It's time to think about what upgrades we need for this summer's adventures. Today we install some basic skid plates on my Chevy Colorado and discuss some potential upcoming upgrades.

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Time to get back on the trail... No excuses.

Sometimes we think hiking has to be a big adventure and travel to far away places. Stop with those lame excuses and find a small area to get outside.
Watch along as we did just that during our Super Bowl Sunday.

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Time to get ready for ice fishing!! Watch along to see how I get ready, find out if any mice got into the shanties, and a quick tip to spooking up new line.
Now I just need to wait for ice here in my part of Michigan.

3 Generations getting out hiking!

This time we hit the trail for a day hike in Yankee Springs Rec area.
This area is in Michigan's Barry county and provides a great place to day hike.

This week I got back out to the Wilderness State Park and hiked an 8 mile loop.

Such a great day to get back outdoors!

Carson and I got out to do some dispersed camping and found an awesome spot in the forest.

I also made a dumb mistake.

Link to the Primal Outdoors video about cleaning up:

PT2 of the Becoming a true Michigander! I finally make it to Pictured Rocks and it is spectacular!

Sorry about some shaky camera work. Learning as I go!

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Adventure Archives Channel:

Sorry no kids on this trip. Mom and Dad take off to the U.P. to hit the main tourist traps in effort to become a true Michigander.
Can you call your self a Michigander if you haven't seen these sites?!?

What you should know series.
As we start our channel we want to cover things you should know about places we visit.
Today we walk through the Big Stone Rustic Cabin at Wilderness State Park in Michigan.

Who the heck are we?

Welcome to our channel. The idea is simple, get outdoors with my boys and explore Michigan.

We hope to inspire others to get outside and stop making excuses. You don't need expensive gear nor do you need to be an expert.

While we are not bushcraft experts (there are plenty of those channels out there) we will be learning as we go. If you want to follow along with our journey and explore Michigan then be sure to follow us.


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Father and son get outdoors to explore Michigan and get better at outdoor skills.

We are not professional bushcraft experts (there are plenty of them on YouTube) however we will be learning as we go. As Carson likes to say "becoming a pro as we go".

Follow along to watch our journey as we hope to inspire others to get outside and stop making excuses. We don't have to be professional or have all the expensive gear to just go outside and connect with nature.