Step 1: There's going to be a new edition of the tabletop RPG Vampire: The Masquerade. Someone claimed the developers were Nazi-sympathizers, which the developers denied.
Step 2: ?
Step 3: I have to defend National Socialism from myths and lies.

Following James Gunn's pedophilic tweets, similar tweets from other Hollywood celebrities have surfaced. Will the pedo-networks finally be outed?

I wonder whether there's anything that's not degenerate. Is fun degenerate?

I discuss the presumably non-existent future of Internet Bloodsports and the e-divorce of JF and Andy.

I used a different microphone this time. I hope there's no (((echo))).

I discuss my reasons for disbelieving in the theory of evolution. I don't do so for any particular religious reason, but because I find evolution to be unscientific. It's scientism or pseudoscience.

Uploading my old videos to Bitchute.

This is a review of Sid Meier's Civilization VI. The focus is on the many annoying details of the game, and how the game hardly ever volunteers you pertinent information, although overall the game wasn't so bad.

My video from 9/11 2017 that was censored by Youtube.

Uploading my old videos to Bitchute.

There was another peaceful stabbing in France, but it's not all peaceful people, nor is it all merchant people who are promoting letting those people to our countries. It's just a significant minority whose harmful efforts most people seem happy to ignore.

Uploading my old videos to Bitchute.

I discuss main stream civic nationalism vs ethno-nationalism.

I discuss the Sargon of Akkad and Andrew Anglin debate on Baked Alaska's channel. I also give my opinion on a few other videos that have emerged since then.

A Twitch streamer Brittany Venti had her channel suspended for streaming herself cooking African food. This is apparently racist.

Apparently Krout and Tea is going to make a comeback. I discuss the Jewish origin of his duplicitous behaviour, along with a couple of other examples of why Jews do the things they do.

I am proposing a new term: Critic of Jewish Nepotism to describe those who criticize Jews. I also discuss the Mister Metokur and Laura Loomer debate on Baked Alaska's channel as it is relevant to this issue. I also discuss Mike Enoch's questionable affiliations.


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