Cleansing the Academy

Survival and autonomy neither make a firm foundation for truth nor the eternal framework for freedom. What is the point of struggling to gain the world, only to lose your soul to darkness (false light)? Fear the Lord God, love His ways. The fear of evil - desperate self preservation - will subject you a peasant (or a mock prince at best) in Satan's earthly kingdom. Instead, you may be an adopted co-heir of Christ's heavenly kingdom - conquest of death.

Disclaimer: I do not agree with all the views/arguments held by the shared content or the channels that host them. Be ever discerning and diligent in your research. Above all, be edified in the things/Word of the Lord God. - Money as Debt (part 1 of 3) - Prophecy Update 5/09/21 (Current Events) - Devore Truth - Amerika - Grindall61

A proud heart is the cursed womb of many things the Lord God exceedingly hates. Some of these practices physically pollute His creation; most likewise poison the moral fabric. Thus pride comes before destruction. Men of high self esteem entertain worldly pleasures, if not Luciferian plans. Hence, many forget the Lord is God and we are not.

Mammon (wealth, goods/services) is a lesser god of our flesh, yet it has countless faithful individuals whom have made it their collective goal for existence. Instead of working the eternal will of Christ the Logos, the masses labor for temporary prosperity. While the many vainly try to satisfy their appetites, Satan and his exclusive initiated class invisibly fulfill their falsely advertised international industrial order. Division of labor, indeed. [Sorry, about the audio]

Modern rebellion (magic/sorcery) is new methods based on old practices. From ancient Chaldean/Magi to cosmic humanism/consciousness, sinful mankind, lead by fallen spirits, desires at least perceived equality with the Lord God. To accomplish this means a publicly approved yet secret reordering of the celestial hierarchy. Intro: Acts 8:9-24

Intro: Romans 1:16-25. This is an audio update of a two-year old typed blog post, when I shared more of my educational background, including mutiny against public graduate education. A false angel of light administers the ivory towers, venomous sophistry spreading into independent higher halls of learning. Grow in wisdom, the Lord God's will/Word, less you be intellectually constricted by vain pursuits of knowledge. Note: B.A. completed at Vanguard University

The schemed act of rebellion is the basic principle of the occult. Misdirection, since the Serpent's deception, remains the cornerstone of magic/sorcery/divination. East or West, man seeks the manipulation of reality, to satisfy one's fleshly appetite and spirited ambition. Because all things are established by the Lord God, the corruption of perception/desire is the means to achieve a Satanic attempt of personal if not universal revolution.

Have a blessed Mothers' Day!

Correction/Misspoke: Samuel was the last judge, not the final prophet before Jesus Christ the Messiah

Bestow children & youth with an eternal reason to learn. We are created for the pursuit of knowledge, understanding and wisdom to perform the fruitful work of the Lord God. The college and career path is a wide avenue to psychological/spiritual enslavement. Reject the high minded ambitions of men, for they seek first their corrupted earthly kingdom. The resurrected Christ the Logos invites all minds to thrive through His holy Word, on a narrow adventurous (joy, peril, meaning) way to the everlasting Kingdom of God.

Men who entertain our egos, motivate our ambitions and inspire us to be our best selves, distract us from our self destruction. In their grand scheme, the souls of congregations are exchanged for impure silver. Encouraged to not seek edification in submission to the Lord God's Word, fractured families are dominated by Anti-christ, the pimp of heretical prostitutes. Seek truth, hope, love - Logos, the Risen Christ, the divine bridegroom of His church.

Grammar, the structure of language, is how we conduct speech, thus exercising our understanding of existence. If we possess a deficient or corrupted knowledge of reading, writing, and speaking, then reality is a bane to experience. Logos, the reason for everything, desires us to understand His Word, for it is the very Truth that sets us free. Otherwise, false teachings and perceptions will enslave our souls, even far beyond the grave.

The first of a number of cover songs. Original music of various genres to come, from me and/or the wife. May you be edified. The Lord God bless you this Good Friday.

People infatuated with an ideal self image lack the courage to stand for their family & neighbors' well being. Indeed, pride comes before a crashing fall from a tower of manufactured meaning. Vanity, vanity, the conspirator has many grasping for the wind. Instead of looking to the image of the overcoming Christ, we seek the collective bliss of artificial godhood.

One world humanity - united as mixed or distinct biological groups? Irrelevant - two hands of the same goal - just means to demonically inspired global oligarchy. Man will reword theology to suit a prideful anthropology, before a great fall to tyrannical ethnology. Are ye children of the most high Lord God, so you may truly honor your father & mother (bloodline)? Or are you children of a headstrong ideal, subject to self appointed arbiters of father/mother land (racial-dialectic)?

Porn is the most potently available tranquilizer ever devised by conspiratorial man. Rather than actively pursue the true way of life (Logos/Christ), atomized individuals seek bottomless satiation of sensual desire, depression, loneliness, boredom, apathy, and fear (Anti-Christ). "Easy money" leads the simple minded performer; managing "human capital" through seductive illusion is for the initiated. In the name of the Lord God, flee the gold digger harlot.

Other Resources - I may not agree with all the opinions & theology of the presenters, though the information is valuable - Getting to the Root of Porn Addiction - LED Live - How Porn is Destroying you and our Country - John Doyle - Pornhub Exposed - Exodus Cry

An example of a redeemed fallen creature, surrendering his children's future to the wisdom of the Lord God. Slavery, neither psychological nor spiritual, has to be the destiny of your bloodline. As my father has done, re-establish the covenant with the heavenly Father, to once again become heirs in heaven and earth.

The world receives its religious education from dramatic & comedic displays of human-like experience. Godless performances, live action and/or animated, condition thought & emotion. People humor or despair, according to those with mysterious secrets. It is the most elaborate yet amusing, consensual conversion therapy on earth. The Lord God abhors cowardly double-mindedness, which leaves us defenseless to Satanic deception.

The Luciferian trust to exchange the soul & eternal promises for vain pleasures has the planet spellbound. Originally made to be a little lower than angels, now we crawl after the glittering shadow of death. Be raised as a redeemed child heir of the Lord God, for only damnation is in store for infantile/aged lovers of mammon.

The Lord God endowed man, His image bearers, with three joint capacities for learning - knowledge, understanding, and wisdom - life. Satan, the world, and our flesh desire the inversion of this natural order, so we may be captive to the sensual things of darkness - ignorance, lust, and pride - death.

Children inherit their God-given shared dominion through their parents' intellectual/religious instruction. This keeps such generational authority within the family line. To be primarily educated outside the household is to cede dominion to another institution. The result is a gradual centralization of power, rather than more families with claims to the earth.

Homeschooling is only fruitful when it remembers that the way, truth, and life is the foundation of timeless education. Anything else, other than meditating on the word of the Lord God, will result in enslavement through default ignorance. Satan and his disciples can only promise temporal, corruptible things - stagnation, lies, and death.

Disclaimer: It is recognized Egypt was not correctly stated as from whence the Hebrews were delivered from physical bondage. I kept the mistake as "Israel" to make a point.

The psychological subversion through education became more systematically organized. Convincing educators not to prioritize good & evil has resulted in masses of students unable to discern the motives of higher powers. Thus we are becoming one world under the Tempter.

Before my fellow Christian brethren forsake the holy day that is Christ's Mass, remember, this was originally intended to be a cultural restoration of divine truth, in fervent opposition to the mass death ritualized for false gods, especially the worship of Mammon (materialism).

Differentiated Learning (Instruction) - a shapeshifting educational philosophy meant to softly condition populations through covert mental stimulation. It has elitist roots in humanistic psychology, reducing man from creatures bestowed with reason from the Lord God, to irrational bi-pedal beasts, whose progress must be guided by a scientific/political establishment. All this under a theology, which rejects original sin and righteousness, thus justifying god-like dominion among men.


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False teachers and usurious salesmen are subverting our academies - home, church, school. The house of learning is for the remembrance of the Word of the Lord God (Logos), so we may study creation for the glory of His divine will. Every man's chief academy, the mind, must be daily cleansed through the pure knowledge of the Holy Spirit, to understand the Truth. Otherwise, the soul will become a house of vain corrupt, demonic conspiracy, rather than one of holy wisdom.



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