This is a solo project called The Flex Unger Onetet. It is improvised music in the style of free jazz and experimental music, a bit of no wave noise rock as well. I have a youtube channel with this content on it already but YouTube pretty much sucks now so I will be also uploading here and hope to post exclusive content here. Viva La Bitchute!


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This channel deals with original music created by Pasquale Cangiano aka Flex Unger in his Clean and Humble recording studio. I have 3 YouTube channels and as we all know YouTube is going down the drain so we have all flocked here. I will be posting content from my YouTube channels here but I will also be posting content exclusively to BitChute, content that uses samples of music and things that would get strikes on youtube will be posted here only. I am a musician and composer and recording studio owner. My content is mainly musical.