Beinn Ceanabeinne. climbing and scrambling on Beinn Ceanabeinne. The climbing is on Lewisian Gneiss rock. The rock contains significant amounts of Feldspar,which is used in the glass and ceramics industries. In the 70s the quarrying of this mineral was investigated.

Ochil hills Stirlingshire and Clackmannanshire.

So was planning to head to Glen Pean Bothy but the water on Loch Arkaig was been pushed up onto the road due to the heavy winds and rain. There is always the option of going to A'Chuil bothy but this is accessed along the same loch side road :( So where to. As I had to head back along to the A9 to get home, then the Cairngorms it is. There are quite few bothy's in this area but as the weather was to be very bad this would exclude some of the more remote location so Ryvoan Bothy it was. Have never stayed in this bothy as its known to get very very busy and big dogs dont mix with big groups. You always end up with a least one person acting like prey.

So what do I think of the trip. The walk in is very easy and the landscape is stunning. It gives good access to some nice walks. Although you may walk past lots of trees there arent any by the Bothy so all fuel for burning must be brought in. As this is next to some popular walking routes you will have plenty of folk dropping in for breaks and at weekend and holidays always expect this bothy to have folk staying over night. Water is near by although a private toilet break may involve a walk.
Would I go back. Probably not there are better and less bust bothy's.
Pros. Short walk. good location for hill walking/MTB
Cons. Very Busy. Raised sleeping platform is limited to 2. 4 if you dont mind spooning. Rest will be on the floor. Lack of fuel on site.
Grid Ref: LR 36: NJ 006 115 | Location: Eastern Highlands
The estate is an RSPB nature reserve; restrictions may apply at nesting time; contact Reserves Manager, 01479 821409. . Small bothy. Open fire. Abernethy Estate.


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