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Jewish and black community leaders told COLlive.com they denounce Alicia Boyd of Movement to Protect the People for labeling Jewish property developers with Stars of David.

My longest and last conversation with Ivanka Trump took place in the summer of 1996, on a public bus in the south of France. Fellow campers at a language camp in Nice, we spent that quick ride back to our dorms discussing Ivanka’s portrayals, over time, in People magazine, a periodical I routinely devoured. She seemed smart and self-aware, willing to lightly joke about the outfits she’d worn in each issue. She was also already, at age 14, impossibly glamorous.


Iowa’s Jewish community is “overwhelmingly” Democratic, observed Drake University political-science professor Dennis Goldford.

This much longer chapter gives the students an overview of the various “races” that make up the German people – their people. There are six distinct groups described, ranging from the 'Nordic,' the largest which makes up approximately 50% of the population, to the 'Western' making up only 2%. In between, from greater to lesser, are the 'Eastern', the 'Dinaric', the 'East Baltic' and the 'Phalic.'

“The Anti-Humans” details a series of ritualistic tortures administered after WWII by the communist Romanian to Christians and “nationalists.” The purpose of the experiments was to break down the man and rebuild him in the State’s image. These same tortures and psychological manipulations were later instituted by the United States, Great Britain and other countries in a more benign and not so easily identified form. In other words, what was outright torture in Romania became a sort of “golden cage” approach in the United States. Anyone who thinks that Communism and Capitalism are not two sides of the same coin needs an education, and Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson provides it in this week’s episode.


Hanson Larkin, 25, was arrested and charged with making threats using interstate communication after he allegedly told someone he was going to shoot up a Florida synagogue...

The trick is - https://www.bitchute.com/hashtag/ (copy and paste on the adress bar in web browser)

EXAMPLE: https://www.bitchute.com/hashtag/jews

Seventy-eight years after National Socialists threw out Jews from Hekdesh Shul, Chabad buys building back...

The trick is - https://www.bitchute.com/hashtag/ (copy and paste on the adress bar in web browser)

EXAMPLE: https://www.bitchute.com/hashtag/jews

Illegal Alien Shoots Police Officer in California — Was Released from Jail for Earlier Offense Due to Sanctuary State Laws.
Guadalupe Lopez Herrera was arrrested on Thursday after shooting a Merced County Sheriff’s detective in the chest on Wednesday afternoon.

Despite a shifting climate for political parties, Merkel still commands a majority approval of 56%, making her the most popular politician in the country. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas of the SPD came in second with 43% of approval among voters.

A Swedish professor in the field of applied behavioral science has suggested that we may need to rethink cannibalism and begin eating human flesh to save the planet from climate change.


The blue menorah is situated in a traffic circle in a residential neighborhood in Sderot, rooted by four 2-ton concrete cubes.



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