How do you deal with what is going on in the world? Do you cope or do you hope? Stoicism may be what you need these days.

My personal experience with social media and the main takeaway from using it for several years.

As a result of the previous year's events, we will see 2021 bring some real-world action when it comes to building citadels.

The nation-state is nearing its end. But there are two ways the demise can take place. Check out this episode to learn more.

Should you build your citadel where you are or find a new, better place?

Individual sovereignty is multi-faceted. Learn what domains of life you must elevate to become truly sovereign.

Tribalism has been getting a bad reputation recently. But I think having a tribe is a positive thing. Check out this episode to learn why.

Bitcoin and citadels go hand in hand. If you own no bitcoin, now is a good time to reclaim your financial sovereignty.

Bitcoin helps us build parallel economies. But is it enough? In my opinion, whole new parallel societies must emerge.

This year's US elections are a clear example of why democracy is dead.

The Great Reset has been discussed all over the place recently. In this episode, I provide my perspective on the issue.

Is bitcoin important when it comes to building citadels? I think it is essential. Learn why in this episode.

True sovereignty is hard to achieve in the physical world. Is the digital realm a better place for that?

In this episode, I expand on the thinking that goes behind the concept of the Parasites. Are they real or do I imagine them?

The world of citadels is one that follows Natural Order. Learn about the basic natural laws in this episode.

Why some bitcoiners are so extreme in their positions.

Before venturing out to change the world, it is imperative that you look into the world within first. Building your inner citadel is of utmost importance.

Children are the future of our citadels. How we raise them will be of tremendous importance to the world that we are building.

If I were to start building my first citadel under the current conditions, what would it be like? Tune in to learn!

The worlds of Matter and Spirit as applied to the political spectrum.

As libertarianism grew more popular, it attracted influences that sabotage the movement's ultimate goal of rebuilding our civilization.

In this episode, I touch upon the topic of politics and my simple way of looking at the broad political landscape.

In the inauguratory episode of Citadelium, I introduce myself and talk about bitcoiners, citadels and the show's origins.


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Yuri de Gaia presents Citadelium, a show on rebuilding our civilization by nurturing culture, tradition and morals while taking advantage of modern technologies, such as Bitcoin and the Internet. Together, we will build the citadels of the future.