Nov 15, 2019
The Alex Jones Show

Larry Nichols joins The Alex Jones Show to detail the intentions of the corrupt establishment to root out the will of the people.

This is the eve of the coup attempt against Pres. Trump with the impeachment hearings. The Democrats see this is something they have to do now because they are running out of time. This impeachment is on a fast track to nowhere. I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of the direction the Democrats are trying to take our country.

The Democrats have yet to produce a single thing in the past 3 years that would have benefited the American people. The Democrats are unable to chew gum and walk. They are putting in 110% of their time in Congress to figure out how to impeach Pres. Trump. The Democrats refuse to capitulate to the fact that the majority of the American people recognize that this coup d’état is leading to a hot civil war.

So, it brings me to the main point of tonight's show, bribery! (noun: the giving or offering of a bribe.) The witch hunt has taken a new turn the day before the hearing because they realize they have nothing substantial against Pres. Trump. The Democrats have made it clear that they are going to release a new transcript along with a new witness until they can convince the public that this impeachment is the right move. They have already coached these witnesses for tomorrow no matter what the Republicans ask of these witnesses' democrats previously concluded the outcome.

Alex Jones is joined by former American Ambassador Alan Keyes, Gavin McInness, and activist and recipient of the first Paul Revere Award for Activism Brandon Grey who confronted Hillary Clinton at her latest gathering in Austin, TX.

Mike Adams interviews the producers of the film Vaxxed 2, the follow up to the explosive film Vaxxed. See more about the upcoming film her: http://vaxxed2.com


We live in the most unprecedented times Americans have ever seen. This country has been through two world wars, but what we're seeing now is even beyond what we could ever imagine.


This is a re-editing of the lightsaber duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader in the first Star Wars installment “Ep4 A New Hope.”

It is beautifully done and goes to show that Star Wars should be left up to the fans, not clueless corporations (that means you, Disney)







College Campus Pop Quiz: Who Is Worse, Trump or Hitler? This video will leave you shaking your head at the direction America is heading

Eco Fascist Greta Thunberg Released A Hate Filled Rant and Looked at Donald Trump with a gaze that would turn mortal men to stone.


Welcome too the Democrat's Utopia. Feces on the streets along side used needles, the return of the black death. Yes this a utopian state. How does socialism work here? The rich getting richer, the poor are just left too die. I wish the girls were Californian, not anymore.

Free America Law Center fights for the freedom of 1776 by putting the power of the constitution back into the hands of the people.
We democratize the law and arm our members with the right to choose the legal battles our constitutional experts wage against suppression. Free America Law Center empowers you, the people, with the legal tools you deserve to deeply understand, celebrate, and, when necessary, defend your constitutional rights.

Top Attorney Robert Barnes breaks down the historic indictment of Andrew McCabe.

Some women just aren’t ready or willing to take on the raw reality required of a partner in a caring, monogamous relationship emboldened by the synthesis of matriarchal and patriarchal norms in the Western world.

Bianco was echoing a message bubbling amongst feminists for years.

This is the rabid underbelly of the diatribe among the left, and if heterosexuality is on a sharp decline, as Marcie Bianco claims, wouldn’t a straight pride parade make sense?

The actual reality is that 2.2% of the American male population identifies as gay, while 1.1% of females identify as lesbian.

And it’s not because the LGBT community is oppressed, as 63% of Americans believe homosexuality is morally acceptable, but what is actually increasing is an epidemic trend in loneliness, as a general social survey discovered the number of Americans with no close friends has tripled since 1985.

In fact, a study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health revealed that characteristics of socially isolated patients with coronary artery disease are at an elevated risk for mortality.

Simply put, loneliness is killing us and as those numbers skyrocket, mockingbird mainstream media outlets irresponsibly seed the mental illness of pseudo-racism, nationalized self-loathing and radical feminism, echoing the projection of the fears of the LGBT community, for example, an otherwise overwhelmingly accepted minority fomenting a leftist echo chamber hell-bent on forcing the majority of us just trying to live our short natural lives to all choke on fantastical notions of guilt and oppressive propaganda.

Google Whistleblower Live In Studio With Alex Jones - Plus Trump Backs Off Gun Control - FULL SHOW


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