Defensive struggle featuring OJ Simpson for Buffalo and the best defense nobody remembers for Atlanta.

Powerful Dolphins take on a young Raiders team

Dennis Rodman with one of his best games.

Denver opens up at home against Kansas City

Monday Night game in Seattle.

Short video of a 1971 game from a 1971 episode of TWIPF.

2 bad teams finishing a season. Testeverde vs George. Eric Dickerson's last game as a Colt.

Stabler vs Griese to win the AFC

Flacco vs Schaub

Okay youtube screwed up this was supposed to go up in November but it goes up today. I'll just have to change the game I was going to put in November up. Anyway enjoy this classic.

Vikings vs Bears in a high scoring game in 08

Terry Bradshaw doing rapdfire highlights for a week during the 2000 season

Halftime during the bears vs cowboys game that will be posted in early November.

Great regular season game between the Steelers and Chargers.

Highlights of games from NBC's coverage.

They talk a bit about Payton's attempt to top Jim Brown's rushing record you can see the highlights from that one here...
The actual rush is at around 12 minutes and 30 seconds in.

The game that this came from(Pittsburgh vs Miami) is set to be up in November.

Archie Manning vs Pat Haden

During the Rams vs Saints halftime.

Pregame and halftime and a bit more for a classic game that I will put up in December.

Cowboys win a bit of a bloodbath against the defending NFC Champs.

I think this is a bit of a forgotten classic NFL game. Very defensive game with a frantic finish.


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