So the big players are buying up more stuff to prepare ....

i Should get in on my hardware just before this hits.


Aren't i glad i have a pc and games

now imagine it was all at steam and steam launcher failed ....oh my

in this im glad we have many games across many launchers

i dont have fortnite installed so i cant tell you that is or isnt working ....i downloaded this form epic and as you see played it....

also unreal engine works fine and other aspects this is forntite related.

Guess allowing all that polical talk has caused a fault in the lines lol.
back to playing other games....

and as you can see the number of issues has spiked in last half a hour ....hehe

Blizzard is right on this and EPIC isnt ...its gonna lead to a cnstant argument in all chats about crap and devolve game communities in camps of religion and race and politics

we gamers should not do this.I as gamer while respecting your right to speech etc, do not want it in a virtual setting where i am trying to leave that all behind.

Feel free on forums and other avenues where its more proper to have such debates.

i wonder will upper echelon and bellar say epic is a great company for there stand considering they deride blizzard and thus are showing a sjw tendancy? See how allthis divides game communities ? will they both dolive chats and allow protesters to yammer in there chats ?

heh....i sense hypocracy coming....

Warning contains some langauge younger views may not want to hear or parents might want to hold there ears...

with that ...

As stated read comments section of link below for a complete solution to :

A) get addons to windows ten to stop telemetry and;
B) a potential solution to get Microsoft to stop doing it if enough people did something....

a quote in the comment section there.

" Except that since Microsoft owns certificates, they can transmit ...

Shouldn't be too hard to inject bogus data into their valid data stream, if not outright replace the valid data.

It'd be a matter of adding a custom .dll with appropriate replaced functions to the .dll search chain, such that it gets picked up along with the legit ones.

It's been a long time since I did stuff in that area of things, but the process shouldn't have become weirdly complex in the meantime."

this video and hte one from sunday ( today) was about 9 hrs a play i forgot to record 6 of it i was so into stuff....and i got all told nearly 800 kills,

seems ive got heat issue for time beaing sorted on graphic card but ill hold on the 3d stuffs till christmas time when i can get a better card into pc.

and just wanted to post this guys tutorial on random gun creation in blender

due to age of my graphic card and its now heavy uise in doing a lot of this i have to take a break at doing a lot more until i upgrade....this engine thng overheated me large and the sword play one they gave out was even worse by timei started it i was in trouble and so that i ahve some ability to record some videos at least till i get new card and mobo , ill jsut jot down ideas and go forward round christmas...

i have enough to do whati want now and it is going to be very unique and interesting. Stay tuned.

Also hopefully by christmas the 4.23 will have matured so that you do not need a manual compile of unreal to run there chaos destruction featureset. As it is now ONLY windows ten and im not even sure if that solves issues in vc 2017 when 2019 is out and 2017 will slowly be degraded from use.

Ill up the HORROR Engine next , i had a cooling issue with graphic card like i said this 8 year old card gets hot and i have to keep er overheated cause one of the cooling things i setup was not working right. sorted now and ...anyhow thats next.

Destiny 2 is a no go today

and this shows you another problem wiht anything that ever was tied to EA.....


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