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I’ve been hearing about these super fast NFA/suppressor approvals and decided to see if it were true.

A3 tactical makes a bullpup chassis that fits onto a AR15 lower receiver. Match it up with one of the few but growing number of bufferless AR style uppers and BOOM! You got yourself an AR bullpup rifle. There is just one problem…… I can’t shoot it!!!

I’ve made a couple videos on how the I believe the military made a mistake with the Sig XM5 Spear as the new service rifle. The NGSW (Next Generation Squad Weapon) trials had a few other rifles that seemed to be more “Next Generation” than others. Garand Thumb got his hands on the RM277 and it proves I was right! This should have been chosen over the Sig Spear.

people are claiming that they are getting their tax stamp approved in days for their suppressor. How is that possible?

SB Tactical has just come out with their new pistol stabilizer arm brace. With the recent victories they have had over certain alphabet agencies, I think it’s fitting that the came out with a new design.

I have had some serious problems with the Franklin Armory BFSIII binary trigger. Foxtrot Mike-15 Binary trigger

Desert Tech MDRX. Is this the future of combat rifles?

PSA Jakl. The rifle nobody asked for but now everybody wants.

This the Robinson Armament XCR-L. You will never want another AR15 after you try this.

Had a chance to shoot a friends Ruger American II chambered in 7mm PRC. This thing definitely shoots past its price point!!

I found this L3Harris Chinese clone on Temu for $125. Does it work with a real rifle? Does it hold zero?

This video shows a time lapse for a complete rifle assembly of the the AR15.

Unboxing the sig sauer max competition pistol with the sig sauer Romeo max red dot micro optic.

Had a comment asking how to install the classic A2 style gas block and handguard. So here it is.

I have been seeing a lot of knockoff or Airsoft accessories that look durable enough to be the real deal. So I grabbed this L3Harris dual green/ IR laser and illumination combo accessory. Let’s see if it’s any good.

You may see on a firearm description that it has a Direct Impingement gas operating system. What is a direct impingement gas system? Here is a quick video to help you understand.


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