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Classic Cartoons

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Bruce Wayne is framed for a theft he didn't commit. Will he find the culprit before it's too late?

First appearance of the Batplane.

From S1E4.

With the entire bus stopped waiting for her husband, this supra speckal snowflake decides to cuss out another passenger and her family.

Behold, the North American "soccer mom" in it's natural habitat!!! If you should disturb it's young, the consequences will never be the same. This "soccer mom" felt threatened by a small child no more than 1/3rd her size (and age...and weight). She took decisive action by whisking away his bike!

Mr. Freeze takes vengeance on Gotham, but Batman is hot on his heels.

There's a very good reason that the Batman TAS version of Mr. Freeze is often heralded as the best, and this episode shows why.

From Batman TAS S1E3 (1992)

The Gotham Police declare war on Batman.

This is the first episode to feature "Man Bat", and shows off some of the great work the artists and animators did on the Batmobile.

From Batman TAS Season 1, Episode 2 (1992)

"What a nice young man."

From The Simpsons S3E10 (1993)

Lisa and her friends take over the Simpson household.

From the Simpsons Season 3

The waitress left him waiting six whole minutes for his sugar packet.

Batman deals with Catwoman and street gangs while Bruce goes on a date.

Very first episode of the series. S1E1 (1992).

Remember that yoyo fad from the 90s? Here's The Simpsons' take on it.

From The Simpsons Season 3 -

Hollywood really hates iodine.
Go to Infowars Store to find out -

Homer threatens to give Bart's dog away if he doesn't pass obedience school.

From The Simpsons Season 2 -

Marge wants to bring Homer on a marriage retreat, but Homer has other plans...

From The Simpsons Season 2 -

Homer and Marge go to a marriage retreat, and so Abe babysits Lisa, Bart and Maggie.

From The Simpsons Season 2 -

Marge throws a party, and Ned introduces Homer to cocktails.

From The Simpsons Season 2 -

Santa's Little Helper causes mischief.

From The Simpsons Season 2 -

Marge shows Lisa the family quilt and teaches her sewing.

From The Simpsons Season 2 -

"And his personal hygiene is above reproach."

Simpsons Season 2 -

The Simpsons spend time with Unckie Herb, and Herb asks Homer for a favor.

From The Simpsons Season 2 -

Abe has a heart attack and reveals that Homer secretly has a brother.

Alex Jones walks through how Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Apple CEO Tim Cook carried out a coordinated ban on Infowars and him personally.

As originally seen on that OTHER video sharing platform... /watch?v=WkFqxkgOD2k

Extreme artism alert.

And for anyone wondering, yes, this so-called "cop" was disciplined a long time ago.


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