Here's the final episode of Fashmas 2020 that you've all been waiting for, and I have a very special guest that I always love talking to. It was a great conversation and I feel like he's bound to go on to start something great. Speaking of which, here's the American 3rd Position channel:
Here's CT on youtube:
And here he is on Bitchute:
Songs in this episode are "Under Siege" and "True Heroes" by Nordic Thunder.

Alright goys, we got a motherload of millenarian memes for ya in this one. Here are only a few: Is Batman secretly anti-semitic? When will robots and AI constructs receive human rights? What if there were TWO Doom Guards at Charlottesville? In the future, will you have a neural-network slave rapper to make music videos and channel intro tunes for you? Who will get to upload their consciousness to the positronic brain mainframe and 'live' forever to narrate documentaries and animated movies? Morgan Freeman, or Jimmy Fallon? Is South Korean pop just a gayer, faker version of American pop? How can you celebrate the holidays for the last time before you are vaccinated with a ZOG zombie C-virus injection? All this and much, much more in this exciting installment of Fashmas 2020!!!

Check out Apollonian Slumber's channel:
Songs in this episode are a covid satire by Apollonian Slumber, and "Renegade Youth" by Max Resist.

I had a great conversation with an old buddy Apollonian Germ. Enjoy and check out his channel:
Donate to him here:
Audios in this episode are "The Enduring Mechanism" and "What's a White Kid to do?" by Apollonian Germ.

I'm launching the 2020 Fashmas series. Thanks for tuning in, Legionnaires. Songs are "The Iceman has Risen" and "Choosers of the Slain" by Berserkr.

bitchute bent over for judeo-homo.

Requested video. Song is "Resound the Horn" by DOOMSWORD. Be sure to turn volume to max.

I read some bullshit articles about Trump boycotting the inauguration and holding a rally in Florida same day same time, plus he may be launching a news channel and new political party. Take it with a grain of salt.

A requested video for a friend.

Here's another chapter of the neo-Nazi fantasy novel that so many people have been asking for.
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Check out these kike poll watchers:
The songs in this episode are "White Man" and "14 Words" by Max Resist.
Here's NSBY's channel:

Well I did not see this coming. But I'm not terribly upset about it.

here's a couple of movie recommendations just in time to rescue you from witnessing the doom of our generation.

Back in those days, all it took was a book to incite a war. Nowadays we have fuckstains on tv and tik tok with faces that incite visceral disgust... and possibly also a war.

Check out some people with really GREAT optics!

White girls are being systematically groomed by liberal sodomites to become the perfect little gay whores for diversity, political correctness and humanism. Also, OBS is some fucking bullshit. About halfway through it fucked up the audio. So listen at your own peril.

Sorry I failed you guys. I didn't have a list ready for you before the first debate, so that you could have something to watch and avoid all the bullshit election coverage.

Doom Guard fucks up with OBS again.

Ranting about muslims and the gay agenda. Shit, am I turning into Alex Jones? I better listen to some Doom Sword and Odin's Law to revert back to my Hyborian form...

due to file incompatibility and size, this episode has no intro and wasn't edited... so enter at your own risk. Had some connectivity issues too, so we often cut each other off. Sorry Loki.

and their ugly piggish wives. They constitute a plague.

I guess Libertarianism makes some fucked up sort of sense in a county where all government institutions are staffed and run by niggers.

found out what happens when you run up on an autistic galoot with a gun.


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