Browns looking for their first win in the revival era. Saints led by Ditka and the guy he traded all of his draft for Ricky Williams. This game goes down to the final wild play. Not allowed on youtube.

This game is banned on youtube. This was during the long road win streak by the 49ers in the late 80s.

A win puts Miami in a sure playoff spot. Jets were a long shot for the playoffs but were battling back after a 1-6 start. They were pretty much playing spoilers at this point. Ray Lucas vs Dan Marino on MNF.

This would be Marnio's last home game and final MNF game.

Game 6 will not be next month as I'll be doing all Lakers games in August.

Full audio from this game.

Happy Birthday to Walter Payton. The best running back in NFL history was born on this day in 1954. This is part one of this series The next part will just be his MVP season of 1977.

Part 2 will be released in November.


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