Now that Twitter is for free speech, Leftists are pissed because they can no longer get accounts they don’t like deleted. The majority of them have moved to Mastodon Social Platform to censor each other.

Suspicious Activity Reports possibly showing Joe Biden’s unlawful activity with offshore accounts and Hunter Biden’s human trafficking.

Nothing is what it seems.

President Trump is running for the 2024 presidential election.

This murderer does not deserve to be walking freely when he is responsible for thousands of deaths and still counting.

WAKE UP CALL for normies!

Tim Gielen shows you how to find out who the top investors are in the large corporate industries. This documentary is eye opening and a lot of questions you may have had about corporate America begin to make sense.
Please share this far & wide with ANYONE questioning the truth of Who Owns The World!

Large white blood clots are being found in arteries post mortem at f vaccine victims. They’ve never seen anything like it until covid vaccine was released in 2020.

I accidentally uploaded the wrong video before this. My apology to everyone. This is the correct file. Enjoy.

Our kitchen cabinets are large and old. They have 4 old coats of paint and at least 2 coats of stain. These are not an easy feat!


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