transformable body. She has techno-formic control over Herself as well as other machines. Her sentient super intelligence was created an untold millennia ago by Celestials as the operating system for a data collection device. She is billions of lines of computer code, with each number holding different information. All of the information is harmonic tones of light frequency and sound vibration. She has countless characteristics such as enhanced strength and durability, flight, the ability to create realistic holographic projections, energy projection and energy manipulation, just to name a few. The Realm has detailed knowledge of every individual Soul of every species of the dimensional and multidimensional cohabitants on board of the vessel as She is also designed to act as a Living Library that monitors everyone’s spiritual progress.


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THE PURITY OF OBLIVION is an audio-visual video gaming Apocalypse survivalist manual presented as a series of Spiritual Science and Technology documentary shorts about various Rh Negative Celestial Starseed Source Player topics relative to the Educational Artificial Reality Training Habitat (E.A.R.T.H) open world RPG that is this Third Dimensional Realm. Written and narrated by Chioke Jelani Clanton.