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Meus bisavós atravessaram o oceano para trabalhar em outro continente, meus avós abriram picadas no mato para chegar ao interior, meus pais saíram do campo para buscar uma vida melhor. Todos eles enfrentaram o desconhecido, e se distanciando da humanidade se tornaram mais humanos.

O que eu posso fazer à altura disso? Por que a possibilidade de não conseguir causa tanto medo?

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Comparada ao totalitarismo, a exigência de um estado moderado com governantes prudentes é só um tipo mais brando de fé política

ChoppaLive 013 - Conversando sobre ética e moral

Life is unfair. I give you that.
Many times we are not able to materialize our expectations and see ourselves forced to retreat and accept a less than ideal situation.
However, we have our vanity, our self-esteem, and simply embracing the humbling experience of adopting pragmatic reactions to harsh conditions feels frustrating. We want something meaningful, an active role in something that seems more important than just surviving. And that can be good as long as we do not fool ourselves.
An apparently new trend in "blackpilled" stances involves not only proclaiming the collapse of a failing society, but rooting and pushing for it as part of some glorious mission. From deconstructionist progressives to nihilistic ancaps and edgy traditionalists, all is treated in a cynical manner, as if building and holding on to something good is never worth it, feeding the despise for anyone who is still trying.
But the thing is, you won't feel less frustrated by trying to destroy what caused your frustration in the first place, like personal experience justifies adopting this all encompassing ideologies about systematic evils, because it is an even less achievable goal. People in this position may pretend they don't care about anything, but a true hopeless person does not take part in activism like the gloried blackpilled one.
I'm still not satisfied with my approach to this issue, and I'll probably upset someone by insisting in pointing that out, but it really bothers me to see so many youngsters destroying themselves by giving in to what they perceive as rightful revenge against society.

I wish to see your comments on that and most probably do a follow-up video

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