Star Ocean The Last Hope - Launch Trailer [Playstation 4 Remastered Version]

The Launch Trailer to the Remastered 4K and Full HD resolution Playstation 4 Version of Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope,which makes many improvements to the gameplay and graphics compared to the original PS3 Version


Ultra Maniac Awsome Moments - Nina Sakura Spies on Kaji (English Dub) DVD Remastered Quality [Fox Kids Logo]

In this Awkward Moment,Nina Sakura may be suspecting and getting the wrong idea that Kaji's true colors are nothing more but a two timing/backstabbing double crosser who rejeacts every Single Girl's Valentines gifts as she doesn't want to see her Best friend Ayu get hurt!

Will Nina Find out the truth behind Kaji's True Motives????

Even though Nina Sakura made an honest mistake with this awkward and funny moment,but I can also relate to Nina in this situation as I myself despise backstabbers with a pure Passion,especially thoughs who eventually reveal they're true colors!

anyways,enjoy this awkward funny moment from one of my fav episodes from Ultra Maniac:P

Marvel's Avengers – PlayStation Advantage Video [PS4]

Another Sneak Preview Video for the Upcoming New Avengers game for the Playstation 4 which comes out next month in September

And great News for Spiderman Fans,Spidey himself will be a DLC Playable character in this game:P

Fighting Foodons Opening Intro 4kids English Dub (Remastered DVD Version) Fox Kids Logo

Heres another Fan Made Fox Kids Video which I uploaded the DVD Remastered Quality Version of the 4kids English Dub Fighting Foodons theme song which is one of the best Underated Animes ever Made:P

Its English dub's theme song is based on (And a Parody of:) Jacques Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld.

Healin' Good Pretty Cure Episode 19 - Save Rate! Wind of Prayers and Miracle Girl (English Subbed)

Rate o Mamotte...! Inori no Kaze to Kiseki no Shōjo


Year: 2020

Animation Studio: Toei Animation

Music Composer: Shiho Terada

Note: Cure Earth (The newest Sixth Ranger Cure) Finnally makes her Grand Entrance this Episode!

"The girls take Rate to Hinata's family clinic, where Hinata's brother examines her and deduces she is suffering from a cold. He gives Rate some medicine to take and instructs Nodoka to give her plenty of rest. Everyone helps out to look after Rate, leading her to confess to Nodoka that she feels useless, to which Nodoka reassures her she isn't. However due to her illness, Rate is unable to sense when Batetemoda creates a MegaByogen and by the time the girls discover it, the monster has already managed to grow incredibly powerful. The girls transform but are easily overpowered, Rate feeling its all her fault attempts to stop the MegaByogen on her own but it proves to much and she is captured by Batetemoda. Queen Teatine, sensing something is wrong, begs the Earth to save her daughter. Suddenly a mysterious new Cure appears and saves Rate and the other Cures, allowing them to purify the MegaByogen and save the Wind spirit. Afterwards the new Cure uses a new elemental bottle to heal Rate, while the other Cures wonder who she is?"

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim - Doomsday Trailer [Playstation 4]

Another new Trailer for Atlus's upcoming "13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim" for the PS4!

Kirby Right Back At Ya! Funny Moments - Fumu and Bun's Mother Queen Ladylike Breaks the 4th Wall (4kids English Dub) [Remastered] Fox Kids Logo

Another Fan Made Fox Kids Video I putted together for Fun:P

one of my fav funny moments from the Hoshi no Kaabii (Kirby Right Back At Ya!) 4kids English Dub where Tiff(Fumu) and Tuff's (Bun's) Mother Queen Ladylike accidently gets a bad Sun tan and breaks the 4th wall telling the viewers at home not to look at her

This Scene is from Episode 85 "A Sunsational Surprise / A Sunsational Puzzle"

Healin Good Pretty Cure Episode 18 - Heart Flutter! Grateful Nyatoran (English Subbed)

Hāto ni Zukkyun! Nyatoran no Ongaeshi


Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends and the Secret Fairy - Special Movie.mp4

Another New Sneak Preview Trailer for the Upcoming new Atelier Ryza Direct Sequel was released yesterday on Koei Tecmo's official Youtube Channel!

After solving the Mysteries of the Secret Hideouts of darkness from last year's 2019 Atelier Ryza,what new adventures await for thighza....uhhhhh.......I mean Ryza,so parden the pun,when she now explores the secrets of the Fairy Fountains with her new abilities in this continuation direct sequel?

Only one way to find out which Atelier Ryza 2 hts shelves in late 2020 and early 2021 next year!:P

Ryza's new Web Swinging abilities will Make Both Spiderman and all of his Female Counterparts (Spider Gwen and Spider Woman) Quiver in

Healin' Good♡Pretty Cure Episode 17 - Finest Hospitality Trainee Inkeeper Chiyu (English Subbed)

Saikō no Omote Nashi!? Chiyu no Okami Shugyō


Panzer Paladin - Launch Trailer [Nintendo Switch]

A Sneak Preview Launch Trailer for an upcoming new Nintendo Switch 8-bit Indie Game called "Panzer Paladin" Which is like a Cross Mixer of Irem's Metal Storm,Sunsoft's Blaster Master and a bit of Konami's 8-bit Castlevania games thrown into the mix ^^


Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy Trailer Nintendo Direct Sneak Preview Trailer


The Best Atelier Girl of the Franchise is back for a new Sequel this decade in 2020!

Last Year's 2019 Huge Hit "Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout" Was one of the Franchise's Best Selling Atelier games even outselling both the Atelier Rorona (Arland Trilogy: Rorona,Totori,Meruru) and Atelier Sophie (The Mysterious Trilogy: Sophie,Firis and Lydia and Suelle) Combined,and it was such a huge popular hit that Our fav Thick Thighs Girl "Ryza" is back for a new direct sequel this year called Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy,which this took me by

I wasn't expecting a direct continuation which ussially a new atelier game stars a new female Protagonist,but it looks like Ryza's thick thighs proved too much for the gaming industry to resist,and I haven't even finished the First Atelier Ryza game

Anyways,Ryza is back with a whole new set of Wabdrobes and Clothes including some new skills now being able to Swim,Ride Animal Buddies,Swing on Vines,ect.

Healin Good Pretty Cure Episode 16 - Friendship vows under the Eternal Tree (English Subbed)

Yūjō no Chikai! Eien no Taiju no Shita de


Animation Studio: Toei Animation

Year: 2020

Games from the Crypt - Mega Man 7 (Super Nintendo) Shade Man's Stage

Mega Man 7 Halloween Video!

Heres another One of my old awsome Halloween Videos I did back around 2016 and 2017 which is a Short Playthrough of Shade Man's Vampire Horror/Halloween Themed Stage from Mega Man 7 for the Super Nintendo

enjoy ^^

Game: Mega Man 7 (Rock Man 7)

COnsole: Super Nintendo

Year: 1995

Developer: Capcom</p>

Trails of Cold Steel IV - Character Trailer [Playstation 4]

The Latest new Trailer to the latest installment of Falcom's Legend of Heroes franchise which is Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 4,which serves as the 4th and final installment of the Trails of Cold Steel Spinoff Trilogy.

and one of the best parts in this installment is that Falcom end this trilogy off with a bang by having Estelle Bright and Joshua from the "Trails in the Sky" Trilogy [Sora no Kiseki Trilogy] make guest cameo appearances in this Game ^^

The Playstation 4 version of this game comes out this fall in october 2020 while the Switch version will be out next year in 2021

anyways,great to see my fav Pigtail girl Estelle Bright making a huge comeback in this game ^^

Action Extreme Gaming - Fatal Fury 2 - Enhanced Colors Rom Hack (Fatal Fury 2 Sega Genesis Port Version Rom Hack) Mai Shiranui VS Terry Boldgard

Heres a Short Playthrough (Walkthrough) Fight Match Testing out a cool Rom Hack Version of the Sega Genesis Port version of SNK's Fatal Fury 2 playing as Mai Shiranui fighting against Terry Boldgard ^^

this Rom Hack improves the Game's Graphics and Colors to have the game much more closer to the Arcade Port version of Fatal Fury Special ^^

It's great seeing Terry Boldgard in Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch,and hopefully Nintendo can also get permission from SNK to add more Fatal Fury Fury and King of Fighters characters as playable characters such as Mai Shiranui and Athena Asamiya ^^


Fairy Tail - Characters & Features Trailer [Playstation 4]

Heres another cool Sneak Preview Trailer for the upcoming New PS4 Fairy Tail Game which this new trailer shows more unique content on what the game has to offer and what Types of Missions you can go on to earn Money:P

the Fairy Tail Characters such as Lucy Heartfilia,Erza,Wendy,Natsu,Happy,Juvia and Chelia are looking amazing in 3D!:P

this new fairy tail game is the first installment in the new Koei Tecmo era which Koei Tecmo bought the rights to the Fairy Tail games form Hudson Soft after Hudson were filed for bankruptcy back in 2012.

Game: Fairy Tail

Console: Playstation 4

Publisher: Koei Tecmo

Developer: Gust

Year: 2020

Digimon Adventure 2020 Reboot Episode 6 - The Targeted Kingdom (English Subbed)

Nerawareta Ōkoku


in the newest Episode of the Digimon Adventure 2020 Reboot,Mimi makes her epic return debut in this episode along with her Digimon Partner Palmon:P

Mimi was one of my all time fav characters from the original 1st season of the 90's Version of Digimon Adventure and it's great to see her back,she's still pretty much the same in this reboot as she still wears the pink cowgirl outfit with the summer beach hat. however in terms in personality,Mimi is alot more stronger and a much more confident character in this reboot than she was in the 90's Digimon Adventure season 1.

while still a fun likable character,but in the original 90's version Mimi got a bit annoying at times which she constantly kept acting like a spoiled whiney self centered nagging brat who constantly kept complaining about everything 24/7,but here in the reboot,mimi is a much better more confident stronger character and far less of a whiner taking much more advantage of her crest of sencerity staying much more faithful to the manga than the 90's anime did.

I felt that this one the one aspect of her character which was a huge improvement over her 90's version,but either way,Mimi has always been a great character to me no matter

Healin Good Pretty Cure Episode 15 - First Fight, Nodoka and Rabirin Grow Apart (English subbed)

Hajimete no Kenka… Surechigau Nodoka to Rabirin


Bloodstained Curse of the Moon 2 - Available now Launch Trailer [Nintendo Switch and PS4]

a New Launch Trailer for the New Direct Sequel to the 8-bit Bloodstained Curse of the Moon,which both Bloodstained Curse of the Moon and it's direct sequel Bloodstained Curse of the Moon 2 are tie in spinoffs to the 3D bloodstained Ritual of the Night developed by inti creates!

the game is now available on both the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 ^^

Giraffe and Annika - Character and Gameplay Trailer [Playstation 4 Port Version]

While I was browsing around the Youtube Playstation channel,I came across this unique gem which from some research I did,this game was originally a PC Game released last year in 2019 but is now getting both a Nintendo Switch port and a Playstation 4 port which this 3D Musical Adventure game is called "Giraffe and Annika"

anyways,this is another game I'm defentially gonna get to add to my RPG collection,because I have a thing for Cat Girl

"Giraffe and Annika is a 3D adventure game where you follow along with the cat eared girl Annika as she explores the mysterious island of Spika. Each dungeon is guarded by a boss where Annika will need to defeated through a music-based battle system and fully synched animations. The game system and effects are all fully synched with the music."

"Giraffe and Annika is a 3D adventure game for PC where you follow along with the cat eared girl Annika as she explores the mysterious island of Spika.

Each dungeon is guarded by a boss where Annika will need to defeated through a music-based battle system and fully synched animations. The game system and effects are all fully synched with the music. "

"Help Annika find her lost memories through her adventures on the island!"

"Giraffe and Annika is planned for release for STEAM in 2019. after that PS4 and Switch"

"A magical, mystery-filled adventure awaits! When a young girl named Annika awakens from a strange dream, she finds herself stranded on the mysterious "Spica Island" with no memory of how she got there. Upon exploring, she meets a boy named Giraffe, who seems to know her, and is tasked with finding three special star fragments on the island in order to unravel the mysteries of her forgotten memories. While searching for the fragments, Annika meets Lily, the Witch of the Mysterious Forest, who challenges her to a battle! Fortunately, Annika emerges victorious, and uncovers a star fragment. She absorbs the fragment and is suddenly granted remarkable visions. What secrets await this unlikely trio of adventurers on the island of Spica? "

Pragmata Announcement Trailer 2 [Extended 3 min Cut Version[ [PS5]

Capcom recently released a new extended cut version of the New Trailer for they're upcoming new Sci Fi Adventure game called "Pragmata" which will be released sometime in 2022 (Which is quite a long wait!) for the upcoming new Playstation 5 which is currently still in development.

The Game has often been compared to both Death Stranding and the Metroid Prime games as the main character is a Samus Aran/Halo Master Cheif Inspired Astronaunt character who finds a mysterious cute little girl and a Robo Cat:P

"PRAGMATA (also known as "Pragmata") is an upcoming action game developed by Capcom, set to release in 2022. The game is "Set in a dystopian near-future on Earth’s Moon, PRAGMATA will take you on an unforgettable, adventure, powered by the Next Generation of gaming hardware."[1] "

"PRAGMATA was announced at the 2020 PS5 event with a cinematic trailer following the protagonist meeting a mysterious synth girl. More information about the game is said to release in 2021. "

so yep,looking forward to this game when it comes out on the PC,PS5 and Xbox Zero:P

a real shame that this amazing new original game from Capcom thats not another Mega Man or Street Fighter won't be on the Nintendo Switch or PS4,but either way this game looks amazing so far:P

the graphics are defentially on Par with the Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes as well as being on par with the PS4 Sony Spiderman game as well as being on par with Kirby Star Allies:P (Ok,maybe I won't go that far,but you guys get my point.XD)

Healin Good Pretty Cure Episode 14 - Discovering Happiness! Sukoyaka Festival! (English Subbed)

Genki Hakken! Sukoyaka Fesutibaru!


This Week's Healin Good Pretty Cure is another one of those Summer Festival episodes which is nothing too special which this episode is your typical clitched Summer Festival episode which every precure season is gonna at least have one of these!


I forgot I had this Video from my old hard drive saved onto my new Hard drive.XD

Random Cartoon & Anime Characters sing the 4kids National Anthem [Old 2008 4th of July Parody Video] [Reupload]

heres an old Random 4th of July Parody video I made back in 2008 which I used a Bunch of different Cartoon Characters and Anime characters singing the old 2005 4kids National

Characters included

Tai (from Digimon Adventure Season 1)

Mahou no Angel Sweet Mint

Simon Belmont (Castlevania/Captain N The Game Master Version)

Pinnochio (Saban's Adventures of Pinnochio/Mokku of the Oak Tree Anime)

Ken Masters (Ruby Spears Street Fighter American Cartoon)

Yes Pretty Cure 5

White Bomber (Bomberman Jetters Anime)

Birdy (Bomberman Jetters Anime)


Note: Keep in mind that I made this video Years ago back in 2011 when I was only limited with shitty equipment before I improved with my newer recent projects,this was also back than when I used to support toonami on cartoon network before I became more interested in Doing Fan Made Fox Kids and Disney XD projects,because now adays,I don't care for toonami that much anymore.

anyways,Happy 4th of July Everyone:P


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