I DIDN'T KNOW KATRINA COULD DO THAT!! WOW. I always knew Katrina was a great singer, but I had no idea she could do THAT!!

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It's your boy Citizen Shane a.k.a. Citizen Shiz. Magandang araw, maraming salamat sa supporta! Today I am flying solo as I got up really early this morning to do a reaction video from a request from one of our subscribers. Thank you for the idea! This is a GGV, Gandang Gabi Vice talk show reaction video with your girl Katrina Velarde. Seriously folks, this video is amazing. It's hilarious. Vice Ganda is so much better than any American talk show host!

Anyways, the whole theme of this GGV show is seeing if Katrina can sing the hardest part of All By Myself while having a clothes line clip on her nose. Quite amazing what happens if I do say so myself. Then Vice Ganda has her do limbo as she sings All By Myself again. Surprised at what Katrina can do! I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it.

#AllByMyself #BiritChallenge #GGV

The TNT KIDS literally exploded the TITS off my face...umm...not sure what that means, but the TNT KIDS are AMAZING, so is Vice Ganda!

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If you are new to this channel or new to entertainment from the Philippines, stay tuned. Gandang Gabi Vice is one of the funniest folks on this planet. Vice Ganda is a lady boy host and he/she is super entertaining! The term lady boy is NOT derogatory in the Philippines like it is in the United States. USA makes any little thing so political and takes the fun out of everything! Anyways, this is a reaction video of the TNT Kids on the Gandang Gabi Vice show where Vice Ganda mediates the awesome singing battle between the kids. I was super surprised as how dang well these little kids can sing. I mean, these kids can't be any older than seven years old. Hope you enjoy our latest reaction video and please be sure to subscribe, like and share if you enjoyed the video, thanks again for watching!

I DIDN'T KNOW KATRINA COULD DO THAT!! DANG!! Katrina Velarde does some IMPOSSIBLE impersonations in this video! I'm impressed!

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We've never done a video like this before! Usually we do reaction videos of singers in the studio, but this time we decided to react to a live concert of Katrina Velarde impersonating other singers! This video is one of the longest we've done thus far, so get comfortable and grab some popcorn because you will seriously want to stay tuned for this entire video!

I'M GOING TO SAY IT: Morissette Amon is BETTER than Mariah Carey! BUT WAIT! Whose more attractive? Phil Collins, Mori or Mariah? JK!!

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Who is better Mariah Carey or Morissette Amon? Or, is Phil Collins better than both of them? Well, I don't think you can compare any of them to each other. Mariah Carey has her own style, whereas, Morissette Amon has her own style and Phil Collins has his own style. Phil Collins can't compete with the ladies since he's a DOOD, or maybe he can?

Anyways, your boy Citizen Shane and Resident K are back with another reaction video from Wish FM 107.5 Bus in the Philippines. Morissette covers: Against All Odds (Mariah Carey) on Wish 107.5 Bus. We hope you enjoy this reaction video as much as we enjoyed making it.

Listen: to all my Americans, to all my Pinay's and Pinoy's and to anyone else who watches this channel, your comments, likes, subscriptions and views really give us motivation to keep making more video and to grow this channel. Please interact with us as much as possible and we will do our best to deliver fun and interesting content, thank you!!

White boy reacts to Katrina Velarde. Katrina Velarde reacts to Regine Velasquez. There are A LOT of reactions going on in this video!!

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Everyone is reacting today. Me, Karen, Katrina, Regine, the crowd, our YouTube subscribers. So let me explain what's going on! Katrina Velarde is doing a live concert. Most of you don't know this, but Regine Velasquez is one of Katrina Velarde's biggest influences. Some of Katrina's people decided to surprise her on stage with Regine walking out on stage with her. Katrina had no clue this was going to happen and her reaction was priceless.

So, since Katrina is reacting, we decided to do a reaction video featuring Katrina Velarde - Araw Gabi along side of Regine Velasquez. This is a heart WORMING video for you and your family to watch enjoy. Once your heart is wormed, you should probably go to the doctor.

You've NEVER seen Morissette whistle like THIS!! GGV is hilarious!

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Once again we are back with another reaction video. Today it is a little different as we are reacting to a show rather than a music video. The show is called Gandang Gabi Vice, also known as GGV, which is a talk show in the Philippines on the channel ABS-CBN.

Our favorite Pinay Morissette Amon is joining GGV to show off her whistling abilities but in a very unique way. Vice gives Morissette a few challenges to make her signing a little bit harder. I must say, this video is really fun to watch and quite funny. Our very own Asia's Phoenix stands the test and does it beautifully. Please enjoy!!

It hurt really bad.

Is this Morissette's ALL TIME BEST collaboration? WATCH and see!!

Queen, Goddness, Asia's Phoenix is what some refer to her as. I refer to her as Morissette Amon mainly. And Arnel, what can I say about him? Well... WHAT A VOICE! Arnel's voice is about as close as you can get to sounding like the original lead singer of Journey. Quite frankly, I like Arnel Pineda much better. What happens when you combine Morissette and Arnel Pineda on Wish FM 107.5 Bus live, unplugged, roadshow in the Philippines? You get pure magic that is better than gold. Well, honestly, I'd rather have the gold, but this video is a close second. Watch Citizen Shane and your girl Resident K react in this AMAZING reaction video to Morissette Amon and Arnel Pineda sing I finally found someone! THIS IS GOING TO BE A BANGER!

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So I was scrolling through YouTube the other day and in my suggest videos section I saw a video with Jesus asking people for help. I thought at first it was a joke and quite frankly, still not sure if its real. His name is Jesus, or Jesus Christ or SoCalChrist. Apparently my boy Jesus is in a divorce with his ex-wife and she is trying to take his kids. NOT ON MY WATCH JESUS. He claims he comes from a cult and that his wife may possibly be insane. So, with that said, IF THIS IS TRUE and Jesus isn't trying to pull a fast one on us, then: #justiceforjesus and #savejesus. Share this video with everyone and please help!

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#savejesus #justiceforjesus #jesusneedsyourhelp

Bugoy, Khel, Ong and Katrina BREAK IT DOWN! HOLY CRAP!

I've never heard such good singers since Boyz-2-Men and Mariah Carey originally did this song! Bravo to these amazing Pinoy singers!

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American white boy reacts to Bugoy Drilon on Wish FM 107.5 Bus singing One Day by Matisyahu. This might make you laugh, or not...

It's your boy Citizen Shane with your girl Resident K once again. Resident K has been introducing me to all of these awesome Filipino singers lately. Little did I know, she had a good one up her sleeve today. It was: Bugoy Drilon singing a song by one of my favorite artists Matisyahu. Wish FM 107.5 has a lot of great talent come on their radio show and sing. I really enjoyed this video and couldn't believe how great of a voice Bugoy has!

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Is Buddha black or gold? Doesn't matter. Buddha was a human. When you're a human color is intrinsic, not a value. We're all valuable.

We all have innate value. Though our skin color is empirical evidence of specific race, can we be a full spectrum of colors? When you're angry what color are you? When you're sad what color are you? When you're happy what color are you? Gold, an orange sun over the choppy waters of the glistening ocean, happiness is that.

Is a color, wether related to race or a meta-physical mood, worth identifying with? Or is it that you feel the need to have a collective identity? You shouldn't associate yourself with a collective. It takes away your intrinsic value for that of the collective. It strips your individuality and pureness of mind.

Think for yourself. The powers to be and that are don't want that.

Manny Pacquiao's new year's resolution should be: KNOCK OUT ADRIEN BRONER! But it actually has NOTHING to do with Broner!

I am a huge boxing fan and as many of you know, Manny Pacquiao and Adrien Broner are fighting at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on January 19, 2019. I was looking up some information about the fight and came across this article on a Filipino site talking about Pacquiao's new year's resolution and why he made this certain resolution. I will give you a little hint: it has something to do with Floyd Mayweather. Watch the video, its pretty interesting what Mayweather did to this 20 year old Japanese kid!

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Watch an American white boy and a native Pinay break down the 13 most common Pinoy new year traditions for 2019!

Happy new year 2019 to my Pinoy friends and all my friends around the world. I never knew this, but the Filipinos have some really interesting and cool traditions that they all partake in when the new year comes around. Most of the traditions surround bringing in good luck and fortune! Your girl Resident K was born in raised in Talisay City, Cebu and knows these traditions first hand! Watch us break down all 13 traditions and maybe you and your family can partake in them as well.

We hope you all have a wonderful and magnificent 2019. Good luck and good fortune to all! May God bless you all! Please subscribe, like and comment, thanks!

This is probably the BEST reaction video on the Miss Universe 2018 pageant! Your girl Resident K and Citizen Shane break it down!

Catriona Gray is Miss Universe 2018 and let me tell you she is amazingly HOT! Cat, please marry me!

This is all about Miss Universe 2018 from Wikipedia:

Miss Universe 2018, the 67th Miss Universe pageant, was held on 17 December 2018[a] at IMPACT Arena, Muang Thong Thani in Nonthaburi Province, Thailand.[1][2] Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa crowned her successor Catriona Gray of the Philippines at the end of the event. The show was hosted by comedian Steve Harvey and supermodel Ashley Graham, while television personality Carson Kressley and runway coach Lu Sierra provided commentary and analysis throughout the event.[3] American singer-songwriter Ne-Yo performed during the competition.[4] Contestants from 94 countries and territories participated in this year's pageant, surpassing the previous record of 92 contestants in 2017.[5] Angela Ponce of Spain became the first openly transgender contestant to compete for the Miss Universe title.

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Let me take you down a wormhole, a wormhole of personal fear, fear mongering and social control.

In this video I discuss how fear and propaganda are used as devices by people in positions of power to control the masses which could ultimately lead to oppression, tyranny and totalitarian states of government.

A lot of people would consider a video like this as "conspiracy theory," when in reality the evidence of the use of fear to control the masses is so widespread and empirically evident. It seems to me that people who chalk up any evidence that goes against their beliefs and ideologies as "conspiracy," are usually those who are so deeply fearful of the future that they won't allow their subconscious to bring this fear to the forefront of their conscious. Until we can acknowledge the REALITY of what is happening in the world today with the endless wars and propaganda via the media, the threat of history repeating itself malevolently is imminent and incontrovertible.

This video inspired and paraphrased from:

This is the BEST reaction video ever made. JK. Watch me make fun of YouTubers react to Ariana Grande - Thank U, Next.

I always see these stupid videos done by FBE where they take pop culture non-sense and have people react to it. I HATE POP CULTURE. So, I like to make fun of it to make myself feel better. Some of the kids react videos are kind of funny, but most reaction videos are douchey and does nothing more than waste our valuable time with mind numbing entertainment.

Did you know YouTube could probably start a university course for history and philosophy! There are so many AMAZING history and philosophy videos on here! You can learn ANYTHING. Forget paying to go to college! I paid to go to a university and now I have a paper that says I have a degree. GREAT. But I've learned MORE in the last two years studying history and philosophy on YouTube than I learned in all 18 years of schooling I was forced into taking! They are more like government indoctrination camps!

Anyways, I get so worked up over stuff like this because I want people to expand their wisdom and minds by spending time studying things that are meaningful and that can expand their minds. If everyone could expand their wisdom and knowledge by 10% it benefits everyone. I just want to be a benevolent benefactor but sometimes it comes off as mean, but I do it out of love! I DO!

If you want to see a SUPER cute Asian girl get roasted by a funny dude, then watch this video! At least, I think I'm funny. I have been seeing a lot of people roasting this cute little Asian girl. Some of the roasts and commentary videos have been quite harsh and quite mean. Well, to be honest, I am pretty mean and harsh on her. But I do it with a sense of love, I really like this girl and think she's cute! But I'd never date her! Anyways, a lot of talk has been going on about this girl from the original 20 vs 1 speed dating video done by Jubilee Media. I think this is a great original idea by Jubilee, so I thought I would get in on the action and give my 2 cents about this cute pie Asian girl. Comment below if you think I was too mean!

For travel vlogs, daily vlogs, comedy videos and philosophical videos from time to time, subscribe to my channel:

Nancy, please holla at your boy Citizen Shane!

I didn't think the world could get any weirder!

Tis' the season to be jolly, tis' the season to be angry and aggressive too! I can't believe how people fight each other over "deals." Technically, they aren't "deals" the store is just lowering the purchase price but it still doesn't exceed their bottom line! For it to be a deal would mean you weren't getting ripped off to begin with, which you are! Me, Sienna, Karen and Tony react to 2018 black Friday fights from a black Friday fight compilation video, enjoy!

The Malibu fire, the Woolsey fire, California wildfires--whatever you want to refer to it as--was the deadliest fire in California history devastating celebrity homes and citizens alike all across Malibu, Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley. I took a drive through Malibu on my motorcycle to see if I could spot any fire damage. To my pleasant surprise the Malibu fire/Woolsey fire wasn't as bad as the media made it out to be. Don't get me wrong, it was BAD; the worst in California history. What I mean is the media sensationalized the coverage of the Malibu fires and stood on the backs of the affected people to boost their profits. They tried to make it look dystopian, cataclysmic, apocalyptic--to an extent it was, but not to the extent of how much money the media made off of sensationalizing the fires. I'm sure you saw the videos of the Malibu fire drone footage or the Malibu fire driving footage or just general Malibu fire footage from the media. They made it seem like all of Malibu was going to be reduced to ash! I was so happy to see that it was only the northern most part of Malibu that was affected by the fires. There were a lot of celebrity houses that burned in the fire. Apparently people affected by the Malibu fire/Woolsey fire like Liam Hemsworth who lost his home are filing a lawsuit against Souther California Edison for causing the fire. The media is not our friend, they don't care about reporting truth or helping people. It's all about controlling people's minds, propagating their agenda and making a lot of money. Bless the folks that were affected by the Malibu fire and I hope your recovery is speedy! God speed and may God be with you.

Racing RC cars at the 2018 RC Rally Championship with commentary by the one and only Citizen Shiz. I make fun of it, yeah, I have to, but deep down inside I really just want to be there and live out my childhood dream. I did some research about remote controlled cars after doing this video. There are a lot of remote controlled toy car enthusiasts out there that participate in rally racing, or rallye (however you want to spell it). This video reminds me more of a human rallye, since the driver chases the toy cars around. Although this is the full video of one of the RC cars racing, this is a reaction video, a funny reaction video, I must add!. I believe this is the Czech RC car Championship referred to as the Safari Cup. I could be wrong, but I do not think this is the IFMAR world championship or the NEO race, but it is some sort of RC car rally championship. There are a few other championships called Nitro Offroad RC car racing and the RC monster jam. And for all of you Tokyo drifting people out there, they do hold an RC drift race. Too bad none of this was around when I was 10 years old because I probably would have become a professional RC car racer!

This is from:

#rccars #rctoys #rccarchampionship #rally #rccarrally #cartoys #toycars #remotecontrolledcar #safaricup #czech

Tekashi 69 or Tekashi 6ix 9ine, who cares how you spell it. Tekashi 69 is a girl or just looks like a girl and has nice titty balls. I think Tekashi 69 is a girl. Anyways, this guy is a joke and it's sad to think he has any sort of influence over any bright young mind out there. I have no idea who Tekashi 69 was until about 4 days ago when my friend Tony was hired to edited a short documentary about him. I watched some of his videos and came to the first conclusion that Tekashi 69 looks like a girl and that Tekashi 69 might be jailed for life on racketeering charges. Tekashi 69 and his beef with everyone and how he's pretending to facilitate drive by's is simply absurd. This guy is not a gangster, never was, never will be. He is a clown, a jester of society. Apparently Tekashi 69 and Chief Keef had a beef and he threatened to kill him. Aside from racketeering, I am not certain as to why Tekashi 69 was arrested or what happened to him. All I can say is he is going to jail and might be jailed for life. I just saw something that said Tekashi 69 got beat up in jail, haha. Fat Joe also tried to warn Tekashi 6ix 9ine too! Now he's in the pin with some real killers and monsters. At the end of the day, Tekashi 69 has a nice rack boy! I bet the inmates in prison will sure love those boobies! Comment, like and subscribe to your boy Citizen Shane. Also, you can dislike my videos too! Share it with your friends!


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