The second video from the album Porta Beat Service Vol.03 by Flex Unger.
The song First Joint is the first song on the album which can be downloaded or streamed on Bandcamp

This is a video of a track off my album Porta Beat Service Vol.03 Nanoloop Beats 2010-2019. The artist is Flex Unger and the album can be found on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes,Amazon and most other platforms. This video was made by Flex Unger and takes place in the summer of 2020 in Brooklyn NY.

The Flex Unger Onetet plays a spot composition called The Essence of Summer.Muted with deep feeling of deep feelings from summers past.This session was recorded at Clean and Humble studio in Brooklyn NY in preparation for a collection of compositions and improvisations from the onetet. Soon to be released on Black Rhombus sound system.

The Flex Unger Onetet plays a spot composition in preparation for an upcoming album of compositions and improvisations.This is where the onetet is at circa August 2020

The first podcast done by me and my wife from quarantine in Brooklyn NY

This is a solo project called The Flex Unger Onetet. It is improvised music in the style of free jazz and experimental music, a bit of no wave noise rock as well. I have a youtube channel with this content on it already but YouTube pretty much sucks now so I will be also uploading here and hope to post exclusive content here. Viva La Bitchute!


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This channel deals with original music created by Pasquale Cangiano aka Flex Unger in his Clean and Humble recording studio. I have 3 YouTube channels and as we all know YouTube is going down the drain so we have all flocked here. I will be posting content from my YouTube channels here but I will also be posting content exclusively to BitChute, content that uses samples of music and things that would get strikes on youtube will be posted here only. I am a musician and composer and recording studio owner. My content is mainly musical.