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What is Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Pro is a clear, liquid nanoceramic coating developed by NanoShine LTD. The coating cures to create a chemical bond on the surface of the vehicle that becomes a rigid, super-structure of nanoglass with long-lasting protection.

The Ceramic Pro product originated as an industrial and diverse protective coating that works on most surfaces to provide a durable shield with resistance to:

UV rays
Harsh weather conditions

Ceramic PRO stands out as the leading product to protect vehicle finishes. Normal clear coats offer hardness of 2H to 4H. With Ceramic Pro, you get over 9H hardness protection. The glass shield prevents minor scratches to your clear coat by resisting and absorbing the damage instead. Light polishing easily removes any scratches to the coating while preserving the integrity of the original clear coat.

Not only does Ceramic Pro guard your paint, it also protects all surfaces of the vehicle.


Benefits of Ceramic Pro

Colorado weather is hard on vehicles throughout the year. The summer brings heat, sun and hail while the winter adds snow and ice. Plus, Colorado vehicles often experience chips and cracks from rocks on the roadway. While we love all that Colorado has to offer, we also want to help you keep your vehicle looking great. That’s why we offer Ceramic PRO.


Durable Finish
Extend Life of the Paint
Add Gloss and Shine
Self-Cleaning Properties
Increased Coat Hardness
Better Resale Value
Less Frequent Washing
Keeps Vehicle Looking New
CarFax Reporting

Maximize your vehicle’s resale value with Ceramic Pro. The Ceramic Pro warranty includes reporting of the installation to CarFax. This benefits the buyer and the seller! Buyers make an informed purchase decision knowing the seller invested in top-quality protection for the vehicle’s exterior.

Denver Ceramic Pro Installation Service From Colorado PDR

We are Ceramic PRO trained and certified. Only dealers with certification from Ceramic PRO can provide installation.

The installation process takes between one and five days depending on the condition of your vehicle and the package you select. We provide top-quality service and clear communication so you understand the installation timeframe and commitment upfront.

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We serve in this area:

With car scratch repairs, you see a huge positive impact from the repairs but without a huge price tag. Scratch repair addresses the cosmetic condition of your vehicle’s exterior.

Scratches that only impact the clearcoat and not the paint are easy to fix by buffing out the scratch and restoring the shine. However, for deeper scratches that impact the paint, the fix requires professional knowledge.

In these cases, the area needs sanding and touch up paint. At Colorado PDR, we have an on-site paint booth to correct paint from scratches. We’ll have your vehicle looking as good as new in no time!


Lower cost than traditional body shops
Same day repairs
No paint work, sanding or traditional bodywork required
Original paint remains which retains the vehicle’s look and value
Body panels remain intact to maintain structural integrity
Keep your vehicle’s original factory finish

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