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3.24 time stamp.

He is not our guy, probably a Libertarian. But thought this interaction was funny. Trigger warning, he might have nail 💅 Polish.

If we take away running fast from black's they'll have nothing left.

German Shepard Was Hitler's Dog too ! Just saying 🙋🏻‍♂️👍🏻😅

Music and movies have been used as a weapon by Intel services for decades, from sixties with hippie free sex revolution, from CIA Radio free Europe, to White kids listening to NWA Black gangster ghetto music, too turning kid's into homosexual faggots. If you wonder why teenagers hate their parents feel suicidal, don't care about family country nation, have hopelessness, just work out what music they listen to, and they'll definitely be on antidepressants eventually! Because they have hopeless or either depression for no apparent reason. Google teenager suicidal death rates.

The golem is a mythical Jewish creature. According to medieval legend, he is a man made of earthen materials brought to life by a rabbi through ancient rituals.In Jewish tradition, the golem is most widely known as an artificial creature created by magic, often to serve its creator. Especially well known are the idols and images to which the ancients claimed to have given the power of speech.

The Sefer Yezirah (“Book of Creation”), often referred to as a guide to magical usage by some Western European Jews in the Middle Ages, contains instructions on how to make a golem. Several rabbis, in their commentaries on Sefer Yezirah have produced different understandings of the directions on how to make a golem. Most versions include shaping the golem into a figure resembling a human being and using ritual to bring him to life,

I had to screen record this shit. It's like someone in Isrãel


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Fun for the whole Goy family to enjoy..