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We are at a turning point right now. No matter which way you look, you see things that are not as you'd expect them to be.

Many of us have been silent. We've been watching it all unfold and we hope that things will turn back in the right direction soon.

But is that the right approach?

Is being silent really being part of the problem at this point?

It's our complacency that is keeping this all going.

Today, I want to invite you to take a step in the right direction. I want to encourage you to be part of the solution.

I'd like you to be a LEADER.

It's time to step up, to make new decisions, to take new actions, and to have those difficult conversations.

Let's dig into this on today's Coach's Corner.

We all want things to be calm out there. We all want a strong society. We want health. Happiness. And we want to be able to create a life that makes us proud and happy.

The question is, how do we get there when right now so much seems to be off the rails?

There is a path forward that we can take, but it will take some different thinking. What we have been doing has been taking us in the wrong direction.

Too many relationships have ended, families are broken apart, friendships have ended, and the fighting between otherwise sane people has got to end.

How do we do that? Where do we start?

That is what I'll share with you on today's Coach's Corner.

Selling. We all have to do it, but there is a much more effective way to get people to notice you, find out more about you, and ultimately buy from you!

My guest on this episode is Dr. Angela Mulrooney, an expert at using LinkedIn in a powerful way to attract the perfect buyers to you

We have an amazing conversation on many facets of marketing and promotion and she shares her story on how she went from being a successful Dentist to creating 3 businesses to now just being focused on 1 business that gives her the freedom to enjoy her life while earning more and working less.

You'll enjoy what she has to share and we will have her back on Coach's Corner in the near future!

If you don't yet have a business plan for your business, you are at high risk of failure. Statistics show that businesses without a business plan, fail at an astoundingly higher rate than businesses who have created and are following a business plan!

Today, my guest is Burke Franklin, a man with decades of experience helping businesses get funded and get sold to larger organizations. His experience runs deep and he's now in a position where he can help you to get your business plan done, and yes, even if you're a solopreneur!

If you have a vision for creating something bigger and having a much bigger impact in this world, this is an interview you'll want to watch and share!

To find out more about Burke and his company:

Looking at the state of the world, you would not be wrong to be feeling much less than optimistic about it all right now. And like you, I too can get bent out of shape and can lose my usual positive stance in life.

Speaking with a friend earlier today, he brought up what seems to be a very common question these days: what can I do?

There is something each and every one of us can do, but most won't, others will think it's not worth doing, and still others won't be aware enough to even know that they should be doing something!

Today, I share some of the things you can do to be part of the solutions we need now more than ever. And, I'll share with you what I think will happen to you (in a good way) when you decide to be part of the solution!

It's a choice we all have to make and the time to make that choice is right now!

Let's talk about it on today's Coach's Corner!

Social media. Some people love, it. Most hate it. Others are indifferent. I might fall into the indifferent category myself.

Yes, I've heard all the ways we can use social media to build a massive business. I've attended the seminars, watched the videos, read the books, and hired the coaches.

Through it all, it still never quite clicked for me. Sure, I'd sign up a client here and there, but nothing was consistent.

So I went all in and made it my primary goal to figure this out. I wanted to see how I could use social media to find and book new clients.

And, I didn't want to spend all kinds of money testing ads for months and months on end.

What I found surprised me.

You see, I've been classically trained in marketing by the likes of Jay Abraham and Dan Kennedy, among many others.

What I found is that making social work today is less about marketing and more about something even more fundamental. Something that we tend to overlook. And something we can all learn to do better.

I'll share more about what I have figured out that is working exceptionally well right now and I expect it to continue to work far into the future too!

Enjoy this episode of Coach's Corner!

Everybody I speak with these days still talks about how their lives have changed since 2020. Seems the impact of all that has gone on since that time continues to weigh on so many of us.

I know it does for me, for many of my clients, and for family and friends too.

Heading into this summer, the 3rd summer in a row now where things are still not back to normal, how will you use this time to build a stronger version of yourself?

How can you use it to rebuild your business into something better than it was before.

Remember, that every challenge also brings with it opportunity.

Our focus now has to be on seeking out and finding those new opportunities that have been presented to us because of the challenges we have faced.

For instance. Many people I know how found a new strength or resilience within themselves that they didn't know even existed.

Others, and I include myself in that, have found a voice inside of them they never knew was there.

Others have found new ways to re-formulate their businesses to serve their clients and new ways. Again, they found ways of doing things that they would never have found had we not gone through these last nearly 3 years of non-stop challenges.

I've made many new friends. I've tripled my social media following. I've been able to help a new group of clients, and I too have innovated my business to align with the market the way it is today.

Growth does not come from doing the same thing over and over again for 40 years. It comes when we face challenges and find ways to overcome them using our skills, knowledge, and experience in new ways.

As we go into this summer, how are YOU growing? How are you changing your approach to benefit from the changes we are experiencing now?

On this episode of Coach's Corner, I'll share some ideas on where to look and how to navigate the rough waters that surely lie ahead of us.

I love looking forward. In fact, I often find myself living in the future at the expense of the present! I'm working on being more present!

So many people will tell you to simply forget your past and focus on your future. I've done that. And it didn't work!

Listen, your past is what got you to where you are today. You can't simply ignore that fact as you move forward into the future!

On this episode of Coach's Corner, I'm going to show you how to leverage your past to create the kind of future you really want!

Let's do it!

You are one voice. I am one voice. Together we are two, and exponentially louder. When we are 100, 1000, or 1 million we are the most powerful force on Earth.

Sometimes, we forget that we are most powerful together. We get involved in divisiveness. We shut out those we don't agree with. We argue with people who can't hear us.

And before you know it, we are once again a lone voice, powerless.

In all that is going on in our world today, we must remember that the name of the game is to be united. Regardless of what you believe politically, we have many more things we can agree on than we see to think about.

Finding common ground is where our true power lies and I have been doing that more and more in my own world and encourage you to do the same.

When things get tough, as they are right now, we have a choice to make. We are either going to be taken down by it all, or we are going to tap into the leader within.

Tough times create strong people. And right now, we are indeed living through tough times. In this week's Coach's Corner, you'll see how to get back on your feet and not just survive, but use these times to become a bigger, stronger version of ourselves.

You've got what it takes.. but you may not yet have tapped into the leader within.

After countless conversations with fellow coaches, entrepreneurs, and business owners, there is a common theme among all of them. Things have shifted and there is no longer a "business as usual" playbook.

To explore more about what's working now, I've invited celebrated business leader, Lee Milteer to join us and share her knowledge and wisdom about what it takes to make progress when the head winds are clearly coming from the wrong direction.

Join us, be ready to walk away with some new ideas, strategies, and even a new way of thinking about what it's going to take to succeed going forward!

Life can be hard. It can be even harder in times like these. So what can you do to pull yourself up day after day and keep going even when it feels as it you're wading through knee-high mud?

Today, we have a special guest, Awards Winning Voice and Performance Coach, Steven Memel joining us!

How you show up will either be a warning or an example of what's possible to those who know you and who are watching you and learning from you!

Today, we'll look at ways in which you can pull yourself together, stay strong, and be a powerful example of what's possible.

What are you worth?

Are you worth what your boss says you’re worth?

Do you price yourself in line with your competitors?

Mitch Axelrod is my guest on this episode and we’re going to dive in on this topic to help you understand what your true worth is and give you strategies to make sure that you are getting compensated to the fullest extent of the value you bring to the marketplace!

Plus, Mitch has a special gift to share with you of some additional training you can get FREE!

Enjoy this episode of Coach’s Corner!

You never know..

It's true. You never know who is watching you. You never know who admires you. You never know who is learning from you.

We are all teachers to those around us. And we are either teaching what NOT to do or what you should be doing!

It's what you say, but it's even more about what you are and who you are that makes the biggest impact on others.

So pay attention. Be clear with your words. Be deliberate with your actions. And most importantly, be kind and respectful to others.

These are the lessons others will take from you that will make the biggest difference!

Coaches often find it hard to find and then close new clients. The reason is because they are coaches and not marketers! But what if there was a tool that you could create in just a few weeks that would help you to easily close more clients - without having to do endless discovery calls.

On this episode of Coach's Corner, my guest, Mike Capuzzi is going to share how he has been helping his clients find and close new business in a way that is infinitely more effective than any other tool!

Jump into this episode and listen carefully! This could change the course of your business!

While the world continues to grind it's way back to some version of normal, sitting on the sidelines and waiting for somebody else to fix things is not going to make it happen any faster.

You, me, them, we, us, I, you - all of these people can be part of the solution right now, today, instantly.

It may all seem insurmountable some days, and it sure can be, but that is not a good enough reason to sit back and do nothing!

In this episode, I share some easy, powerful, and effective things you can do to help our world come back to normal.

If you think you're too tiny to make a difference, you need to watch this now!

Have you been in situations with family and friends and you held a beleif that they simply did not agree with?

Or maybe you are out in public and find yourself speaking with somebody who does not agree with you.

What do you do?

How do you handle yourself?

What can you say?

What should you say?

Is it different when it's a stranger vs a family member?

Let's talk about it on today's Coach's Corner!

It's easy to see everything that is going on in our world today and feel defeated by it all.

I've seen a LOT of that this past week, with people reaching out saying how they felt frustrated, angry, and wanted to know what they could do to feel better.

First, they all did the right thing by reaching out! Let's talk about what else you can do if/when you are feeling this way too!

When so much around us is no longer "normal" you have some choices about how you choose to respond.

For many people, they don't feel like they have any options and they can become fearful and choose to respond in ways that are not all that helpful.

It doesn't help that so much of the information we are exposed to all day long is less than positive and encouraging.

As a coach, my job really is about helping people reframe situations so that they can react differently to what is happening in their lives.

When they do, there is a really good chance they can access their creativity and come up with new ways to deal with life's situations.

Let's dig into this more today on Coach's Corner!

You, as a coach, are a valuable resource to those around you and those you are hired to serve. With that comes the responsibility of staying informed, staying strong, keeping your energy clear, and being ready to help at a moment's notice.

It's also a time for you to be sharing your voice, your knowledge, and your wisdom. So much of what's in the national discourse today is negative, and we need more positive, hopeful messages.

Start with you. Stay informed. Stay healthy. Stay in a position where you can help when asked. It's not always easy, as we are all humans after all, but it's the responsibility we have as coaches.

Let's talk more about it on this episode of Coach's Corner!

We live in amazing times. Nothing that's happening seems normal. Some of it could even best be described as fantastic! Some of it is scary, and it can keep us off balance.

How do you cope? How do you continue to stay strong when the world around you is chaotic?

Let's talk about it on today's special edition of Coach's Corner!

Money struggles are all to common, and they can be destructive to relationships, businesses, and individuals if they are not solved.

Today, we take a look at the root of money issues and what you can do to help correct them fast!

My guest today is Kellan Flukiger, a coach with a rich background helping business leaders, coaches, authors, and business owners. He is also the author of 14 books, and hosts the "Your Ulitmate Life" podcast.

You'll want to tune into this episode of Coach's Corner!

We all have them in our lives: people who simply won’t listen to you and won’t change their point of view no matter what!

There are certain times when nobody will listen to you. It’s frustrating. It’s hard to feel unheard. It’s even sad that those you love the most simply will not listen to you!

So can you get them to listen, to open their minds to new ideas? What happens if they won’t listen, no matter what?

How do you step up and lead then to the truth? It can all be done, and today, we’ll talk about it on this episode of Coach’s Corner!

How do you keep your balance when so much around us is unstable? How do you stay focused?

How do you find your center? It's important that you do all you can to stay strong, if not just for yourself, for your family, friends, and even your clients too.

Let's talk about in today's Coach's Corner

We argue about them. We disagree about them. We defend them.

They form a large part of who we are. But how are they formed? Can they changed?

In today’s episode, we’ll take a look at our beliefs and look at where they come from, how they are formed, and how you can change them if you want.

And you’ll see how easy it is to take on a belief that’s incomplete, inaccurate, and can lead you to making bad decisions!

All that and more in today’s Coach’s Corner!

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