Thugs, Extortion, another murder investigation

Final Assault on Black Mask and more enigma trophies

Trophies, Thugs and a Bird

Rating: 5/5 Yes Sirs

Lady Shiva and the Thugs of Gotham

Extortion Files and Poor Judgement With Deadshot

Trophies, Extortion Files, and the Lady in Red

Off To The Lockup Clown Prince, Trophies and Extortion Files

The Clown and Bane 2.0

Playing Fire with A Fly, The Batcave Is Compromised, Return To Black Gate

Thugs, Bane knows, and dirty cops

Trophies, Thugs and A Corpse

Enigma, Penguin's Weapons and more and more thugs

Linkin Park - The Hunting Party

Rating: 5 / 5 Yes Sirs

Top Five Tracks: All For Nothing, Keys To The Kingdom, Final Masquerade, Wasteland, A Line In The Sand

Don't Care For Tracks: None

Trophies, Thugs and A Massive Hotel

Trophies, Thugs and A Massive Hotel

Sionis and A Devilish Snake

Sionis and A Devilish Snake

Ending the Hatter and The Fraud

Rating; 5/5 Yes Sirs

Side Missions and Scumbags

Trophies, Thugs and A Hatter

Linkin Park - Living Things

Rating: 4.5 / 5 Yes Sirs

Top Five Tracks: Lost In The Echo, In My Remains, I'll Be Gone, Castle of Glass, Lies, Greed, Misery

Don't Care For Tracks: None

Rating: 4/5 Yes Sirs



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Hey everyone, Christopher Gordon here. I am Southern Californian Realtor. So obviously over time you're going to see stuff about real estate. Nevertheless I am also a avid video gamer, musician, and film goer. So when i'm not posting things about my profession you'll see other videos of my hobbies as I continue to load them. Anyway have a blessed day.