SNES emulator
Game- NBA Jam TE
Orlando Magic- LRAB Strt Crew
Philadelphia 76'ers- CPU
Still one of my favorite games to play!
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It's Game Time
Copyrighted Music by Code Caliber
LRAB STRT- Produced by Code Caliber (LRAB STRT Theme Song)
StOne- Producedd by Code Caliber
30 Pack Monday- Produced by Code Caliber
NARlee PARty- Produced by Code Caliber
Player One- Thorlaxxattax
Player Two- Codebro
Tournament Mode ON
No cheats
just skills and one lucky shot!

CS GO sniper kills and some cool kill actions for Deus Ex. Both games were played on PC, also on Steam.
Many more videos to come
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"Its Always Game Time"
Music created and produced by Code Caliber
BMI Copyrighted Music (Code Caliber)


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LRAB- Gaming Channel
LRAB is three memebers
It's game time and We"ve got a gnarly soundtrack to go with them.
From NES to PC LRAB we play on all platforms.
Stay Tuned to watch epic battles, cool scenes, and some pretty sweet fails.
The music is provided by Code Caliber
a Ohio synthwave hip hop music producer creating a world that blurs with the action of gaming.