Chuck Noll vs Bud Wilkinson. Both these guys have the same first name that nobody really knows them as. Bud Wilkinson was a legendary college coach that in many ways innovated football more than anyone with the 3-4 defense and the Oklahoma Drill is still used today. But he wasn't made for the NFL and the Cardinals rosters those years were terrible outside of Jim Hart. But this was a great game.

Till this video I never thought how perfect a name Coach Wilkinson is for a team in St. Louis.

Jerry Rice has breaks a record.

The next week the 49ers would take on their former legendary QB Montana and the Chiefs. If you wan to view that game here it is.

Olajuwon vs Aguirre

The Oilers were not yet renamed to the Titans facing Rookie Corey Dillon and the struggling Bengals on ESPN. Dillon breaks the Rookie Rushing record held by Jim Brown.

I've just hit 1000 subs. I've worked hard to get it this far. Hopefully youtube doesn't take me down.

Defensive battle between Green Bay and Denver.

Another game with OJ Simpson in the booth.

Great NFL playoff game that is too good for youtube.

Week 12 halftime highlights

Brady vs Brees

Cardinals in their last season in St. Louis. Jack Buck calling this one.

Hope everyone has had a great Holiday weekend!

This may well be one of the two or three best games ever on Thanksgiving.


Highest scoring MNF game in history.


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