In this video I refit the radiator and we take the car for a quick spin down the lane!

In this video we remove the radator and repair the damage.

In this video I find out my car has been egged and we get the car runing to time the engine and a disaster happens!!!

In this video we take the car for a spin down the lane!

In this video we finish fitting the waterpump to the car.

In this video we try and replace the water pump and is dosen't go quite go to plan!

In this video I get locked out and try every trick in the book to get back in!

In this video we change Kismets tyres for some used ones so she can get to the tyre place when its time for the big road trip and we also fit a new choke cable and the classic Square 8's

In this video we look at the history of Kismet!

Ih this video I make a big announcement and we check the car for rust.

In this video we take the car for a spin up the lane and she desides to brakedown.

In this video we do some work on the rovers eletrics.

In thsi video we run the car again and improve the air fuel mixture.

In this video we get the car runing and fit a new air filter.

In this video we take a look at my brand new purchase a 1975 2200SC Manual Rover P6 That I will be restoring.


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Helo Everyone on my channel I make videos about anything old but mainly Classic Cars, Motorbikes, Trucks, Trains, Steam Engines, and anything mechanical. I wil also be making documentaries about various other things in the near future so stay tuned for great content and don't forget to LOATHE AND DESPISE!!!