Recorded Thursday 3rd September 2020, you can also find this on YouTube where it was originally uploaded.

Recorded 1st September 2020, this video is originally on YouTube.

Recorded Friday 23rd October 2020 this video was originally uploaded to YouTube.

This video is also available on YouTube

Date: Sunday 18th October 2020

This is the story of how Craig became a cigar smoker.

Also available on YouTube.

The Office pub (formly known as The Three Lamps and was once the regular haunt of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas) which Craig mentions in this video, there is a video about it in the link below.

This video is also available on YouTube.

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! ~ Psalm 133:1

Wearing masks, social distancing and hand sanitizers are everywhere now, not even God's house is safe anymore.

Carl Vernon's video.

This video is also avaliable on YouTube.

Filmed at 20:45 hrs in Craig's back garden on Saturday 26th September 2020
Also available on YouTube.

You can view this video on Craig's YouTube channel.

Creepy Things About Bigfoot.

Since COVID-19 came into our lives, we have seen things go from bad to worse, but wait until November 2020 and then on wards, things are going to get seriously bad, it's going to be Biblical.

You can also view this video on Craig's YouTube channel as well.

Michael Hur - Creepy things about bigfoot.

Date: Sunday 27th November 2020

My name is Craig J. Davies, I am new here, but I have been on YouTube for years where I now have 92 subscribers. I am a Christian so I will at times be making sermons and I am also here where I will be exposing the nonsense of all dictatorships rules that have now come into force since COVID-19 came into play. I am also on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. You can find me by just typing in my name, thank you all and God Bless you all in Jesus' name. Amen!
Date: Thursday 3rd September 2020


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My name is Craig James Davies and this is my BitChute channel, I'm an actor, musician & photographer, I was born in the city of Swansea in South Wales in the United Kingdom on the island of Great Britain. So I am from Wales.
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