UPDATE: it's actually the hound; I didn't even notice he was there. Sorry, puppy, for thinking you were a demon ...

What the hell is that?!? It's right above my bed. If it wasn't for the light that was reflected from the torch lying on the ground in front of me I would have said that it's a camera artefact ... super weird artefact, but still artefact. But artefacts don't reflect light.

The only enhancement I've made to the video was to turn up the brightness on the PowerDirector app I edited on.

GoFundMe for an exorcism:

Eccerpts from another great Sarah Westall interview.

Family Courts world-wide are hubs of child trafficking. In this interview, Kirk explains how he and his mates used the System itself to bring down a particular Family Court in Texas recently.

Family Courts are run by paedophiles for paedophiles. If you have a made a career out of Family Law, we will be seeking the death penalty for your crimes against humanity. Aiding and abetting is a crime. Ignorance of the law is no defence.

Original interview:

"Police", "Policy", "Politician" ... do you see the connection?
Police are policy enforcers, not law enforcers. Even if an individual commits an actual crime (murder, rape,asssault, theft) they are not arrested and charged with a crime by police, they are arrested and charged as policy violators. And then the Black Robes process them in the Courts as alleged policy violators, not alleged criminals.

Expired EpiPens are rumoured to be used as adrenochrome substitutes when supply of natural product is low. If the whole adrenochrome conspiracy theory is correct, then supply must be down with the ramping up of the Paedocalypse in the last few months i.e. the alleged death of Jeffrey Epstein, the throwing of Prince Andrew under the bus and the general crack-down on child trafficking (yeah, we're coming for you if you're working in the Family Law in any capacity).


A Cluster Headache episode (partial) ...

GoFundMe to get to Colorado for Cluster Headache treatment:

Search YouTube for "cluster headache" to see other folks going through something similar.


Not cool.

The Program (System, Matrix) wants us to believe that people are essentially selfish and don't really care about each other, anyone outside of our circles, especially strangers. I don't think that's true.

Thanks to Liberty Or Death Media, the original producer, for putting this together.

* made some years ago, before certain of the personalities featured may have sold out

The hard truth is that millennia of programming has left the human race unwilling, even unable, to take individual responsibility.

A tribute to Matt from Quantum of Conscience: If Anything Was Real ....
The Epstein-Barr virus is a herpes mutant which causes children to experience Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AiWS) ...

Avi Yemini doesn't ever talk about Epstein, Prince Andrew or the Eyes Wide Shut crowd.

Modern English is a Conlang, a constructed language, specifically invented to enslave the people to the Pelite (Parasitic/Psychopathic/Paedophilic Elite).

Sped-up Masonic Ritual celebrations for their 300th Anniversary in 2017. Eye opening.
Thanks to the original creator, sorry I've forgotten who you are, since this video keeps disappearing from YT.

Good Gwacious, poor old Pwince Andwew is in a bit of a pickle ... or is he? Will the slavery-loving masses rush to his defence, as the Royal Family seems to believe they will? After all, it's what the subjects have always done.

"I had suffered, what I would describe as, an overdose of adrenaline in the Falklands War after being shot at ..."

Are you still a Coincidence Theorist?
If this upcoming Parliamentary Inquiry into Family Law doesn't address the Freemason problem then we can pretty well definitively stamp "PROVEN" on the conspiracy theories.

Excuse for the Totalitarian TipToe Tactics currently deployed against the once-great community on this landmass commonly known as Australia by the PPE (Psychopathic Paedophilic Elite).
Poor excuse for a journalist/reporter.

Reupload; this is a year old, but I had to take it down at the time to avoid detrimental outcomes in LegalLand.

Watch this bloke give it to them. We need to come together and emulate this heroic behaviour in our own local council chambers and State and Federal members' offices.

Just ansa da question, jive ass turkey:
_________ didn't kill himself.

Dear Mr. President, please fill in the blank:
Epstein didn't ________ himself.

Mr. President,
Epstein didn't kill _________.

LED street lights are 5G weapons ready.

Original video

17% of Australians already own cryptocurrencies, with a predicted 1 in 5 to own within the next 6 months. I think it's going to be more, much more.

Sign up for a free account with IR (and beat the rush when everyone starts piling in) ... and help a brother out by using my referral link:

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is a legal person, as this letter from the Child Support Agency clearly reveals.

Why use this name "Cull" in an article about surviving a man-made disaster?

Divide and rule, one world government is the endgame (Grand Solar Minimum notwithstanding).


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Often referred to as "suicide headaches", Cluster Headaches are one of the most painful experiences a human can endure. It is a condition of trigeminal neuralgia. The trigeminal nerve is compressed resulting in excruciating pain.

The cause is unknown.

Cluster Headache occurs in the population at approximately the same rate as multiple sclerosis, with a similar disability level.

Yet hardly anyone has ever heard of this condition.