The small Victorian country Hamlet of Talbot wakes to the huff and clang of Vintage Engines once each year, if you enjoyed this video let me know and I will upload the full video.

This is a quick video I made of our Fire Brigades Motorcycle Show, most Australian country towns have a volunteer fire brigade which is funded by government grants, public donations and a heavy dose of fundraising, this show is our major fund raiser for the year and brings a diverse group of motorcycling enthusiasts together to show off their rides.

This was my first attempt at making a video, I was using a very basic camera and Imovie editing software, 2011 was the year I first traveled to Japan and wow what an eye opener, I found the custom scene to be huge full of exotic cars and bikes at a level so much greater than the Australian custom scene, ever since I was a child watching Shintaro I have been fascinated by Japan, it is an amazingly beautiful country full of wonderful scenery, incredible food, friendly people, an amazing custom scene and the most beautiful women in the world!

every year the Goodwood Estate holds an event called Goodwood Revival, if you are a lover of classic and vintage race cars, motorcycles and the vintage lifestyle then you have to make the trek to Sussex in England to be a part of this event, tens of millions of dollars worth of race cars line up to race with each race being run at 100% race pressure, no backing off here.
Then there is the crowd around 80% of attendees come dressed in vintage attire from the 30's to the 70's, even the drivers, officials and race tender vehicles are of the period, Goodwood is also an ex ww11 RAAF base used to house spitfires during the war, so you get to see some amazing WW11 war birds as well as classic commuter planes up close and if your lucky dog fighting overhead.

American Hot Rodding legend and Journalist Tex Smith died on the 11-06-2015, Tex was a man of incredible talent and character, a friend to all who met him.
Writer, Photographer, Publisher, he served in the US Airforce as a Fighter Pilot, built the worlds first Concept Rod a proud member of the Cherokee Nation and a Christian, Tex's achievements are too great to list here, he shall be sadly missed by all who new him.

One of the younger guys in our car club is into sliders, not the kind you eat but the kind you ride, he and a mate took a drive out to Mount Alexander in central Victoria to have some fun the speeds are amazing, riding a motorcycle down the tourist road at over 140kmh/ 87Mph would be a good effort shaun does it on a gravity bike.

The Great Dorset Steam Fair is an annual show which features steam powered vehicles and machinery, show is massive and is held over five days, this video shows a steam powered threshing machine and baler in operation.

Here is some action from the 2017 Castlemaine Rods open day Burnout show, featuring TZNYA a blown Holden Commodore, enjoy!

Whilst driving to Conniston Waters in the lakes district, we happened across a group of Tractor Trekkers, being a fan of tractor trekking I fell in behind the group and video'd them, eventualy our paths split up, as it happened we caught up with them when they ended the trek just outside Conniston.
There is some great English countryside scenery in this video and some nice old tractors for tractor lovers.

Chopped was the must see show for a few years, people used to travel from all across Australia to participate, eventually it came to an end, like all good things some only come to fuck up, it was however awesome if you kept away from them.

Chateau de Savigny is a working vineyard i Baune France, it has several collections on site, one of which is a very good collection of mostly European Motorcycles some not often seen by westerners, the only drawback is the collection is quite closely packed making photographs and video difficult, I am sure that any Motorcycle enthusiasts will find it interesting.

Another great small town Rod run and show was the Bonny & Clyde Run, held in Tatura a small farming town in the Goulburn Valley region of Victoria Australia, the show was well organised and a lot of fun to attend with some interesting cars good bands, a fabulous Saturday night party and some lovely Pin Up Girls on the loose.

Chateau de Savigny is home to the largest collection of Fiat Abarths in the world located just outside of Baune in the this Burgundy district of France, this amazing Chateau also house a collection of fighter jets, vineyard tractors vintage and classic motorcycles and space memorabilia, i will post the rest of the videos soon.

Daylesford Raceway is one of the few small town speedway tracks still operating, it has a fantastic country town atmosphere and is located in a beautiful part of Victoria Australia,Daylesford raceway holds a few vintage speedway days each year where a bunch of guys and gals race mostly rescued vintage race cars, if you are in the area and are a fan of vintage speedway or speedway in general drop in.

There are a lot of custom bike shows around some large some small, seems to be that a lot of people think their bike is "custom" because they chose a custom paint job, custom grips, pegs and bars from the catalogue provided by the manufacturer.
Sure there are all levels of custom from very mild to extreme but for me what makes a custom is the heart, hand and imagination , of the owner / builder, it is not necessary to spend a million bucks, all it takes is passion!
At the MOONEYES Hot Rod and Custom show held each December in Yokohama the home town of MOONEYES Japan, Shige Suganuma and his crew of dedicated custom lovers put an enormous effort into bringing you the best of Custom Motorcycles and Cars from around the globe for your viewing pleasure.
Also on display at MOONEYES is Passion and imagination on a massive scale, with 650 bikes 250 cars on display and each one jaw droppingly fabulous, the only problem is that the show only runs for one day, you will leave exhausted with aching feet and a brain buzzing with sensory overload, MOONEYES is something you have to see before you die!

Art of Speed is Malaysias premier Kustom Kulture event, held at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang, 30 minutes out of Kuala Lumpur, the show draws incredible crowds of Malaysian Kustom Kulture lovers for the two day event.

MOONEYES Japan is a must see for lovers of Custom Car and Bike Kulture, the show itself hosted by Shige Suganuma and the folks at Mooneyes Japan is absolutely awesome, it is a big day but the quality and variety of rides phenomenal, add to that just being in Japan and you have an unforgettable experience, you will want to return again and again.


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The things that float my boat are Custom Cars, Custom Motorcycles, Photography and Videography, I have done some writing for magazines and run a niche tour company taking Kustom Kulture lovers to events in Asia, namely Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia,
I have for as long as I can remember had a passion for anything with an engine and wheels and love to photograph and video them, I also love traveling and will share my experiences, photos and videos with you, my primary area of travel is Asia, I feel at home there and hope to live in Thailand or maybe Laos.