Teaser video for the new shop truck / tow vehicle. I bought a Dajiban (google it) and just check out that paint job! Series two is about to start and it will be all about getting this thing back on the road for springtime.

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Video #4 of 7. In this episode I go over installing power leather seats, stereo head unit and equalizer, white faced gauges and some of the wiring fixes I did on the 1995 Nissan shop truck.

Video #2 of 7. In this installment I show the repair, modification and installation of bodywork on our D21 project truck. Exterior lighting is also discussed.

I ran out of time to mention a couple of other things I did...Removed the factory stripes, the rear slider window and chrome wheel well moldings.

I will probably do a wrap up episode at the end of the series to share pics and video of the things I forgot or ran out of time to cover.

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Video #1 of 7. In this installment I talk about the parts I used and how I lowered the 1995 Nissan D21 hardbody pickup. This truck was designed for sport truck use more than just being low so it had a lot of parts in it designed for handling and ride quality. Might be worth checking out if you're not sure which way to go with your project.
There's lots of talking with still photos and some video but I didn't video any of the actual work being done so this one's mostly informational.
Lots more video and photos in the next episode.

Parts list:
Escalade wheels 17" x 7.5"
Hancook V12 evo 205/50-17 front tires
Goodyear Assurance 225/55-17 rear tires
DJM 2" lowering blocks LB2LK
Belltech OE/LO shocks front 10101C
Belltech OE/LO shocks rear 2209HH
belltech front sway bar 5456
belltech rear sway bar 5556
DJM 3" lower control arms CA2755L-3
Belltech 3" leaf springs 5974
Music "I Wanna Be Like James Brown" by Printz: The Great White Dope

In 2012 I started building my 1995 Nissan D21 Hardbody shop truck. This video gives a quick overview of what I did to the truck and what to expect in each of the 5 build series videos.

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Video #3 of 7. In 2012 I added power windows, locks, alarm, one touch window controller, and RGB LEDs to my 1995 D21 Nissan hardbody pickup truck. All of this was added without cutting any of the factory wiring other than tapping into the ignition switch.

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Music "I Wanna be Like James Brown" by Printz: The Great White Dope


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Welcome to Clint's Street Machines!

I'm Clint. I've worked in the automotive aftermarket for over 30 years. I live, eat and breath cars and trucks.
I'm making these videos in the hope that my experience and passion can serve as inspiration to those who are newer to the hobby or someone a little rusty who is getting another project going after a long time off.
One of my goals in life is to empower people to join the automotive hobby. It's easy to get confused and taken advantage of when inexperienced so I hope this channel helps you succeed at your own automotive projects.

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