Chris Johnson and Andre Johnson have explosive performances in a really fun game.

Video quality isn't that great but Earl Campbell and the Oilers take on the Patriots.

Sooners travel to Lawrance to take on Les Miles and the Jayhawks. Sorry this one is late. Just been busy. I'll get the Texas game up soon.

John Elway vs Jim Kelly on MNF. Denver in a desperate situation after starting 0-3. Buffalo off to a solid 3-1 start.

Tony Romo vs Michael Vick. Good game. Early in the Romo era for Dallas. Weird hearing Bryant Fumble on commentary. Dick Vermiel had some serious voice issues and tapped out at halftime so we get color commentator by committee. Marshall Faulk was one of them.

Epic 4th quarter that came down to the last second. Hakeem and Tim Hardaway in a shootout.

Jay Cutler vs Cam Newton

Colts return to Baltimore for the first time since they moved. Manning in his rookie year against a young Ray Lewis and the Ravens defense. Priest Holmes and Jim Harbaugh leading the Ravens

Both teams fighting for playoff spots toward the end of the 89 season. Both teams defenses dominate this one.

Division rivals battle in a season opener.

Bernard King coming off a 50 point game plays against a Mavs team with some young talent.

This was the 2nd of back to back 50 point games from King. If you want the other one here it is.

I've got more Bernard King games coming up. He's a bit of an underrated super star IMO.

Classic MNF game featuring Montana vs Elway

For full game go here...

Preseason game between the Steelers and Cowboys in a bit of a lost classic. These two teams went at it in an all time classic that would end up being a Super Bowl preview. Sadly the end is cut after the mid field pass at the end. No scoring is missed.

Super Bowl XII obviously won't be posted here so here's a link again in case you missed it. I'll also have a community post for it.

Spurs coming off a surprise win in game 2 trying to win both games in Miami.

Look in for a game then an interview with Harry Carson.

Cam Newton vs Drew Brees in a classic shootout.


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