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Logan Paul deleted this on his channel. This was my most viewed video on my channel before i was banned from YouTube. Probably a hard to find video now..

It is the culmination of 62 million aborted humans. It is the power of hubris disguised as compassion . It is the mockery of providence. It is the disdain of the sacrifice of previous generations. The vision of John the Revelator is being manifested by the aggression of those who are leading us into division, pestilence, and economic depression. And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”

President Trump delivers his final speech to the American people after 4 years of making America great!

The Internet has become a battleground where free speech is crushed under big tech's naked racketeering monopoly. After the President was unbelievably barred from Twitter, a mass culling of conservative voices was underway. Even Senate hearings are being censored. We are now witnessing big tech's final push toward total dominance of the narrative.Silicon Valley has essentially become a fourth branch of our government that freely violates our First Amendment. Congress and all of its double dealing have been broken. We have discussed the beta testing that many have been fully aware of for years. We are now witnessing that the New World Order has gone fully operational.

End of the year statistics are out, and here we see the death tolls numbers are slow revealing themselves as showing the COVID pandemic don't really reflect the fear we have for the COVID 19 pandemic growing death rates.

Many more videos at Banned.video

A recent scientific paper explains how 5G creates coronavirus like structures within human cells

Many many more videos at Banned.video

Doctors joins together in this powerful video exposing the dangers of taking the mandatory COVID vaccine.

Many many more videos at Banned.video

Eerie compilation of Bill Gates the serial killer...

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Khalilah Mitchell, a registered nurse from Nashville Tennessee, suffers the aftermath of getting the vaccine. Don't miss this shocking warning about the dangers of the covid-19 vaccine.

President Trump updates the American people on his continued fight to defeat those that are attempting to steal the 2020 election and destroy the republic.

Alex Jones breaks down his encounter with an anonymous source confirming the dangers of the mRNA vaccine.

Nurse bravely stands her ground as cops throw her out from a town hall in Murrieta.

SATANIC Occult Nativity Scene just uncleared in Vatican - Signals New World Order time

Nurses across the country are refusing to take the COVID Vaccine as Big Pharma's propaganda machine pushes it on the masses.

When the Covid-19 virus is scanned, one of the viruses jacked into it is HIV according to studies done by Australian researchers. False positive results for HIV within the Covid-19 vaccine in Australia caused a massive setback. Adding to the dystopian nightmare scenario, research reveals the vaccine attacks the immune system and fertility. Scientists worldwide along with the scientist that discovered HIV have raised the red flag on what is rolling out in cities across the Country this week.

It's hard to convince people to test an experimental vaccine when politicians can't even take it live on air without faking it.

Alex Jones breaks down the frightening revelation that the globalists plan for depopulation and sterilization of the masses is passing the point of no return.

Wake up people

Wake up people

Alex Jones gives his reaction and thoughts to Trump's speech on election fraud. See Trump's speech here https://79days.news/watch?id=5fc810c5a4eedc5a2e2cf70f

Pennsylvania Management Company UPMC Internal reports Show 2nd Wave Has Produced Zero Deaths in entire 8000 bed Hospital System

Can you imagine who counter to reality our lives would be if someone who can't even identify her own gender is responsible for the terms we define medicine by?

Alex Jones breaks down the growing push to force injections on the public as growing evidence of horrific reactions continue to surface.

Alex Jones breaks down the mounting evidence of election fraud perpetrated by the Democrats.

In a new bombshell interview on fox news, Rudy guiliani makes new claims of mounting evidence of election fraud, going so far as to say there is already enough illegal ballots found to swing states back to Trump


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Recently Banned from Youtube with no valid reason. I will continue to bring the viewer short films and out takes from the most Banned network in the world.