Classic Rock

From "Aqualung" (Mixed and Mastered by Steven Wilson, 2011).

From "Highway to Hell".

From "Share the Land" (2000 Remster).

Originally released as a single in 1966, this version is from 1967's "The Time Has Come" (2000 CD Reissue).

From "Singles Collection - The London Years".

From "Quicksilver Messenger Service" (2011 CD Reissue).

From "Buffalo Springfield Again".

From "Double Vision".

From "Paranoid".

From "Nuthin' Fancy" (1999 Remaster).

From "Steppenwolf".

From "Aerosmith" (1987 CD Reissue, Japan).

From "All American Boy".

Side 2 of "New! Improved! Blue Cheer", includes:

00:00 - Peace of Mind
07:22 - Fruit & Icebergs*
13:28 - Honey Butter Lover

*Spelled "Iceburgs" on the album cover, but "Icebergs" on the record's label.

From "Cosmo's Factory" (2002 Remaster, Japan).

From "Morrison Hotel".

From "Fly Like an Eagle" (2006 Remaster).

From "Leftoverture" (2008 Remaster, Japan).

From "Disraeli Gears" (2014 Remaster).

SWLABR = She Was Like A Bearded Rainbow.

From "Workingman's Dead" (2013 Remaster).

From "Fly by Night".

From "The Electric Light Orchestra".

From "As Far as Siam".

From "Bachman-Turner Overdrive II".

Apologies for the re-upload. I had the wrong album information and cover for this song.
I shouldn't make videos before coffee. ;)

To Goldencountry: Thank you very much for your comment on the other video!


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