Saturday 8th May 2021 Unite For Freedom / March For Liberty protest, Brighton. Featuring music by Remeece who also attended the march.
Tracks: 'Don't Tek Di Vaccine' + 'Footsoldiers 4 Freedom'
Remeece's website:​

Thanks to Richard for the march starting point footage of Remeece included here since my filmed footage (of the whole day!) annoyingly came out without any sound + to James Scott for some "Stand up, take your freedom back!" megaphoning filmed near where I was that I have audio synced + to Remeece for the musical soundtrack here to put over the bulk of my no audio footage. Happy to have still been able to get a video done of this good day for freedom even with the technical problems.

Saturday 24th April 2021 Unite For Freedom protest, London. Cut with excerpts of Guydence's track P*andemic.
Full track here
Guydence's YouTube channel

Unite For Freedom protests in Brighton November and December 2020.
Music: Antico - We Need Freedom (Red Zone) + Bonus Beats, Joi - March On, Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up (JPOD Remix), MikkiM, Jamie Bostron & Earl 16 - Get Up Stand Up, DJ Ernani - Get Up Stand Up (Nani Remix) + a bit of the Bob Marley original as played on the December march.
Brighton to have more soon hopefully. Next one in London Saturday 24th April

Unite For Freedom protests in London September, October and November 2020.
Music: Ian Brown - Little Seed Big Tree, Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall (Instrumental) + Kusinski - Alpha C
Another took place on 20th March:
Next one Saturday 24th April

Video banned from my circa2012 YouTube channel.

Neil Kramer speaking about the covid deception.
Neil's website:
Music: Psydell & Alejo - Other Than Ourselves + Jonteal - Sidewinder
Thanks for watching. Peace & freedom

Video banned from my circa2012 YouTube channel.

⁣Saturday 20th March 2021 Unite For Freedom Protest, London.
Music tracks sampled bits of: Mr. Traumatik - Plandemic + DISL Automatic - Crown Virus
Thanks for watching. Peace & freedom


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