This is a video compilation based on Phil Godlewski's 3-part show telling the real story behind the events of Nov 22 1963, the day the world believes John F Kennedy was assassinated. Phil's 3 part series is a total of 5.5 hours long. I condensed this into a one hour video.

As many know, President Kennedy was not assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. He was apparently "killed" by the CIA, the Cabal. But there is much more that many do not yet know about what happened after he was hit with 3 bullets. Phil presented a 3 part report based on his work assimilating research from many sources, over many years.

President John F Kennedy actually survived the assassination attempt, and was central in helping form the Q movement which is presently taking down the Cabal. He was good friends with President Trump, and died in January 2021 at the age of 103.

The 3 parts of Phil's longer series on this:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Note that the photo Phil shared of an elderly man, who he says he believes is JFK, is identified online as Russell Pickett, a D-Day veteran. One can find many photos of this "Russell Pickett" online. Hopefully folks understand that if President Kennedy did survive, he would have had to go into hiding, and assume another identity. His new identity would have been created with a full past history. For a man as important as President Kennedy, the creation of this new identity, and the full history in relation to it, would have been quite elaborate, as important as it was to hide him safely. So, from the surface, it is not really possible for us to know if "Russell Pickett" was indeed President John F Kennedy. But we will find out the truth someday, and that rather soon!

In this segment of SGAnon's 40th audiocast, he says that we will soon dismantle the Cabal's US Corporation form of government, which stole our nation away from us over 100 years ago. As the corporation is dissolved, states will one by one reapply to be part of the restored Republic, and SGAnon says that this process will begin on the West Coast of the United States. Great news for Californians, and those in Washington, Oregon and other western states. He says that the White Hats are aware of the grassroots movements for liberty and Constitutional governance, and suggested those will be central in helping restore the Republic.

Self Proclaimed Satanists held a "Satancon" conference in Arizona in Feb 2022. While their spokespersons repeat over and over that they stand for rebellion against tyranny and for personal choice in all things, the Satanist sheeple dweebs are entirely masked up for their conference, and their conference rules (as shown for their upcoming conference in 2023) show that they also require all attendees to have had the covid vax.

So much for rebelling against tyranny and for personal choice in all things!! These Satanists reveal themselves to be a bunch of mask dweebs and frauds, and also useful idiots for the Satanic Cabal.

Sherry Jackson, a former IRS agent, explains what she found out about the fraud and crime perpetrated by the Federal Reserve and IRS. She states that she found federal taxes are not obligatory, and that none of the money Americans pay in federal income tax, actually goes to running the nation.

Note that, perhaps based on what she found, Sherry did not pay federal taxes for several years, and ended up going to prison as a result. That she went to prison does NOT mean she did anything wrong...rather, what it shows is that the Cabal-controlled criminals really do not want the truth about their fraud getting out, and the courts are controlled by the Cabal, so they can persecute and prey upon whomever they please. It is possible that Sherry may have had a better result if she'd used the method recommended by Anna von Reitz, here:

One thing that Anna and others who teach common law approaches have clarified, is that you can't just stop paying federal taxes, because once you start paying, the criminals "interpret that" to imply that you've agreed to be obligated to pay such taxes. Thus, in order to try to extract yourself from this, you need to contact the IRS and send a letter "revoking your election to pay taxes." Many people I know have done this, and none of them (who I know of) obtained a response from the IRS saying that they actually DID need to pay federal taxes. Rather they obtained vouchers, which though they came with no explanation, seem to mean that one is now "out of the system". Thus, I am not recommending that anyone simply stop paying federal taxes: instead, if you choose, go through the revocation of election process, and if the IRS doesn't respond by telling you that you need to keep paying federal taxes, it would seem that you have an answer.

Sherry shares a lot of truth bombs in this talk!

Song by 24kGoldn applied to Killary.

By the way, this is unlikely to be the real Killary. Who was "taken care of" by the US military in December 2018. I believe this is a double.

This video combines excerpts from "My Dinner with Andre" and "Happiness" by Steve Cutts, to first depict the "Matrix" world that the Cabal has created through its propaganda and brainwashing, to try to enslave us within.

But the following part of the video shows how easy it is to leave this "Matrix." We are all journeyers in life, and not much is required to find our freedom: just integrity, faith and love. God is with us, and our inner guidance shall lead us on through this world of impermanence, where all is continually changing. Let's keep making music as we travel upon this sacred way!

This Irish woman speaks about how a request for government information, led to the revelation that the so-called Covid virus has never been isolated in a lab. All of the mandates, lockdowns, tests and so-called vaxxes that have been put out in relation to this non-existent virus, are thus revealed as crimes against humanity of the highest order.

I suppose it's also possible that the "covid" virus does exist, but the governments are denying this, because they created and patented it, as an intentional bioweapon, and they don't want this to come out either.

In fact, the whole Covid plandemic is the greatest crime against humanity ever perpetrated upon humanity.

See Stew Peter's new documentary "Died Suddenly" about the many deaths from the death jabs being presented as "vaxxes."

Which is likely where she will be headed soon.
Don't think that little girl voice is going to keep you safe, Katie. You're going to the slammer! You and all the treasonous scum who've been colluding to overthrow the legitimate government of these United States.

This video shows video evidence of 2 things related to Nancy Pelosi:
(1) That she was in custody of US Marshals on January 20, 2021 at the ByeDen fake inauguration, (possibly taken into custody earlier than that)
(2) That she was arrested at her San Francisco house in early November 2022.

One can see on the NBC news clip, that the same 2 US Marshals are right next to her, as were escorting her on January 20 2021. When in custody, US Marshals are with the person at all times, 24/7. As Nancy Pelosi exits through her garage, one can see that it appears her hands are behind her back, as otherwise, one would see her arms and hands in front of her, which we do not. We see the very same female US Marshals with her in the November arrest clip, as we saw in the January 20 2021 clip. In one of the photos from January 20 2021, you can clearly see the US Marshal badge at the belt line of the 2 US Marshals. US Marshals do not accompany people who are not in custody, eg, they are not like Secret Service in that regard.

The fact that Nancy is being taken out of her home through her garage, is interesting. This would not be the typical way of exiting one's home. I believe this was done this way intentionally to be discreet and reduce the ability of journalists and press to see that Nancy was in custody and had her hands behind her back, because the vehicle could be parked directly in front of the garage, reducing the amount of space she needed to walk from the garage to the vehicle.

In his November 3 video, Phil Godlewski reported that Nancy Pelosi was originally given a "deal" by the White Hats, that she could get life in prison, instead of the death penalty, if she cooperated with them. But they apparently wanted to test her, so they "set her up" to betray them and cooperate with a "fake" Cabal plan to assassinate Trump. It was all a White Hat setup so Trump wasn't actually in danger. Pelosi did cooperate with who she believed was a Cabal asset, and indicated willingness to help get Trump assassinated. After this, Pelosi lost her deal, and has been arrested, and will be seen no more. She will apparently get death for this. Any more we see of Pelosi, Phil indicated, will not be the real Pelosi.

Reports came in from indie journalists/Patriots in Ottawa, that on Friday September 23 2022, multiple black vans and other vehicles and personnel associated with the Canadian military, and US Federal Marshals, were seen surrounding the building of the Canadian Privy Council in Ottawa, Canada.

This would suggest that the White Hats finally took down at least part of the criminal, Cabal-run Canadian Government.
Nearly every government in the world has been infiltrated and controlled by the Global crime syndicate we call the Cabal, and ALL of these criminals will be taken out and prosecuted. Many of them have already been taken out, (especially the higher level figures) and many more will be arrested in weeks and months to come, particularly the lower level municipal figures. Every criminal will be removed and the White Hats will help the whole world be renewed and start over to build the freedom humanity has always deserved but which the Cabal criminals have prevented us from having for so very long.

Canadian Privy Council is described here:

This is a segment of a video put out by McAllister TV. See the whole video put out by McAllister TV here:

In September 2022, Friedrich Merz, a German member of Parliament, said that September 24 would be a day on which everyone would remember exactly where they were. I have no information on whether he said anything more about what he expected to take place upon that day.

Others have also pointed to September 24 and 25 as days which they expect events of "Biblical" magnitude to occur in our world, and I include some of those in this video compilation. We already see signs in the air of a coming stock market crash, and we understand that the World Alliance or White Hats are dismantling the Central Bank and Federal Reserve, and moving us all to a gold-backed financial system. So perhaps a big event/s on Sept 24-25 will have something to do with this. The Biblical references point to a possible coming debt jubilee, for instance in Bo Polny's references to Leviticus 25:10, "And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubilee unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family."

It is possible that around Sept 24-25, we will see a stock market crash and/or a crash of the fiat dollar, followed by the emergence of a new gold-backed financial system which frees us from the debt slavery that the Central Bank system caused for all humanity. It is also conceivable that one or more aspects of NESARA might either begin, or be pointed toward, within this timeframe.

Exciting times, friends!!

This is a shortened compilation of Episodes 1 to 3 by SGAnon, who goes by the name QNewsPatriot on Rumble. You can find his full episodes here:

SGAnon is one of the best Truthers I've come across, with a strong background, excellent research skills, and he reports a trustworthy source. He has only emerged recently when he was asked to help educate us, but he has a wealth of information and I think you'll be quite uplifted and inspired to hear what he has to say!

For those who want a quicker intro to the key information, I've condensed about 1.5 hrs of material into 34 minutes here. That necessitates leaving many things out which I thought less important, but which may interest you, so you may want to listen to his episodes in full.

Captain Kyle has been doing a great deal of research for quite a while, and has a lot to tell us about what is coming, and that right soon. He says we are truly at a "Red Sea Moment" where we, who have lived until now as the captives of Babylon, debt slaves of the Cabal, are about to cross over the Red Sea to the land of freedom, while at the same time, seeing God wipe out all the evil ones.

This video has been edited down from the original 4 hour audiocast, to about half that length, with an attempt to keep the most important info.

The White Hats have been removing the Cabal for some time, and we are now on the verge of seeing the demise of their main tool to enslave humanity -- the Central Bank and Federal Reserve. Kyle says that we will see the stock market completely crash. However, this will not devastate any 401k or IRA or other retirement accounts. The QFS or Quantum Financial System has already been set up in the background, with all our accounts "ledgered" so that when the Central Bank is taken down, our funds will show up "mirrored" in the other system, ready to go under the new gold-backed financial system. The QFS system uses blockchain, he says, which keeps our money safer than ever possible under the corrupt Central Bank system, where the criminals could easily steal money from us.

As well, in the QFS we will all have accounts set up, which already have funds in them, apparently to reimburse us for all the funds the criminals stole from us during our lives, such as through unlawful federal and state income tax, property tax, and perhaps also utilities and more, since as Kyle said, we should NEVER have been charged for any utilities. All those are supposed to be free, as this is what the government is supposed to do. If they can't do that we need to get rid of them and get new people in who can accomplish their duties!

Captain Kyle says September 24 and 25 will be big days, but is not sure exactly what will occur. There are videos showing a German politician publicly stating that September 24 will be a day where everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing. Others have spoken about major events taking place now behind the scenes.

Even if the dates are off, we can sense the crescendo building. We know something very big will come, before long. And the hand of God will be seen in the world!

You can find Captain Kyle on Telegram at

The ByeDen actor's recent PedoHitler speech appeared to be quite successful in redpilling some of those straggler normies, who haven't yet awakened to the fact that this ByeDen actor is not Joe Biden, and that there is something really really wrong and weird going on with the "Biden Administration". Not to mention the last two years of plandemic and massive election fraud, and creeping totalitarianism we've seen in this nation from the Democrat and RINO powers that be. Yet strangely, so many normies totally accept the actions of the ever more obviously fascist and deranged Democratic party: if in fact any of them are paying attention. I suspect many have totally checked out of reality. The term "normies" is actually misleading, as these are people have been brainwashed and many of them are victims of mass psychosis. "Normal" more appropriately applies to those who can clearly see. Eg, those who see the powers that be working hard to destroy the nation: those "MAGA" people who love freedom, justice, truth and right, whom the Cabal is therefore so eager to demonize and vilify.

The death of the Queen of England was announced on September 8 2022. In actuality, she died many years before this.
The Queen of England, whom some call the "Lizard Queen", was one of the major figures in the Cabal, the Global Crime Syndicate which has gradually infiltrated nearly all world governments, and has had the goal of taking over the entire planet and ruling as a one world totalitarian government.
In this film, listen to Phil Godlewski talk about what the announcement of the Queen's death (the date of which was arranged by the White Hats) signifies. It signals the start of the worldwide dismantling of the Central Bank system, owned by the Cabal, which has allowed them to create a stranglehold on the finances of the world and push humanity into debt slavery.

The destruction of the Central Bank, which is necessary for our freedom, will be followed by the revealing of much truth that has been hidden for the last many years, as well as arrests of many Cabal figures, including Biden and Hillary Clinton. The election fraud of 2020 will be revealed.

The announcement of the Queen's death will begin a 10 day period of worldwide banking disruptions, as the Central Bank goes down. Buckle up, Buttercup! It is an exciting time to be alive, to see this massive transformation of the whole world!

This video has 2 parts:

(1) Phil Godlewski explains how Big Pharma companies colluded with phone companies, to come up with a plan to mind control all of humanity, using mRNA in vaxxes, programmed by sound waves from the 5G network. This plan was foiled by the White Hats, who de-weaponized the 5G network.

(2) Some guys go into a cemetery with a bluetooth scanner app, and find bluetooth signals emanating from fresh graves. This suggests that the vaxxes were indeed planting nanotechnology in people that could emit bluetooth radiation.

This is a comedy film with two parts.
In part one, we see Trudeau telling the truth at last!
In part two, we see Dr Evil, who is here symbolizing the head of the global crime syndicate called the Cabal, revealing some of his plans and strategies for taking over the world and installing a one world totalitarian government.

This is a comedy, but in the satirical form. And one of the methods of satire, is that you depict people telling the truth, who in reality, are desperately hiding the truth and telling lies.
The Cabal, which in reality HAS conspired to take over the whole world and make slaves of all humanity, has in reality, created an enormous amount of propaganda, deception and lies to hide their real agenda.

So this film is a creative adventure in imagining what it would be like if we could peek in (as the protagonist does) and see what they are REALLY saying about their plans, behind closed doors.

At this point in time, the Cabal has been nearly completely dismantled by the good guys, the "White Hats". So the end of this film has an uplifting segment to help remind viewers of this. It won't be much longer...til the "movie" ends and the truth is revealed to the whole world.

Derek Johnson, an army veteran who had top secret clearance while serving in the military, has emerged as a new darling to the truth folks. In this edited version of his much longer video, he explains why, according to easy-to-understand military law, federal law, United States Code, as well as military regulations and known (recorded, easy to look up) military symbolism, Donald Trump is BY LAW the current sitting president. No need to go to court, win a case, win any kind of fight/argument or prove anything's already the case and been so all along.

Meanwhile, ByeDen, on the day many thought he was "inaugurated", January 20 2021, actually received a full grade, regulation military funeral service on that day!~ 😂

This was done in full view of everyone watching, which, any who knew how to interpret military symbolism and regulations, would have known.

Where he says 47 USC 246, he meant 10 USC 246 and 47 USC 606.

Article containing Derek's document and links:

Summary of Donald Trump's actions that make him current president:

Executive Orders:
National Emergencies issued
Presidential Emergencies issued
Both unaddressed by Congress
Presidential Emergency Active Document (PEAD)
Stafford Act
Presidential Emergencies Act
Title 10
Title 32
10 US Code 246
10 US Code 12406
47 US Code 606 - War Powers of the President
Articles II and IV of the Constitution

Find Derek as RattleTrap 1776 on Telegram. He also has a new Rumble Channel under RattleTrap 1776.
Derek Johnson Country on TS.
His website:

Anna von Reitz shows two 1934 Bearer Bonds which she says she is going to "cancel" or redeem. But are they real? There are reasons to believe they may not be.

In June 2022, a group of people associated with the Alameda County Restoration Committee, a group of people advocating for constitutional governance, visited the Alameda Board of Supervisors. Their objective: give feedback on the County's plan to impose a mask mandate once again, at a point 800 days into the County's "health emergency" -- a move that would make them the only county in the nation to be taking this action.

In this huge boom of a podcast, Phil Godlewski strongly hints that he is "Edward Snowden", and is also the man who was the "mouthpiece" for the Q movement, posting the Q drops. He also says that the announcement of the death of the Queen will signal the start of the collapse of the Central Bank and the collapse of all banks, and the legendary "10 days of darkness" which will be the prelude to the time we've been long waiting for...particularly Edward Snowden. Some comments on the final fate of the Cabal criminal Anthony Fauci near at the end.

This video is my summary of Phil's longer, 1 hr 25 minute podcast which can be found here:

In this segment from one of her regular Monday night talks in December 2021, Anna von Reitz, founder of the American States Assembly and fiduciary for The Federation of States, the unincorporated United States of America, talks about medbeds, and what was reported to her about them by some people, perhaps some in the Assembly, were able to test out.

This video, created by Phil Godlewski, one of the most widely watched Truthers, and according to him, a White Hat expert computer hacker himself, was done to explain why he booted a particular person out of his Telegram group. I thought it had a wider purpose, in that I saw it as a helpful demonstration of how to use critical thinking skills to see how deep state trolls and infiltrators attempt to cause division and sow doubt. This is an important skill for anyone in the American State Assembly, as we have had and will continue to have infiltrators coming in to try to damage us. The sharper your critical thinking skills, the more readily you will spot these people and the less likely you'll fall for their lies and logical fallacies.

So as you watch this video, look past the specifics which pertain just to this one person Phil is referring to, and focus on what he's teaching you about how to analyze what someone is doing to cause divisiveness in your group and/or sow doubt about you or your organization. Note the use of the term "facts" by this "Deep State James" guy, to refer to misrepresentations and opinions, and how he illogically claims Phil is engaging in "censorship" for banning someone being abusive and telling lies. We've seen such tactics used by infiltrators in the American States Assembly as well.

This film is a bit different from my other films on this channel, in that it's a fictional satire. In this film, Zelda finds out the whole government is fake!

If you have watched my previous two videos,
Biggest Identity Theft of All Time
and Difference between DeJure and DeFacto governments

then you've understood that there has been enormous fraud perpetrated on the American people, for quite some time. We never really got free from British control during the American Revolution, and for the last 150 yrs we've been living under a de facto government which has no lawful jurisdiction over us as We the People.

Once you have understood what's gone on, you will hopefully have become motivated to "correct your status" and take control of your birth name so that you aren't destined for a life as a debt slave as a corporate legal fiction.

Once you correct your status and "stand on the land", you may ask, what's next? How do I obtain complete freedom?

This video will give some pointers about the "lay of the land" or road map in front of you, what your options are, and what's involved in either fighting the de facto to get out of its web, and/or joining the Assembly's effort to create a rightful de jure government.

Songs included:

"The God of the Impossible" by Everfound
"Never Surrender" by Billy Falcon
Scenes from Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Join the effort through the main Assembly website here:


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