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Many Christians do not know how their Bible came together. They read the Bible at if it's one book. They should know, and understand that the Bible is actually many books. And should be viewed as such.

Was was it that brought me to where I am today? How did I go from a mainstream denominational church to a Torah observer?

Bible translators have does its a great disservice in transliterating the Greek word "apostolos" instead of translating it.

Do you like what I have to say? Join me tonight with Will Davis and enjoy the fellowship and learn some new things! Do you not like what I say? Do you think that I say anything in error? Now it's time to come and bring your evidence to prove me wrong.

Did you know that church father and early Christian Author Tertullian called Paul the Apostle to the Heretics?

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When questioning the authority of Paul, many people resort to 2nd Peter. But this video presents for points that most Christians do not know about 2nd Peter. What does the word scripture actually mean? And who wrote 2nd Peter? And did 2nd Peter actually say that Paul was an apostle?

Many people believe that church tradition is not Authoritative. They say only the Bible.

Shocking truth about the formation of the New Testament. Many Christians have no clue about their Bible Canon. This video will inform you. Make sure you share.

Christians put all of their faith on the writings of paul. There theology and their Doctrine comes mainly from Paul's letters. Then we have the case of Justin Martyr. In this video we will discuss.

God never commanded anyone to put 66 books together in one book and call it the Holy Bible. The Bible is unbiblical!

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Have you ever wanted to catch me live and ask me a question? Tonight's the night. Go to my YouTube channel Christopher Enoch. See you there

Do not engage in the ad hominem fallacy. Attacking the mailman for delivering a bill does not mean that you are exempt from paying that bill!

Here's a perfect example of a strawman argument.

A lot of people say, "oh how dare you question Paul! God put him in the Bible therefore everything he wrote is perfect - the perfect Word of God!"
But did you know that marcian, the firstborn of Satan, is the one who put Paul in the Bible?
in this video we will also examine what Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, and Polycarp had to say about Marcion!

A lot of Christians believe that Paul is absolutely perfect, and everything that he wrote is perfect because he had a vision of Jesus. Does that mean that everybody who has a vision of Jesus is perfect and everything that they do, say, and write?

What they meant for evil, God meant for good. Those who oppose me prove me right!

Was the Apostle Paul sanctioned by the apostles to preach to the Gentiles? Was he accepted by the original 12 disciples? Let's discuss!

This video was done in response to a comment that I got on Tik-Tok.

A lot of people accept Paul as god. But he isn't. In fact there are a lot of similarities between Paul and Benny Hinn!
This is part 2 of that series.

Critical thinking is an essential skill to every serious Bible students. It enables you to know what to believe and why you believe it. Such skills also help you to communicate the reasons you believe what you believe.

A lot of people believe that Paul's letters are God's word because God called him to evangelize. A lot of people believe that every word that Paul wrote is God's word because he had a vision of Jesus. But does that logic pan out when you consistently apply it to other believers?

It's time will you polish up on our critical thinking skills. The stupid are proud and arrogant and they think they know it all. But the intelligence are humble and they admit that they could be wrong.

Some people think that righteous people only existed in the Old Testament. No righteous people existed in the New Testament to before Jesus was even born. If they can do it without Jesus how much more can we do it with Jesus!


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