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Leroy Thompson is a vile Money grabbing pro-tithing thief

An exposure of TBN Promoted Australian based C3 Church Pastor Phil Pringle

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Vile Evangelical Pastor and TV Preacher Joel Osteen is rebuked

A Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Robot - Filmed at Plymouth Naval Heritage Museum

Ascending the central staircase to the top of Devonport Column in Plymouth

Adolph Hitler's secret garden in Cornwall

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Devonport's Naval Heritage Centre: The Dockyard's Police Museum

My discussion with street evangelist Mark of the Mountain of Solution Ministries in Plymouth, UK

Devonport's Naval Heritage Centre: The Naval Figurehead Museum

Devonport's Naval Heritage Centre: Age of Sail Museum

More Godstuff: The most unbelievably ridiculous nonsense on American Religious TV

Evil TV Preacher Kenneth Copeland calls the Reformation: "That Demon" (at 42 seconds)

Evil TV Preacher Kenneth Copeland admits that he's a Billionaire

Devonport's Naval Heritage Museum (Plymouth in the UK)

Devonport Naval Heritage Centre (in Plymouth, UK) their Old Tool Museum

Hilarious: How to tell the difference between English and Spanish Bluebells

This video is owned by fighting for the faith and is reproduced here with permission.

Fox NEWS Reporting on Bishop Wayne T. Jackson's ordination of men by lying on top of them

Joe Bob Briggs presents Godstuff - 35 Minutes of the most insane TV clips of famous Televangelists

Clouds filmed in the morning over Torpoint in Cornwall.

A Bus Journey from Plymouth to Exeter in Devon speeded up eight times

Castleruin House in Fowey in 2005; before it's extensive refurbishment.


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This channel was set up for the glory of God (sola deo gloria) by refuting the errors of cults such as Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons and Oneness Pentecostals (Apostolics), who would deny the truths of Christ's eternal and full deity, and or his full humanity and or his physical, literal bodily resurrection from the dead.

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