Stalinist Liam Gray further proves rules for thee not for me by opening up for call ins. Total retard Gray proves he is a gaslighting gayop spreading WC talking points.

Teaser plus all 11 #ORANGEDRAGON drops to date in one video. Highlighting LIE-AM GRAY of CON-QUEST COMICS

The ORANGE HIPPO-CRITE who constantly goes on about people abusing his copyright plays an entire anime series on youtube!

The charming side of spergery with storyteller Liam Gray the orange one (Facebook video)

THE ORANGE ONE, communist Liam Gray streams with the one the only lazy ass Clam OZ ARTS CREATIONS. CAUTION: MAY CAUSE BRAIN TEARING

GATOR NEWS BREAK! Remember in case of unrest, the burning buildings and cars indicate peace!

The most hated yellow triangle in Comicsgate (TESTEFY-HD who enters after the 56:00 mark) meets Finatra and the drunken one Ryzie Lee. Legends JABBA and MISTER DONGS hold down the chat. Lord Finatra privated the entire Stankstream series and many others on his channel after this stream including this one, but the GATOR chomped this one up first. Comicsgate sure loves to erase and hide their past streams! Visit what's left of his channel here

SPECIAL GATOR NEWS BREAK - These clips need to be seen - this is just one method being used to steal US election CHOMP!

How the tables turn, beefs remain after the source is obscured. THE GATOR chomps up private/unlisted/deleted/obscure COMICSGATE and related streams so you can get the real story. SIMP Cecil, Bunny fondler LIM, (F) NASSER & 38K Thief CRIDIOUS all together one happy family!

THE Orange authoritarian reveals his print plans, the secrets of his vault of private videos, and lunch plans. HE IS THE GATEKEEPER! Typical communist Liam Gray ...that's Comicsgate folx!

Unhinged YouTube thot goes off the rails after rage quitting comedy show for making jokes about her! Contacts FBI live on stream!

THE ORANGE COMMUNIST LIAM GRAY tries game streaming a shitty dinosaur game at about one FPS. He goes on a tirade against his enemies solo before having guests Changis and Micah "MEEKACHU" Curtis on to talk about the same old crap.

A THRILLING ANEURYSM INDUCING DISCUSSION ON TRANSFORMERS Originally titled: Transformers Every Prime Master Combination Part 1

A very annoying orange Liam Gray, Australian autist and authoritarian announces a Beyblades unboxing and tournament featuring Odysseas Theodoratos. I have not been so excited since my last trip down the Megaversal Highway... that's Comicsgate!

LIAM GRAY the most spergalicious man in Comicsgate with some deep lore. The GATOR was salivating over this one! This shows the Sway campaign page, details on his leaving the project, and how his favorite place in the world is.... NEW JERSEY?!? Interview with E Ortiz originally available here Uploaded for archival historical purposes

LIAM GRAY goes mental. From now privated/deleted Warcampaign 116 When will these Comicsgate cucks own their tarddom and just leave their past streams available? Talk about revisionist history! The GATOR will keep chomping off pieces of what they would rather not show you and spit it out here nicely chewed.

LIE-AM GRAY DELIVERS 3/1/2020 .... still waiting 9/22/2020 do we get a free pizza or something? Well at least there is MANGAKA ODY's MEMEDOG! Saved here before the next wave of COMICSGATE REVISIONIST HISTORY and inevitable stream deletion occurs! The GATOR bites off these juicy videos and spits em out here for your archival entertainment pleasure!

Warcampaign and Liam Gray have deleted or privated hundreds of videos combined! Some insight into them before history inevitably repeats itself. Your pal the GATOR CHOMPED this off youtube especially for YOU! Drawn & Backholed : Xenotype WC #155

Why did Ethan Van Sciver delete this stream? The gay space cult outfit? The willing invitation of sleeveless tard Micah Curtis and margin man/porno comics publisher Adam Post? Jon Malin's evisceration of the Napalm Brothers book? The copyright infringing Space Ghost parody? The embarrassment of getting his wardrobe doxed? Or just the embarrassment of existing? ...that's COMICSGATE!

SPLISH SPLASH I could just jump right in and take a huge CHOMP out of these bath criminals and alter the course of history! Here goes nothin'......

part 6 Of this criminally deleted/privated open stream forum series. If anyone out there has #1-5 please link in the comments! This GATOR is hungry for more rare LIAM! Highlight of this stream features The Third Coming of BANG! BANG! 7-03-2020

with Ody, Micah Curtis, XENOTYPE Beyblades

In this episode: Nasser's sabotage, an interview, and the truth behind Sway.

HEY THERE it's that gator guy here I CHOMPED off the relevant part of artist Skip Edwards' stream for you so you can take a lookie loo without your (least) favorite pudgy orange manlet ranting! "Discussion" continued on Live with Liam #108.5 available here:

Your pal the gator snapped this one up for you. Chewed and spit it out, gross. The alcohol content was so high it was like eating gasoline soaked pork chops. Would hate to be that white cringe rapper's kid when he's yelling at it drunk to say HEIL COMICSGATE and other nonsense for clout. He makes fat old Simpcil look coherent. 4-28-2020 Cecil Says with Jon Malin Ethan Van Sciver Thatstarwarsgirl Godawful rap starts after 8:00


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