1 day only

Vehicle demop game of epic plus added custom level. Ya drove up a mtn for something to do

The realm expands

continuing along

Sorry fer audio there corrected it but im a lil further into game before i noticed.

!st of a series of the new stellaris 2.7 with a trek mod for ships

ya youtube didnt like this video much ill say that and you see im in fair use here and stop music when i can notice it ...seems sony and epic are helping blm claim people for pennies 64 million hits on its own channel and they need a few pennies shows you what they are all about.

seems youtube dont like total war warhammer no more

Unify the Undead area , then begin a march on the Empire.

even has police cars lol

Ya had a lil issue at first i restarted this and works fine now

gonna take a lil break till end a month on unreal stuffs and game some

Just getting used to this new plugin will be doing some crazy experiments and in time replace the jet with a space craft that will have maybe differing weapons...

testing a megascan pack setup with special affects ....

goto launcher download free

the base seen had water and birds which i took htem out but left the audio in as i added a skybox bebula back ground and hten put in two stars

idea here is to get used to this so i can use the jet fighter to make space simulation and other fun stuff

original scene had some brids and water , which i removed , then changed regular skt to be a nebula , added two stars moved about them and left the water and birds chirping in back ground ....

idea is to get used to this so the jet fighter i can turn into space ships for some other stuff i want to try

during march when all the pandemic was on and peeps was locked down i amde this lil game and gave it out free
very basic but you can build ( hit what is it f or e or something)

its a combo of a new shader pack epic gave out back then and the player build system
link to game below and will look and play better on newer pcs

pc windows if someone wants a mobile version i can do i think

testing an update to a devloper pack i have with its quirky ai audio commenting

test of getting unreal engine ot use a static mesh moveable and firing missles

So on twitter Bruce Campbell tweeted in a space suit he was DEFINATLY on a space station....

oh no look whats on it way ASH


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Be doing games i play , and some 3d special affects and animation stuffs as i progress ot game making.