Chugbox Legion

Chugbox Legion



Strap the fuck in.
Next one we'll make sure you can see.
Or at least not wretch.

Cross over to the dark side.
Tip your bartenders for this exact reason.
Party liquor and cigarettes make you strong.
Swing at ever 7/10 you come across.
*Samson Option


Welcome to a Steak and Shake on the pop punk suburban outskirts.
Come and listen the horror and fun jokes people give to each other on the Southside.
Don't take drugs and collide with your partner in a violent manner, y'all.



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Just some conversations about some things.
Com with us on a whimsical journey through substance abuse and human horror with Tummyache and Igor Carroll.

Don't be a dick. These stories are all played up as jokes unless otherwise stated. Be nice to each other unless you are just talking trash. Always, always talk trash.


Igor Carroll:

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