I still think this movie is decent although not near as good as the original which is probably the best football movie ever made. But this one has it's positive and negatives and I don't hate it. Loved all the cameos y former football players and pro wrestlers. Loved the Burt Reynolds role too.


This one barely qualifies as a Major League movie. It does have a couple characters from the first 2 but other than being a baseball movie it's not really much to it. It does have a Scott Bacula charm to it so it is barely passible. This is the worst baseball movie I've posted though.

This was Cody's final match in AEW.

This is a repost as this is a better quality version of the match. Slightly longer I think. This is probably the best match at any level over the last decade in Pro Wrestling. I'll be posting this on Rumble in June.

Ali's last match for 3 years. It's a shame he lost 3 years of his prime because of a senseless war.

6th film in the Rocky series. And even though it's dumb it's still fun.


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