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Plymouth Jehovah's Witness Carts 222: The EDITED and Shorter version of this video.

Audio of (Falmouth) Jehovah's Witnesses 97: This Elder actually listens to me.

Audio of (St Ives) Jehovah's Witnesses 98: My second call from Peter the Elder

Audio of (Goole) Jehovah's Witnesses 101: Google Congregation hang up on me.

Audio of (Southampton) Jehovah's Witnesses 100: Should I trust these people?

Plymouth Jehovah's Witness Carts 223: I invite local elders to discuss Scripture with me.

Audio of (Barnstaple) Jehovah's Witnesses 99: This elder is absolutely clueless.

Audio of (Teignmouth)Jehovah's Witnesses 102: The Australian Royal Commission

Audio of (Leiston) Jehovah's Witnesses 103: We go over their dates from AD 1914 to 1928.

Audio of (Paignton) Jehovah's Witnesses 106: Michael is the COBE at Paignton Kingdom Hall

Audio of (Penwith) Jehovah's Witnesses 104: An examination of their 1919CE date.

Audio of (Exmouth) Jehovah's Witnesses 105: This elder tells me that he's secure in his faith

Four TV NEWS Flashes about Rev Joel Osteen's hypocrisy after the Houston floods.

In 2008 that false prophet Rev Creflo Dollar predicted the rapture for 2012

Audio of (Launceston) Jehovah's Witnesses 184: Death and the Afterlife part 2

The Top 10 most Insane Evangelical Church Sermons of all time

TV Preacher Rev Robert Tilton says: "Satan gave me this message."

Various NEWS clips about the scandal involving the late Bishop Eddie Long

Joel Osteen is rebuked within his own church building

The Top 20 Most Evil Black Preachers of all time

A video nasty of the Top 20 most Evil TV Preachers,

Satan's Top 10 favourite Mormon (LDS) Parody Videos

Bishop J. C. Ryle's shocking sermon on Jelly-Fish Christians

The Top 5 Richest Nigerian Preachers

The Top 10 Most Evil TV Preachers (Televangelists)


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