Chris Weinert

We must hold the truth above the law, & uphold the truth to those who uphold these (inverted) laws.

R.I.P. - Matt & Jeff C.
We must never forget those who fought to bring us the truth!

Big jew is looting our assets & foisting it upon BRICS (Russia & China). We were sold out from within, ALWAYS remember that!!!

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It's a matter of principle vs principal.

The first segment's interviewer, Daryl Bradford Smith, reminds me of Tim Kelly.

I was a bit too inspired by "Like describing colors to a blind man on acid" by Brian Jonestown Massacre...
Who needs coffee?

More like a better human Skinner box.

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Slow Burn, if you're out there, can you link the video/songs by My Morning Jacket - "Off the Record" & "Gideon" (original, not acoustic version), & "wordless chorus"...? Thanks, Sorry to be so high maint! ;)

As you know, YT/jewgle has disabled my devices from any access to those features...




I should've previewed this before uploading, so we will call it editorial improvisation... Pretty sure the title was for this video.

Esperanto was going to be the JWO's universal language in the consolidation of the Russian empire into the USSR...just like Yiddish was used in the Habsurg & Holy Roman Empire...

"I'm just sitting here, watching the wheels go round & round..."


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