Long story short: Labtop broke, Hard drive deleted everything lost my shows and what not so I'm pretty much ghost until I get my shit back. So to the 3 people who still watch me sorry in advance especially Bamn...Sorry dude.

Umm Chris you know you repeated clips at...Yeah I kno stop assuming I'm a good editor we both kno I'm lazy. If you didn't kno well then now you do.


I'm just doing this to keep the high going.


Requested by my homie R3D.

Anime: Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls
Song: lil mosey - blueberry faygo (Lofi Hip Hop Remix) Prod. Zuez Makes Music

Bones - Redrover

Anime: Limit Cycle
Song: Deltron 3030 - 3030

I can't edit the way how I want I was blocked can't upload the way I want either...Yeah I'm pretty much done with Youtube and AMVs. Don't get me wrong I'll still do a couple edits here and there but I'm just so done.

Anime: Youjo Senki Movie
Song: Void - Stop

Aren't I just the worst.

In Glorious 480p the quality of champions. I don't know the song don't ask look up Cl Smooth and Reminisce of over you pun intended.


It's My third time using this track I don't kno why I downloaded Armitage or why I used Rich Gang but hey at least I'm doing something again...

Oh Chris why didn't you use Trigun? Cause fuck you that's why.

Anime: Grenadier
Song: Shiro - Big Iron

Pouya - Void (Prod Mikey The Magician)


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