This one barely qualifies as a Major League movie. It does have a couple characters from the first 2 but other than being a baseball movie it's not really much to it. It does have a Scott Bacula charm to it so it is barely passible. This is the worst baseball movie I've posted though.

This was Cody's final match in AEW.

This is a repost as this is a better quality version of the match. Slightly longer I think. This is probably the best match at any level over the last decade in Pro Wrestling. I'll be posting this on Rumble in June.

Ali's last match for 3 years. It's a shame he lost 3 years of his prime because of a senseless war.

6th film in the Rocky series. And even though it's dumb it's still fun.

While not as good as the first film and a lot of that is because it was aimed for a younger audience, I still like Major League II. This movie also happened during a time where the Indians were seeing a resurgence on the field at the same time.


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