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We've moved and have had to make some changes to the chicken area.

Videos are supported in part by viewers like you:

A quick review of the Hatfield SGL 12 Gauge as well as a few of the accessories I've added to it.

Videos are supported in part by viewers like you:

Taking a look at the Remington Tyrant, a piston driven air rifle for $99,

Videos are supported in part by viewers like you:

Gambling, we all know what it is. It's arguably been part of human existance since humans have been a thing. Greeks and Romans wrote about games of chance and dice have been found in egyptian tombs from 3000 bc.

You're not here for a history lesson, you want to know how you can beat the odds and win at gambling

A quick review of the Stoeger Uplander in 26 inch 12 gauge.

A brief overview of the main options for raising baby chicks.
Sorry for the sub par audio on part of this, micro wasn't working right.

Your comments and support is always appreciated.

I attempted to record the progress of the chicken coop build. It's not 100%, but hopefully it's still helpful. If you want to just see the walkthrough skip to about 11:00

Controlled burns are an important part of wildfire management. This footage is actually from earlier this year, at any rate come along as we burn off a lot of under growth in some of the woods around the farm.

A visit to the farm to grab the beehives and catch some fish.

In this video:
Telescopic Rod:
Zebco 33 Reel:

A quick video of our experience picking up baby chicks for the first time.
Breeds we picked:
Cuckoo Maran, Ameraucana, and Buff Orpington

The heat plate is a Titan Incubators Chick Heating Plate/Brooder Hen. You can pick one up and help the channel by following this link:


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I live in a small rural town in GA and this channel is a record of what goes on. No frills, but if you like what you see please like and subscribe!