PUBG crashed since Bluehole is incompetent so it dumped me in the middle of the ocean. So after 3 minutes of swimming this is what happened.

Can be seen in high def on my youtube playlist

Mic was screwy for some reason. A reboot corrected it.

Game ignores half your use button clicks and also won't give a prompt standing right next to car. I sit there spamming the button to get in and NOTHING will happen. This happens all the time.

This happens you go to vault too. You have to press the button 5 times before it'll respond.

You endlessly die to bugs and PISS POOR implementation of things in this game.

I'm sorry but every day that goes by that this continues to happen and not even *be close* do acceptable desync is a an outright spit int he face to the player base from Bluehole.

It's god awful. Guys shoot you when you still see them running and they aren't even holding their guns up.

The game really is unplayable. You can't play in any sort of normal manner. Why even BOTHER going for cover if it is meaningless? You can't make any decisions based on what you actually see. I saw a guy not even looking at me so I ducked into cover. Suddenly I'm shot by the guy whose character model isn't even aiming his gun at me.

It's stupid and awful, and I will celebrate when PUBG is relegated to irrelevancy.

These are almost of all the last kills of my wins from Oct 2017 to End of Sept of 2018. Mostly solo since I have no friends.

Also can be seen in better quality on my play list here:


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