All the glory goes to God!

All the glory goes to God! :D

All the glory goes to God! :D

All the glory goes to God for the footage of the sky! ✝️
Footage taken in Corona, CA on 9/27/19. ©️ All rights belong to God except for the music but I'll bet Youtube won't figure out where it's from this time!

FREE PDF of You Are All One by Paula Fether @

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Or I can buy one for you! Leave a comment below if you're interested! ✝️

All the glory goes to God! :D The heavens declare the glory of our Creator! Amen!

All the glory goes to God for the very interesting skies! ✝️ :D
What happens once you're saved? Great article can be found here: Go to Heaven!:

All the glory goes to God! :D Most are from May, some are from June and some are from between then and now.

FREE to download: A.W. Tozer's The Pursuit of God PDF can be found here:
and the full audio book can be heard here:

In space, no one can hear you bomb the porcelain Sea of Tranquility! :D

I was surprised to find this while exploring and thought I'd share! The logo with the astro-not-a-chance-you're-up-there carrying a roll of toilet paper is a really nice touch because levity helps alleviate tension and the fear of death. :D

God bless!

All the glory goes to God! :D

All the glory goes to God! :D

I know...'March?' I'll catch up eventually. All the glory goes to God! :D

I don't usually bother with these things anymore but I watched a video recently by norroy08 and I decided to try shooting them while blocking out the sun like he does. Crazy how they're almost always there when you bother to look for them and they're easy to catch. :D
The clips in this video were put through filters to help bring them out: Shadow/Highlights were adjusted and/or Find Edges was applied. I can put together an unfiltered version if anyone needs one. :)
Oh and this would've been much shorter but I really wanted to use this song and it didn't go very well with clouds.:P Sorry, folks!
Norroy08's YT Channel :
(He shoots these thing using a telescope!)

All the glory goes to God! :D What a sunset! That made NO sense! ❤

All the glory goes to God! :D Full *Voice of the Spirit* sermon can be found here:

Just some timelapses through my filthy windshield at night and an excuse to post a verse. Enjoy! :D

All the glory goes to God! :D

timelapse of the last ten minutes of my drive home early Saturday morning. i'd have washed the windshield beforehand had I known it would come out so clear. :D

All the glory goes to God for the content! :D
ATTENTION! ALTO! HEY, LOOKIT! The lyrics to the song are just a poem - I checked! It's just about a tree that's losing its leaves. Very sad. I cut & pasted the translation below. Oh and apparently it's common in folk songs to repeat words - even where they don't belong - so FYI, the first part is someone asking the tree questions and the second part is the tree answering. :D

I'm going to post days at a time until I learn to stop fiddling with these videos as much as I do which is the main reason I don't upload more often. I'm very undisciplined. You know who isn't? Jesus! :D

Little Orange Tree (neratzoula) "Bushy Neratzoula, where are your flowers, neratzoula? where is your former beauty? where is your beauty?"
The North Wind blew and shook them off, Neratzoula. I beg you, my North Wind, blow quietly, Neratzoula"

Greetings! :D The Heavens declare the glory of God!

All the glory goes to God for the way it all works - even when man tries to muck it all up.

All the glory goes to God! :D

* TGNT translation:
* free Text-to-Speech website (no software download) let's you save as MP3s (I highly recommend Emma):

I used a free online text-to-speech program for the scripture this time so I could use the TGNT translation. All footage is from 9/30/2018 and all the glory goes to God! :D Trivia: Emma mangled Sosthenes the first shot at it so instead i typed 'sauce' and 'the knees' and spliced it. haha Emma did a fantastic job though; she'll be back for sure. 👍 Oh and the smiley face drawn on the back of my van window is in dirt, not condensation.

I'm not appointed to suffer my Father's wrath! Thank you, Jesus! ✝ ❤

Chemskies from last March 2017.

Romans Chapter 8 and footage of clouds on November 2, 2017. All the glory goes to God! :D


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