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A key to the kingdom is in our midst. Let us not misplace it

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The Universality Of The DMT Realms

Cantelmoism I See

DMT Cures The Cancer of Atheism

Time to speak out

What is Consciousness. Consciousness is cosmic broadcast

The interpretation of the psychedelics visions are backwards. Psychedelics inform the visions that are represented in movies, books and cartoons from the future

Past vocal proponent's of psychedelics such as Timothy Leary, Terrence Mckenna and others

Interacting with mother nature

More real than real

Mission statement

Create more scientific knowledge and unify science and theism

How I got in to the grateful dead

Get out of the default Dimension

Jerry Garcia

People who have experienced the spirit ... yellow brick road entrance to the future and reality

Vibration breakthrough communication

Alien Live Interaction With Chris Cantelmo

Setting intention

Morning vape

This or that .. mega dose DMT

does DMT effect your dreams? ... interaction with entities ... future events foreshadowed in your dreams .. the multiverse

Dmt the ego ... ego dissolution ... nervous system as an antenna ... cosmic broadcast ... relationship with DMT as a process

God communicates to us through radio waves


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Chris Cantelmo Archives.

One of the leading voices detailing the DMT experience, Mr. Cantelmo is a Yale educated biochemist/biophysicist who spent 35 years as a separations chemist to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. At this channel Cantelmo discusses science, technology, DMT and other psychedelics. DMT and its role in creating access to otherwise unseen dimensions, in which alien entities and beatific realms exist, is the prime topic of discussion.

In these videos, Mr. Cantelmo describes the experience of DMT as well as his discovery that DMT is the primary neurotransmitter in human and animal youth and is the source of the visions of schizophrenics.

Cantelmo is a strong proponent of the notion that spiritual entities encountered by the DMT-enabled brain are real beings in the real world and are not illusory or imaginary.

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