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Its not about the land grab, its all about Islam and their cult

spoiler : how Islam teach about women, mut'ah, countless sources, many of little stories.

Background story :
The Top Most Trump Card muslim always use against Christianity when doing their dakwah (islamic evangelist) is to accuse Bible as corrupted. Strangely they never point exactly where the bible is corrupted. And even if it is, they never try to "eating the meat leaving the bone" taking a good part of the bible and practice it to get better live. Muslim doing dakwah was never in search for logos, because they don't care about truth what's matter for them is Islam winning (whatever that means)

Here CP try to explain why bible is not corrupted by the book of islam (quran) itself, as of why the hurdle is this : if you doing solo oratory explaining from christian source ... muslim will just yawning and ignoring you 99% of chance. Because their default state is your source if corrupted, you're just being fooled. Muslim was doctrinated from their young to believe that bible is corrupted, mental block is never to be underestimated.

CP as Arab speaking know the true arabic word and the 'corruption' (magic translation) done by clerics authority, he can expose the verse for what it actually is.

This is the best short cp have for you to use against Islam. Whatever their clerics says quran and hadith taken the precendence.

Christian PRINCE vs Nadir Ahmed_ Is Alcohol Good or Bad in QURAN _ Exposing QURAN CONTRADICTION

Muslim always accuse christian following the corrupt scripture and etc. But do they know, they're actively corrupt their way of 'reciting'?

and you wonder why muslim never have an answer for the question

Posted 3 days ago : I think this is really important.
In short CP doesn't agree w/ the way DW just tell the story without criticizing the story itself.

You might wanted to paint China as bad as possible (for whatever reasons), but imagine you live a life that always risked your family to being bombed all the time. And as masculine as true leader are, better to imprison guys with some characteristic than letting our own project getting bombed. Uyghur as the source of terrorism in middle east is not a myth or joke or fake story.

and the key is here : China is not only persecuting uyghur, what about christians there? why leader of the world seemingly 'only to care' the muslim, especially the uyghur? ask yourself.

while also just a few number in christchurch being massacred but hundreds killed in Nigeria are not even enough to shake the world news.

this is how Muhammad got his revelation.
Islamic Source 100%

Why waiting Yasir Qadhi saying something? why not bypass him, and directly go into quran and hadith? the true source of islam.

sneak peek :

Real title : ِAmazing refutation Forgetting the Quran it's from the power of Allah!-5kmsYDrNWaM

DEBUNKING Muslim Debunking Usama DakDok Quran 9:31

sneak peek :

REAL TITLE : Answering 'Qur'an 9_31 says JESUS IS GOD! _ Usama Dakdok mistranslation'-SVu4pelr6Eg

Answering Muslim GENUINE Question : "Jesus say this, IS HE A GOD? Nope, Not a chance"

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About: In The Beginning Muhammad FACT-CHECKED as a prophet by Khadija (Nasara Cult = False Christian)

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- the story is about Isa (Jesus) divinity according to Islam
- how can Allah save (Jesus) but not Muhammad?
- there's disrepancy of service of Allah to both of them

Original title: Was khadija Muhammd old wife Nasara 'Christian Cult'?

> special edition answering muslim stupid comments
> stupid means, their question is actually AGAINST their quran!
> stupid also means, it's THEIR OWN SOUL but they play with it (by lying)

Original title: The mathematical God of Christians & funny Muslim none Muslims

thumbnail sneak peek:

Original title : 10 reasons to respect muhammad
> of course to fawn youtube as it's proven that youtube is shadowban 'muslim related comment', proof:

bitchute getting slower as many people goes here to watch, I'm uploading faster on

Short and lovely video from CP

Original title : A Cartoon was in Class room become a Global BOOM

thumbnail for fast preview:

This is the link of the post, supposedly french:
Voilà pourquoi le professeur aurait été décapité selon ce père de famille d'une élève du collège. La communauté musulmane était mobilisée contre lui après une intervention qualifiée d'"islamophobe." Tout est parti de cette vidéo. #Eragny

which meant :
This is why the professor would have been beheaded according to this father of a college student. The Muslim community was mobilized against him after an intervention described as "Islamophobic." It all started with this video. #Eragny


Be aware of Ahmadiyya The False Messiah 'Mirza Ghulam Ahmad'
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There is Relationship with Allah in Islamic Spirituality True or false
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