Archive "CHICAGO – Reaction has been swift following the release of body cam footage that shows a 13-year-old boy with his hands raised less than a second before a Chicago police officer fatally shot him last month in the Little Village neighborhood on the Southwest Side.

Video footage of the shooting, released Thursday by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, shows a CPD officer shooting Adam Toledo once in the chest around 2:30 a.m. on March 29 in the alley of the 2300 block of South Spaulding.

Adam was shot after he and another man, 21-year-old Ruben Roman, ran away from police. Officers initially responded to the area following a report of gunfire.

Adam Toledo’s family lawyer Adeena J. Weiss-Ortiz says the video “speaks for itself.”

“Adam, during his last wind of life, did not have a gun in his hands after the officer screamed at him, ‘show me your hands,'” she said. “Adam complied, turned around, his hands were empty when the officer shot him.” " continue reading...

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Christopher Hitchens on George Orwell

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Documenting tyranny. Clandestocracy. #CynthiaJohnson #Michigan #Clandestocracy

#Clandestocracy Mirror

Kamala's Husband says "I am married to the next President of the United States"

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First nationally televised Presidentially Debate with Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy

"Which presidential campaign produced the first nationally televised debate? The typical answer to that question is 1960, Kennedy v. Nixon. In fact, the first televised debate occurred four years earlier, when Democratic candidate Adlai Stevenson challenged incumbent Republican president Dwight Eisenhower—but those two men did not appear in the debate. Instead, on November 4, 1956, two surrogates debated the issues on network television: for the Democrats, former First Lady and party icon Eleanor Roosevelt; for the Republicans, the senior senator from Maine, Margaret Chase Smith. That’s right—the first televised presidential debate featured two women.

"By 1956 Margaret Chase Smith was in her second term in the Senate and had known Eleanor Roosevelt for two decades. “I respected and admired Mrs. Roosevelt for her intelligence and active leadership,” wrote Smith in her autobiography. Smith had been a frequent visitor to the Roosevelt White House and had appeared on the First Lady’s radio program. They both published a daily newspaper column. By 1956 both women routinely appeared on lists of America’s most admired women." -

NYT: "France’s Colonial Legacy Is Being Judged in Trial Over African Art
Activists are being tried in Paris over the attempted theft of an African artwork from the Quai Branly Museum, which they say was a protest of colonial-era practices."

DW: "Black activists arrested after stealing Congolese statue from Dutch museum
Congolese activists have stolen an African funeral statue from a museum in Nijemegen, saying they were "reclaiming" colonial-era artwork. They streamed their effort on Facebook."

TED Talk - Innovating to Zero! Bill Gates' NWO Eugenics-Based Global Genocide in Progress

It's not a "depopulation agenda;" the "agenda" a successful one, and it has been successfully in operation for many decades. It's therefore a global genocide of the modern "lives unworthy of life" (or the "useless eaters.") The "useless eaters" are the average Jane and average Joe just like you and me. It's been said that hospitals are torture and death prisons. Well, the World Health Organization, the CDC and the like are nothing but extermination weapons factories for mass death, murder and genocide. Abandon your trust in humanity immediately. Think for yourself. Question everything. Bring forth the tribunals for the scientists, doctors, politicians and bureaucrats responsible for this global genocide.

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InfoWars Nightly News, Oklahoma City Bombing Eye Witness and Whistleblower hero talks

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Mirror: USA: Police tackle, arrest former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale - body cam footage

September 11th, 2001, CNN coverage

Donald Trump calling into WWOR UPN 9 News during the September 11th attacks

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Pull it

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Lloyde England, who admits he was married to an FBI AGENT, talks about the (unlikely nature of) the damage to his vehicle near the Pentagon as the hijacked plane knocked a light pole into and through his taxi cab.

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Excerpt from video footage of smoke from crash site from resident Dave Berkebile on September 11th 2001 in Shanksville

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Shadowgate Documentary with With Millie Weaver

Description: "The material presented in this documentary should concern people of all political affiliations given elected officials are not the shadow government. This is about real players who’s names never come up but should. Corrupt carrier politicians are definitely part of the beltway swamp, even aspects of the deep state, but they are not the shadow government. Two whistle blowers, who worked extensively within the Shadow Government as contractors have come forward with revelations that may be the biggest whistle blowing event to date."

Black Lives Matter activist and humble Marxist Socialist Bolshevik with red dreads in Chicago defends violent riots and looting of businesses because obviously looting hurts white folks, and helps her collective (the black folks who agree with her.) Off to the gulag with conservative blacks by the way.

Black people obviously don't need businesses, don't you get it? Black people need SOCIALISM, and when that's not enough, a Communist Chinese-Style America with permanent COVID-19, 20, 21...COVID-40 GPS wristbands for social distancing, and (Social Credit Scores....shhhh!)

A technocratic Communist future for all, and gulags for everyone else.

She's 100% right !

Those big businesses don't have to worry about looting, those businesses WANT looting. They're CEO's are all signed over to the Globalists.

Ordo ab Chao.

Just how's Apple going to force you to wear a mandatory wrist bracelet that tracks you for the rest of your life like a criminal without major chaos??

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"Voices of Auschwitz" Documentary



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I've created Clandestocracy to expose the criminality of our too long trusted establishments and institutions. Especially institutions like tax-funded government agencies which should be completely private anyway. The larger the institution, the greater the probability of fraud, neglect and abuse. Psychologically, the greater the separation between any establishment or institutional agent is from those he or she has been tasked to represent, the weaker their empathy and consideration for their clients will be.

Lord Acton said, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." That is to say, that 'absolute power' is corruption on its face, because even someone benevolent shouldn't have absolute power over others because of the chance that they could be woefully ignorant in determining what's best for those they rule. History shows that those who are ruled are abused.

The current zeitgeist is that, as incredible as it may sound, virtually each nation around the world is puppeteered by a small group of individuals with extra-judicial and un-elected influence over those nations' ostensible elected bureaucrats. The small group of elite clandestine actors with their tentacles and influence in establishments such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the CDC, the FDA, NATO, the various intelligence agencies from the world's most powerful countries etc, are the true arbiters of global change.

Human will is controlled by threats such as blackmail, not the promise of money, and money cannot silence all defectors. Greed or the desire to be wealthy is not a basic human need. Why people can't understand this is puzzling and disappointing.

So, I'd like for Clandestocracy to be a hub for the collection of relevant news clips and historical news and event streams to help platforms like Bitchute replace mainstream platforms like YouTube, and be a part of making alternative platforms a new option for people to find relevant news clips for reference.

In short: mainstream platforms are going to start deleting very important news clips, and when they do, will we really have backups?

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