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Removed from Youlube April 2019.

Reposted Jan 2021 because "I fxcking told you so!"

A Funny and Prophetic (from 5:20) poem by the Artist, Psychonaut and Futurist, Mark Mace Smith.

No animals were hurt in the filming of this video.

The Vaccine is the Virus


....look love, it's not your fault
It was the bio weapons specialist at Dietrich fort
the deep state elites and all the politicians they bought
to destroy Trumps chance of re-election and so as not to get caught
for selling humanity down the river to the Chinese for sport

forget the Olympics this is Hunger Games - Year nought
year zero - and all the heroes are censored and distraught
"alt right conspiracy theorists" or are they the last chance to abort
from medical marshal law,
vaccine checks at every port
at every town hall, train station, every court
digitally ID’d - bill gates our last resort?
fuck him and his cohorts
seriously who the fuck are the WHO?

The fake doctor tedros, who calls cholera flu
or HIV gauchi who did exhort
billions for a vaccine patent which the world governments bought -
paid him a kings ransom! and now we are to trust him to be all above board?
when we are under house arrest, agitated and dangerously bored.

Is it not time for revolution?
but we are out in the streets clapping for an under funded national solution,
our NHS, whom at their best will deliver medical remedies at the point of need,
and that same institution
will be tasked forced with forced vaccinating
any Englishman who wants to EAT!

Or ride a ferry, plane or train
It will never be the same again...

(c) Mark Mace Smith 2019


Five dead
they said
at a recyling plant

and very soon that news
wil be reused as chip paper
woodchip wallpaper or more
newspaper for you to peruse

yet what use is the new news
when it's all just recycled blues
from yesterday
the same old same old

250 dead they said
at a shopping mall

and very soon that news
will be reused
as proof of abuse of position
by a politician on a mission
to riegime change a sovereign nation
in service to an abomination of
snake oil corporations
who actually get to pick
and chose tomorrows news

the same old same old

179 dead they said
in a theatre of war

and very soon that news
will be reused
as a tally a score
to remind a superpower
that at their most fateful hour
a promise endures:
"I will be with you, whatever
just give me 45 minutes
to deliver
our sons and daughters
to settle your scores
for the new world order"
the same old same old

96 dead they said
at a football stadium

and very soon that news
will be reused

for 27 years
to remind us to mistrust
conspiracy theorists
I mean as if
the amublance and police service
would change facts to fit
an establishment narrative

the gutterpress verdict persists

that a city's most devoted
football fanatacists
would rob the dead and piss
upon justice

we suffocate under this
no sun light

for the kiss of life
will you battle for breath
or greave?

about the same old same old

1 dead they said
outside an MP's surgery

and very soon that news
will be reused
to persuade an electorate
to remain enslaved
from cradle to grave

betrayed by a monetary system
that will never pay enough
for you to afford

but you can have a smart phone
(keep track)

packed with so many
instantly discardable leaves
that you can miss the wood
for the trees

but if open your eyes
you will see

five dead at a
recycling plant
could have been you
could have been me.

the same

the same


Mark Mace Smith

Bling Bling Coffin

Children, children
Where’s your brother there?
Where’s your sister there?

Children, children
Where’s your mother there?
Where’s your daddy there?

Where on earth are you… from
Where on earth is your… home.

Black Child
You are not wild. But if you don’t fix up your style
You’ll stay just where you are for a very long while.
Where is your beautiful smile?

Black Child
You are not dumb. Speak with your mouth, not a gun.
Why are we killing our sons?
Where are the fathers to this generation?

Black Child
You are not bad. It’s the missed education that you had
The national curriculum black man is sad
A slave or assassinated radical.

Black Child
You are not less than
any white or Asian brother or the next man.
Learn to be cool not vex dan.
And get yourself a proper education.

You don’t need to get certification.
But learn of the methods of the white man
long time keeping darkie down
in this and many other nations.

Listen to the radio stations.
Surf the net for news from other locations.

Learn about the international African links
that asks us to be noble, to choose to think
and treat ourselves as worthwhile.
Break out that beautiful smile…

If there’s only one thing that I leave you with here
It’s that I ask that you be aware
Of the value of living on a planet that we share
Through some complex freak of luck, we are here!

Know your history
Live in the present
Plan your future
For no bling bling coffin
will ever suit you.


Mark Mace Smith

I did not vote leave
I did not vote remain
I could not support either side
so I chose to abstain

I did not want in
I did not want out
What I wanted to do
was shake it all about

And it is all shook up
what some might call a clusterfuck
Labour are self-imploding
Hameron is gone & the buffoon (Boris) seemed a shoe in

The money markets are oscillating
there has been a run on sterling
There is much more open racism
and some leavers are regretting their decision

"What's that you say? they fucking won?
Oh my god, what have I done!
It was supposed to be a protest vote
can we choose again? it was just a joke!


so please don't blame me
I am not your ignorant enemy

I am neither of the 48
or the 52 percent
I am from the 99
as I was before this event

and so are you
it is true
but we are divided and ruled.
so what should we do?

look away now if you don't
want to know the score
because let's be honest
that's what you did before!
when I have tried to engage
you in political debate
you'd just say 'oh come on Mace
get of your high horse mate'
but it's not too late..
is it?

I have been political for over 25 years
If you'd read my poetry of this you'd be aware
yet before this referendum
many people did not care
about the corrupted liars
who control our lives
and lead us to despair
Well! what have we here?
An opportunity
to seek unity
to take that anger and frustration
of a betrayed generation
to change our nation
to a true democracy

not this bullshit illusion of choice
that will never set us free
from the status quo of western society
which is all just ME ME ME!

but for US
it's An opportunity
to protest from both
the right and the left
that we have been left
bereft by politicians

who are always out to get
the best for themselves
and couldn't care less for
the populations health or wealth

An opportunity
to cast out the money men
and corporations that seek
to destroy individual nations
for their dividends and vacations
on yachts and exclusive beaches
far beyond the reaches
of a slave population
sucked upon by those leaches


if there is one thing that this episode teaches
is that the 99% has had enough

haven't we?

can we turn this bitter, angry, self defeated energy
into a loving flow that brings unity
against our actual enemy?

that hidden hand
that makes us all slaves to money
or will you turn away
and just blame me
for abstaining form an illusion of choice which fundamentally
would always only profit those with the money?


if you want a solution to stop all this confusion
(rewrite the constitution - change the drug of which you're using)

if you want a solution to stop all this confusion
then before we formally leave the European union
get out on the streets and demand a general election
and insist that any candidate who is up for selection
reveal five year tax returns and any business connections

and also, and this is a fundamental suggestion
demand that the media must print fact not opinion

if you want to know about your candidates position
then do your own research and go to their hustings.

bring politics back down to the local
and then up to the general
make the house of commons an institute venerable

we have to bring the power back to the people
at least, in your new awareness, you have stopped being sheeple

so please stay engaged despite your despair
and we can have a peaceful revolution before the end of the year


just as only light can dispel the darkness, I declare
it is only love that can stop this hateful madness and fear

let me repeat
I am not your enemy
I want to delete all control
I want us all to be free

be the light.

Dear Mrs May
what can I say
for I know you are away
on holiday

I hope you're having fun
but when you are done
you'll have to return
to the day to day

you see what's on my mind
not for the first time
is another man dying
after contact

with UK police
who when keeping the peace
have a terrible knack
of killing blacks

I'm not saying they're racist
and nobody's perfect
thy kill whites and all
and that's a fact

but from my point of view
and it's known to be true
it's disproportionate
look at the stats

but lets not get bogged down
bandying statistics around
because I don’t want to argue
the tossers

I can hear the natter and chatter
about how "all lives matter"
but why have we never
jailed a copper

for murder -
in the line of duty
duty -
of keeping the peace

peace peace


no justice
no peace
no justice
no peace

Today, Dalian
a 48 year old black man
was tasered three times
by a policeman

he was not "threatening"
in fact he was stumbling
why on earth could they not just
arrest him?

Now that is the question
for the investigation
by the independent
police complaints commission

but the IPCC
will invariably
come to their usual

Lawful killing


Yes the police can depend
upon the independent
ex policeman to conclude
their commission
with the same perverse decision

"Move along please
there is nothing to see
Just another black man dead

really? every time?
it's a crime


Dear Mrs May
what can I say
I know you are away
from our country

BUt when you get back
I urge you to sack
any ex policemen
on the ipcc

or disband it
because it is not fit
for purpose
for justice

and without justice
I can't get no peace

and without justice
you will get no peace

no justice
no peace
no justice
no peace

reform the IPCC
let Dalian rest in peace

disband the IPCC
so that Dalian can rest in peace

Mrs May...


“Am I not a man and a brother?”

My love..
your dad loves you
your mother too
and if they disapprove
of which groove
you choose to pursue
they want the best for you
love and contentment

they will allow you
to make your own decisions
mistakes and omissions
wishing you well
on your mission

any racism is hidden
by your teaching them
that it's OK to love
a black man

they understand
that England
was the motherland
and part of that plan
was freedom
for all woman and man

(they would not hurt you by rejecting me
it would mostly hurt them and your baby.)

but I do understand
the young white working-class man
seeing his plans
ripped from his hands
he no longer stands
on green and pleasant
fertile lands

blaming anyone
for his situation
his miseducation
he turns his attention
not to the politician
who put him
in this position
but towards nationalism
and racism

it simmers in him
in conversation
with close friends
similarly despairing
it is given an airing
subtly testing
the limits of his and their racism

the all white faces grin
egging him on to deeper sins
somewhat comforting him
someone might speak out
but then he'll shout:

"I'm just joking and
it's only a racist offence
if there are niggers about
within hearing distance."

it stops being funny when
confronting him
his sister brings
a black man in
to become kin

she's moving away
and moving in
with him...

brother finds it shocking
‘wrong’ even
he starts grieving:

"…the loss of a nation
coffee coloured kids

you know you can't trust them?
he's not even human!
do you know what you're doing?
To Mum!? To Dad?! TO ME!?!

true colours cloud the view
beware the red and white hue
black and white
becoming black and blue?
it is proven to be true
these kind of sentiments
breed violence

and if love can not pull through
to educate him too
what can we do?
what will we lose?
what are we prepared to lose?

This Is Not Freedom!

“freedom is just another word
for ‘nothing let to lose’ ”


I do love you
Angel Muse
and you're kid too
and if
regarding this issue
someone disapproves
of which groove
I choose to pursue
i.e. black me
loving white you
with the reverse
also being true
I guess it's due
to them wanting
the best for you
but not yet understanding
what that actually is

or they are wanting
the best for themselves
and that is understood
as being purely selfish

we must make our own decisions
I wish your kin independence
love and contentment
on their missions
hope they understand
that racism is an
unnecessary schism

let us live and love
or at least
let us live and let live.

my love I give
to you
my Angel Muse
and to your kin too.


by Mark Mace Smith

I quit my role as Poet in Residence at BBC North with this poem, live on BBC Manchester. A burning of bridges.



I am not Anonymous.
I am Mark Mace Smith - Poet.
born in London of Jamaican heritage.
Manchester, UK, is where I live.

I am not Anonymous.
For all I know my computer is owned
by the GCHQ/NSA Panopticon.
Catching every keystroke since... 1984?


I am not Anonymous.
I am an angry black poet.
Pissed off with being pissed on
matter of factly, daily.

I am not Anonymous
No luxury of being Ralph's Invisible man.
Though I have spent many years
siphoning power from the system.

I am not Anonymous.
The gods gave me a mouth to speak,
gifted me an experience, unique,
urged me, poetically, truth to seek.

I am not Anonymous.
I couldn't be if I tried.
Their ain't no Mace tribe
within whose Blackness I can hide.

I am not Anonymous.
Petulance pushed poetry positively.
Power proved possible, potentially!
Poor people pawned perpetually?

I am not Anonymous
I am Mark Mace Smith
angry black poet
Soldier of the New Word Order.

I do not forgive,
I do not forget

Expect me!




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