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Has anyone in America who is not complicit in this long running scheme or charade yet figured out that the United States' mass brainwashing campaigns and intensive and generational mind control programming have been a complete and total success?
Does anyone understand that every one of the teachers that are hired are among the most brainwashed of all and will continue to repeat the same old tired LIES and PROPAGANDA to our poor children that they themselves so readily lapped up???
Does anyone know that if a teacher tells the truth then they are summarily fired or worse?
Does anyone realize that this campaign is not really about mind programming and incessant LIES and PROPAGANDA in order to gain total control of the global population, but it goes much, much deeper than that???
Do any of you realize that these tactics and "this" ALL ultimately about how many SOULS will end up burning in HELL????
Well, that IS what this is about.
And the devil and his innumerable evil minions, all of whom are possessed by the most horrid and despicable demons from hell, are working day and night and overtime to make you--yes, YOU, believe that none of the above is true.
Choose TRUTH.

BTW, The reason I haven't uploaded anything since NOVEMBER 2017 is because BITCHUTE has DISALLOWED me from uploading!!!