Classic Rock

From "666."

R.I.P., Vangelis.

From "Van Halen" (2000 Remaster).

From "Atom Heart Mother."

From "I Can See Your House from Here."

Requested by Xandoren. :)

From "Who's Next."

From "Freedom."

From "Machine Head" (2011 Remaster).

From "Chase the Dragon" (Recorded in 1980, 2005 Expanded Edition).

Thanks for this, Xandoren. You rock!

From "A Space in Time" (2014 Remaster).

From "I Robot."

From "Hotel California."

From "Head Games" (2013 Remaster - SACD, Original Master Recording).

From "Budgie" (2004 Remaster).

From "Sticky Fingers" (2009 Remaster).

From "Bloodrock."

From "Led Zeppelin II" (2014 Remaster).

From "Caress of Steel" (2015 Remaster).

From "Disraeli Gears" (2014 Remaster).

From "Willy and the Poor Boys."

From "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap."

From "Hard Attack."

[MFSL Vinyl Rip]

From "Fire and Water."

From "Nazareth."


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