weeds as illustrative of what TPTB [KM] face in trying to take over the planet. All us weeds.

For this summer, so you can get good sleep....

discussion of the up coming global test of faith

first tongue

convergent emergency

temporal markers & projections

ALTA reports at

Pure Sleep at : Https://

my daily bread recipe

Yes, a bit clickbaity.

war news

Budo - enlightenment through contention. Masa Katsu a'gatsu! for Pure sleep

KaWoo. Your initiation is at hand.

woo more woo

doubt & woo
Don't doubt the woo!

ROI = education

stepping over the threshold

Money Debt Central Banks (oooh, yuk!)

Woology & who what when where why of how to apply it

CORRECTION: it is Michael LEVIN....not Litton. Here is link.

how to make some dough in the woo times...

history is lumpy. Should it be?

Say, what year is it? No, really?!?
Happy Woo Year!!

Codex Oera Linda =

trump, language, war, more war, more language, 2022

Quack Kondratieff Trump Vaxx Dollar FRNS BTC
notes on MAF for cancer. Fenbendazole.

suffix & stuff


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