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thanks this is cool


now watch your game sources NOT report this.....and show that they dont have you in mind

Messed up res on 1st 2 parts sorted , but shows end of this planet....

A nice Indepth template for a story based game template with literally most of what one needs pre done , jsut add your own assets tweak a few things and spruce up the level design ....

its hard to like trump when you read htis crap

"Early this year, the ACLU sued the government over its use of social media surveillance of immigrants, and the Trump administration has proposed allowing officials to snoop on the social media accounts of Social Security disability recipients."

that last article show cases the real harm this may do to everyone.

from techdirt:
"Another major problem with the CASE Act is how it transforms a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Notice into a long-term censorship tool. Under current law, if a copyright holder submits a takedown notice to an online platform alleging that your post infringed their copyright, you have a right to file a counter-notice if you disagree. There are many times when false takedown claims occur on the Internet and perfectly lawful speech is suppressed, and counter-notices are an important, though flawed, check on abuse. But the CASE Act would allow a party that filed a takedown notice to also bring a claim with the new “small claims” tribunal. When they do so, the Internet platform doesn’t have to honor the counter-notice by putting the posted material back online within 14 days. Already, some of the worst abuses of the DMCA occur with time-sensitive material, as even a false infringement notice can effectively censor that material for up to two weeks during a newsworthy event, for example. The CASE Act would allow unscrupulous filers to extend that period by months, for a small filing fee. "

WOW this is disgusting what microsoft is doing bundling htis spy/malware onto windows 7 users security update ....NICE TRY JERKS

you wont take my applications and games that easy


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Be doing games i play , and some 3d special affects and animation stuffs as i progress ot game making.