Eric Dickerson running wild. Steve Young leading the Buccaneers.

MJ getting a buzzer beater against the Suns. Very competetive game. Rip Hamilton was great in this one. Suns were lead by Stephan Marbury. This is it for the MJ Marathon for this year. I've got hundreds of more MJ games so I may do this again in the future.

This is the last Bulls era Jordan game I will do for this marathon. But there's one more game left. Defensive struggle to finish off a great Finals series.

Jordan with 47 points and Rodman with 29 rebounds.

Michael Jordan doing Jordanly things in the playoffs

Game 6 of the NBA Finals as the Bulls are looking to close out their first Finals chance in the first season after Jordan retired. I added the post game celebration to extend this one a bit. Hope you like it. This will be the only NBA Finals game in this marathon. I'm going to post the other NBA finals in this format eventually but over time.

MJ returned after retiring and then playing a ball game against aliens with Looney Tunes, yes that really happened lol. And was absolutely beastly against the Knicks in his his 5th game back. Knicks were game in this one with Ewing being unstoppable inside.

MJ vs Sir Charles

This was a vital series getting over beating the team that haunted the Bulls for the past several seasons. I will be putting up the rest of the series by this years end.

Patrick Ewing vs Michael Jordan. This was the game after MJ's career high. That game isn't in this marathon but it'll be up some day real soon.

MJ goes off for 59 against the Pistons.

Jordan for 58 points. If I really wanted to I could probably put up about 23 games from 87 and 88 seasons alone from MJ but I'm limiting it to just a few. I'm trying to have a variety of games from his entire career. I have plenty left over in this marathon to put up MJ games for over a decade. There's a reason he was the GOAT.

Rookie MJ scores 45 against the high scoring Spurs.

Sid Gillman vs Hank Stram.

Michael Vick vs Eli Manning

Young and the 9ers take on Barry Sanders and the Lions

Tom Brady vs Cam Newton. This one came down to the very last play of the game.

Favre vs Aikman. Smith playing his first home game of the 1993 season after a hold out of the first 2 games. Aikman shows off the Cowboys passing attack.

Cookie Gilchrist with a huge game for Denver as they beat the Patriots.

Marcus Allen's first game and the Raiders first game as the Los Angeles Raiders comes against the defending World Champs. Banned on youtube.

OJ Simpson and Jim Braxton run over Denver.


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