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Public Utilities make good job of reinstating roads.
#CheshireEast make poor job of fixing potholes.
Why would that be?
Could it be that the Utilities seal the edges and use hot tar, when #CheshireEast don't?

More repairs needed in the dilapidated Victoria Centre in Crewe.

Labour run Cheshire East are on the edge of bankruptcy. So why are they spending £10 MILLION+ of Council taxpayers money to pay part of the cost of building a History Centre in Crewe town centre?

#CreweFirst get action on filling some of the horrendous potholes in Leighton Street in #CreweCentral

FIFTEEN wheelie bins left in the middle of the road in #CreweCentral

Grassed area in Derby Docks in #CreweCentral cut to pieces by contractors.

Candidates for the #CreweCentral by-election have to make a round trip of 43miles to Macclesfield to hand deliver their nomination papers.
It shows the contempt that Labour run Cheshire East has for Crewe.

CreweFirst taking direct action to clean up in #CreweCentral

#CreweFirst taking direct action. Removing fly-tipping from #CreweCentral and taking it to the tip.
Vote #CreweFirst to help us to keep this work going.

#CreweFirst working hard to get dangerous potholes repaired in #CreweCentral⁹

Crewe's Derby Docks is full of litter, beer cans, fly tipping and SEVEN abandoned Morrison's trollies. #CreweFirst will report all this.
The Labour Councillors for Crewe Central do nothing. Time for a change.
#VoteCreweFirst in the #CreweCentralByElection…

#CreweFirst gets fly tipping removed in Oxford Street in Crewe Central.
Crewe is 'Fly Tipping Capital of @CheshireEast
The wheelie bins are still there, however, in the centre of the road.Good job it is a cul de sac. Why would someone do that?
@CreweFirst are working hard to make life better in #CreweCentral
#VoteCreweFirst in #CreweCentralByElection. via @YouTube

Parts of Crewe Central are in a terrible state, like a third world country and the Labour Councillors have done nothing about it.
#CreweFirst are working hard to make #CreweCentral a better place to live.
@CreweFirst puts #PeopleBeforePolitics
Vote @CreweFirst in the #CreweCentralByElection
If #CreweCentral continues to vote Labour, NOTHING will change and the sad spiral of decline will continue.

Little Chester getting in the mood for Halloween !!

Valley Brook, near Queens Park, in the Crewe West Ward, is a torrent today.
I took Little Chester for a walk along its banks this morning.
The brook is a lot wider than normal.
Hopefully the brook will not flow over it's banks and cause local flooding.
It was not raining this morning, so fingers crossed, that won't happen.

Long awaited repairs & improvements to the Victoria Centre Square in Crewe, which#CreweFirst have been calling for years, have only been half done.
Such sloppy work would not be tolerated in Knutsford or Wilmslow......and it is not good enough for Crewe either.
Crewe residents are sick of being treated as second rate citizens.
We all pay the same Council tax and should receive the same level of service.
@CreweFirst is calling for all the repairs and improvements to be done pronto.

Labour Councillors break their promise to have the Queens Park car park re-surfaced.
In February Labour Councillors promised to get it re-surfaced........but we are now in August ......and the May elections are over ......and absolutely nothing has happened.
@CreweFirst has been campaigning for years for the car park to be re-surfaced.
It has been riddled with huge potholes, that fill with water when it rains, for several years.
#CreweFirst will continue to press for the work to be done speedily.

Labour run Crewe Town Council have presided over the sad spiral of decline in Crewe. At the Annual Council I spoke on behalf of the people of Crewe. I told the Labour Councillors they had totally failed to represent Crewe & had badly let down the town. They didn't like being told some home- truths. But someone has to speak out...... or the town will just go from bad to worse until eventually there will be no town centre at all and Crewe won't be worth living in.

Labour run Cheshire East killed off Crewe Market.
Should be ashamed of themselves.
Vote #Crewe First
If Crewe keeps voting Labour nothing will change and the sad spiral of decline will continue.

Parts of Crewe Town Centre are in a deplorable state.
Why has this been allowed to happen?
Crewe has THIRTY Labour Borough and Town Councillors.
Why have they allowed parts of the town centre to get in such a decrepit state?
In May, vote for 'Putting Crewe First' so we can again have a town we can be proud of.

Parts of Crewe are like a third world country.
Grass verges cut to pieces by vehicles and nothing is done about.
This would not be accepted in Alderley Edge, Knutsford or Wilmslow etc in Cheshire East so why is it acceptable in Crewe?
Yet more double standards from Labour run Cheshire East.
Time for a change.

Crewe is the 'Blocked Drains Capital' of Cheshire East.
Because of that Crewe has more road and footpath flooding than any where else in Cheshire East.
'Putting Crewe First' is calling for the drains and gullies to be emptied regularly, like they used to be years ago.
Cheshire East and the TEN Labour Borough Councillors who represent Crewe are letting down the people of Crewe.
Council Elections next year.
Time to vote in better Councillors who will improve the town.

Walk through Sandbach Market on the 20/10/2022.
Sandbach Market is thriving.
Sadly Crewe Market has been deliberately killed off by Cheshire East Council.
Crewe Market Hall has been turned into a Music venue with fast food and booze and very little retail.
The outside market has shrunk to virtually nothing.
Sandbach Market is on a Thursday and Saturday.
I got the Market day mixed up in the commentary.


Tory Party members need to speak out to stop MPs taking away their vote for the Leader of THEIR party.


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