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1979 "New Life in Christ" produced around Grace Community Church by Family Films, testimonies & baptisms.

"Vintage John MacArthur with long, open collars and teardrop glasses. Plus: special appearances by Jubilant Sykes. Styles and hairdos have changed dramatically, but the message hasn't. Then, as now, it was biblical, honest, gospel-centered, and clear." - Phil Johnson

rally support for Israel was held Israel embassy in Japan front. In Tokyo. July 31, 2014,

The Spiritual Need in Japan
Most Japanese people have never met a Christian, seen a Bible, or even know about Jesus. In fact, less than 1 percent of Japan's 126 million people claim to be Christians. Even more staggering is the fact that within the next 20 years, half of the existing churches will close because they will have no pastor. Japanese pastors are aging with no replacements on the horizon. The missionary force continues to dwindle instead of increase. The few churches that do exist tend to be small and aging with little impact on their communities. Japan has been Satan's domain for thousands of years, and he continues to fight God's work here.

The country of Japan has a rich cultural heritage that was heavily influenced by China and the introduction of Buddhism around the 6th century A.D. Temples and shrines cover the country where Shinto and Buddhist (comprising 84 percent of the population) dominate the land. The Japanese flock to shrines for religious holidays and festivals throughout the year.

in X-men season 3 episode 18: Gambit, Rogue, and Wolverine take a ski trip in Germany. While Gambit and Rogue seem to be largely enjoying each other's company and time together, Wolverine is restless, and longs for some action. When he hears reports of a demon hiding in a local monastery, his investigation reveals not a demon, but a mutant, Nightcrawler, whose devilish appearance is in stark contrast to his peaceful and deeply philosophical nature. Later the townsfolk attack and burn the monastery. The X-Men convince the townsfolk not to fear what they do not understand, Wolverine, too, learns something about the nature of faith.

Does the Bible (Job 40) Describe a Sauropod Dinosaur (Behemoth)

Global watchdog Open Doors reports that 322 Christians are killed every month for their faith while millions more suffer persecution on a routine basis. Please pray that these believers will not only stay committed to the call of Christ but also will respond in love to the evil shown by their aggressors. God’s love will open doors for these believers to share the Gospel even more. Pray the Holy Spirit would strengthen the persecuted Church in China.


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