Randall Cunningham vs Phil Simms in a good game on MNF

Oliver Luck in his best pro game against Dan Fouts. Oliver Luck's son plays somewhere now. Not sure if anyone's heard of him though.

Divisional rivals clash on MNF.

These games were played on August 8th-10th.

0:00 Kyler Murray
3:31 Jordan Smallwood
4:04 Mark Andrews
4:28 Curtis Bolton
5:27 Devante Bond
6:16 Corey Nelson
6:39 Jeff Badet and Geneo Grissom
6:56 Blake Bell
7:46 Steven Parker
9:38 Semaje Perine
10:15 Baker Mayfield
11:18 Baker TD

Epic basketball game.

This is a repost. Branch had a big play but otherwise pedestrian game. I have one more Branch game coming up later this week. This one needed to be fixed first

Lions were without an injured Billy Sims. But the Bears were having a terrible start to the 81 season.

Love Ya Blue.

Debut of the Oilers in Tennessee.

This game is blocked on yt so it'll go here instead. Steel Curtain looking to avenge last years playoff loss to Denver.

Billy Sims should be in the hall of fame. This is one of the many games that tells you why. He is the reason I started this channel because I was originally just going to do highlights of Billy Sims games to show off how great he is. And the repost of my first edit of the Billy Sims debut game in the NFL is the best performing video here. But then I decided to just do edits of scoring drives and important drives from games after that and we have what I've gotten to today.

The start of this game is cut but no scoring is missed. One of the best regular season football games you will see in any era. My favorite team lost but this was just a great game. The Lions in 1981 beat both the NFC Champion and the NFC runner up. All the typical Cowboys greats made plays in this one outside of a fairly quiet game from Tony D. Enjoy

I accidently messed this one up when I originally posted it so here's a repost of this one. Really good game that goes down to the final seconds. A large part of the 2nd half is missing.

Lynn Dickey vs Archie Manning with a little Earl Campbell involved.

Barry Sanders game that youtube won't allow you to see.

Rookie Sanders goes for a rushing title.

Celebrating what would have been Walter Payton's 65th Birthday with this and a video later tonight.

Banned from youtube. I'll be putting up more 2010 Packers games up soon. Hopefully every game I can put up will be from that year. Week one will be up in September.


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