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The original 13th Amendment stated this very notion, but instead of it being ratified, we were thrust into warfare (war of 1812) by domestic terrorism from UK/Rothschield red jews...

In your hearts, you know I am right about this!

Wake up our generation & educate the next...



(Cue Led Zeppelin)



There is no game of "chance" with crooked dealers.
Also, the anarchist movement was radicalized, infiltrated, & demonized by the cabal to destroy any & all legitimate "union" of labor... Berkman, Goldman, Gompers, AFL, CIO, Teamsters, et al.. [yet, another form of clandestine slavery]

The next generation, along with every passed generation, deserves the truth... Justice must not remain an illusion!

"Free trade"...
Legalized slavery by any other name.

I got pulled away before I could complete this video, so the rest will be on my next video.

Also, still uncovering new layers in my civil war research, so that video will be a few more days...
Stay well, people... the best way is to properly identify our real enemy... (& it's not "the China virus from China.", either.)

Unreleased video from May.

Blackstone (BlackRock = Rockefeller, the Jews, & the cabah stone?)
HMS Vanguard was Nelson's ship that fought Napolean for artifacts uncovered in Egypt in 1797...
More to come, stay tuned!

They crossed the Rubicon, now we must act in self defense...




".....We don't get fooled, again!".


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