Chrysalid System Architecture

Chrysalid System Architecture

Things were strange in the 80s.

From my childhood.

Song: "Body and Soul" (by Johnny Green - 1930)

History never repeats itself, but it sure can rhyme.

Lost in Laconia:

Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

A cheezy recording of two of the cheeziest songs I know. It's elevator themed because, ya know, elevator music.

"A song for love" and "He man woman hater" by Extreme.

Sex tourism - the ugly end of the beautiful Filipina.

They will never sleep with you.

Happy Halloween!!

Kyokushin karate and kung fu balet.

Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells (example track).

Dub step dancing and a pro dancer twerking as a finale.

An analysis of Mike Stern's Little Shoes.

Example video of Little Shoes by Mike Stern.

Western military aircraft are amazing.

This is part three.

This is part two.

Over a dog.

Robert Crumb is a 2D artist who is obsessed with women. His vision of the ideal female form is one of muscle mass, sinew and man crushing physical strength. The images included in this video - although equally unrealistic - are meant to show the glossy magazine view of the female form that I think appeals to most people.


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I'm a composer, here's some music related stuff from moi to toi.